Bangkok Bar Girls that got away

soi 33 monet hostess

On my first sex vacation to Bangkok it just seemed there were good looking beautiful Thai bargirls wherever you went, the gogos of the Nana Plaza, Patpong, soi Cowboy or down soi 33.  There was so much choice to nail beautiful Bangkok bar girls, there were a couple of Bangkok bargirls that got away that I regret to this day.

Soi 33 Monet

I had already spent one night down soi 33 and met a beautiful Bangkok bar girl in the Christies hostess bar.  But that was the only bar we entered that night down soi 33.  So another night we return to soi 33 and spend a couple of hours in the Monet hostess bar.  I walked pass Christies that night and felt my gut wrench passing Christies, I was in love with that hostess I met that first night down Bangkoks soi 33.

soi 33 monet hostess
bangkok bar girls

Still in the monet met a couple of gorgeous Bangkok bar girls, one sat with me after buying her a lady drink and was giving me DFK there at the bar.  But her pussy was sick or on her period so could not come with me that night.  But she slipped me her phone number and wanted me to call her once we all came back from our first visit to Pattaya.  I not get round to calling her once we returned from Pattaya, just so many other distractions there in Bangkok, so many stones still to look under.

Soi 10 beer bar Mamasan

On the last night in Bangkok we visited a beer bar in soi 10.  The mamasan of the beer bar was the friend of my friends Bangkok girlfriend that he had met in the Golden bar on our first day in Bangkok.

soi 10 beer bar mamasan
bangkok mamasan

Wow!  She was really fit and good looking.  I wanted to take her back to my hotel for the night, she tell me she not need to go with customers anymore.  If I wanted to take her back to the hotel it would cost me 3000 baht.  Back in the day that was alot to pay a Bangkok bargirl for long time.  My friends were there and I let my pride get in the way and refused to pay 3000 baht and she refused to lower her price, so that beautiful Bangkok bar got away that last night in Bangkok.   All those beer bars on soi 10 were since demolished and replaced with a peace park!

Back in the day Bangkok was full of beautiful bar girls, that not have many other options for making real money, today its difficult to meet Bangkok bar girls of comparable beauty in such quantity,  Thailands economy and self image is being transformed every day.


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