Asian Sex Diary Sihanoukville Cambodia

Cambodian girl

The mongers behind Asian Sex Diary get all over Asia and Sihnaoukville in Cambodia is no exception.  Its pretty easy to meet Cambodian girls in Sihanoukville, take them back to your hotel for some sex.

Sihanoukville in Cambodia is on the coast and has some lovely beaches to relax by during the day.  In recent years Sihanoukville has seen alot of infrastructure going up, many new hotels for asian tourists and those from the west.  Still Sihanoukville has a very vibrant P4P scene for the whore monger and sex tourist.

At night Serendipity beach is the place to meet Cambodian freelancers, places like the Dolphin bar stay open until the early hours of the morning and sell cheap beer.  Throughout the night many Cambodian freelancers will make an appearance, bargain well and you can get these Khmer girls in Sihnoaukville for as little as $2o for short time sex session.

asian sex diary sihanoukville
Cambodian hairy pussy

This petite Cambodian girl was found down by the beach in Sihanoukville then fucked long and hard by her new sex tourist boyfriend back in the cheap hotel.

Other cool places to meet Cambodian bar girls in Sihanoukville is the Victory Hill area, bar street.  At night there are about a dozen bars each with a half a dozen or so Cambodian bar girls, some very young and pretty.  You have to pay a small bar fine like $5 to $10 dollars and the girl will want minimum of $25 short time to come back to your hotel for 1 hour sex.   Cambodian girls are not known for giving BBBJ but you might get lucky.

Another area to meet pretty Khmer bar girls in Sihanoukville are the beer bars around the Golden Sand Hotel close to Ochheuteal Beach of Sihanoukville Cambodia.  These beer bars in Sihanoukville are open from early evening and have some very friendly Cambodian bar girls.  The Golden Sands hotel is girl friendly too.  Some of the bar girls just work the bars though as already have sponsoring boyfriend.  Still some Cambodian bar girls just take some breaking down, buy a couple of drinks, play some pool, visit couple of times, then she will fuck you.

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