Sexy Filipina in Lingerie

Many Filipina girls are naturally sexy, with their cute petite asian bodies.  But its great to meet a filipina bar girl who loves to dress up for her men wearing sexy revealing outfits, then back in the hotel room your Filipina girlfriend strips off revealing sexy lingerie.
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The Saddest Place in Bangkok

I was having a nice time in Pattaya and Jomtien with my new Thai girlfriend, in the back of my mind though was all the mongering opportunities I was missing not being on my own.  I enjoyed this Thai girls company, she was sweet and intelligent but deep down my heart was in the hands of another Thai bar girl.
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Shaved Thai Pussy Tuk Tuk Patrol

Meeting Thai girls in Thailand is just so easy, getting some Thai pussy in Thailand is so easy, you can get some Thai pussy in the bars and gogos, in the shopping malls, on social and dating websites but how do you like your Thai pussy? natural or shaved?
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Pattaya Girlfriend Experience

Had a nice time in Bangkok with my new Thai girlfriend, enjoyed the company, she was soft and sweet like most Thai girls, nice to share the king size bed in my hotel in Silom with this Thai girl and good to have regular sex.  We were now making our way to Pattaya for a few days.
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Thai Girl in Black Lingerie Tuk Tuk Patrol

It was a hot day in Thailand and it was a hot day in my pants feeling real horny it was out on another Tuk Tuk Patrol.  The Thai girls out on the streets were wearing the least cloths possible, little shorts and t-shirts. A Thai girl returns my smile so pull over the Tuk Tuk to small talk with a tall slender pretty Thai girl called Kim.
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Filipino Hairy Pussy Trike Patrol

Joanna is one hot sexy Filipino girl,  Joanna loves working in the bar, making good money and loves meeting tourists from all over the world, from Asia like Japan and Korea and north Americans and European men.  Joanna is a Filipino bar girl who loves to dress up for her men including wearing crutchless panties showing off her Filipino hairy pussy
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Jakarta Sex Diary Indonesia

If you been mongering in Asia long you probably started off in Thailand visiting places like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.  After a few trips you may have fancied something different and travelled to places like Cambodia and Angeles in the Philippines.  The other mongering destination in Asia is Indonesia and Jakarta the capital.
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Asian Girl Diary Natural Big Tits

Asian girls are not generally known for having big tits, or curvy bodies if you like big tits and big asses then south america or Africa are better for your odds. But occasionally you will come across an Asian girl with big tits working in the bar, and you best be quick to barfine her before some other horny monger snaps her up.
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