Horny Filipino Business Woman Trike Patrol

When your on a sex vacation in the Philippines and you are feeling real horny is so easy to go out on a Trike Patrol, hit the local girly bars and gogos and pick up a hot Filipino LBFM for 1500-2000 pesos!  But in the Philippines there are other options, plenty of professional even business Filipino woman letting their hair down after work will fuck tourists for free.
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Pattaya Mall Worker MILF Asian Sex Diary

One good thing with the big increase of tourist numbers to Pattaya in Thailand is all the new jobs available in the shopping malls, restaurants hotels and bars in Pattaya.  Many of these Thai women working normal jobs in Pattaya are susceptible to a little moonlighting on the side, semi pro girls wanting some extra baht and so it was for asian sex diary member one afternoon picking up a MILF working in a Pattaya shopping mall keen for some tourist cock.
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Bangkok Bar Girls that got away

On my first sex vacation to Bangkok it just seemed there were good looking beautiful Thai bargirls wherever you went, the gogos of the Nana Plaza, Patpong, soi Cowboy or down soi 33.  There was so much choice to nail beautiful Bangkok bar girls, there were a couple of Bangkok bargirls that got away that I regret to this day.
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Thai BBBJ Bareback Blowjob Tuk Tuk Patrol

So mongering in Thailand on your sex vacation to Asia and another night out on a pussy Tuk Tuk Patrol.  What will the hot humid night turn up what you would really like is a Thai girl who loves to give head a nice blowjob would be good.
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Sultry Filipino Girl Trike Patrol

White guy on vacation to the Philippines is out on a Trike Patrol one night and comes across a cute Filipino babe.  This Filipina girl is just 19 years old and wants to come back to this white tourists dudes hotel for some hot sexy  fun in private.
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Picking up Students in Pattaya Asian Sex Diary

There is so much Asian pussy available in Pattaya without hardly even trying.  If your not fussy and like drinking then just plonking yourself down in a beer bar down soi 7 or soi 8 off Beach road and you have no need to look any further.  Its that easy to get pussy in Pattaya.
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Never take your girlfriend to Pattaya

We were only suppose to spend two days in Bangkok and then spend the remainder of our sex vacation in sin city Pattaya.  But one of my friends had fallen in love with the first bar girl her met in the Golden Bar Bangkok.  My other friend now had a Thai girlfriend he had met in a hostess bar in Patpong.  We were getting bored with Bangkok, so why not get a minibus and spend the weekend in Pattaya – that way they could take their bangkok girlfriends with them to Pattaya.
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Cute Thai Bar Girl Tuk Tuk Patrol

Out on a Tuk Tuk Patrol in one of Thailands many beer bar complexes and a very cute Thai teen bar girl was noticed.  She was fresh from the farms of Issan with a sweet demure about her.  Like many of the girls working in Thailand she needed money to send back home to her family.
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Young Filipina Pussy Trike Patrol

Some nights when you are out hunting and mongering in the Philippines in a place like Angeles you got something specific in mind.  Out on a Trike Patrol you want a young pretty Filipina teen with a trimmed hairy pussy.
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Petite Thai Teen Girl Asian Sex Diary

Some mongers forego Thailand and Asia altogether as they like there girls with curves, big tits and asses.  Its well know many Asian girls are on the skinny side, almost boy like bodies but tight little Asian pussies.  Some mongers prefer asian girls and like the fact they can buy Asian teen girls that are very petite and slight built.
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