Trike Patrol Filipino Deep Throat

Sometimes on a mongering trip to the Philippines you are horny but got something specific on your mind.  You are out on a Trike Patrol hunting down some Filipino pussy but your more interested in how good your LBFM is with her mouth, you want some deep throat.
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Teen Beach Girl from Pattaya

One of the big attractions of Pattaya in Thailand is it is by the coast compared to the hot humid metropolis that is Bangkok.  Decades ago Pattaya was just a small fishing village but became a stop off point for American GIs in the Vietnam war and quickly grew into an adult entertainment zone.
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Christies hostess bar soi 33 Bangkok

Before your first visit to Bangkok you get so excited about all the adult entertainment your head and body may indulge in.  When you have gone without regular sex and variety for any length of time erotic desire can become the dominant idea and motivation.  Its also amazing once pussy is laid on a plate for you how quickly it becomes normal almost boring.
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Finding a pretty Thai bar girl Tuk Tuk Patrol

When you are out on the hunt for a good looking bar girl in Thailand be it in Pattaya or Bangkok, it can be a long night trying to find a pretty Thai girl.  A Thai bar girl that gives you a semi erection in your pants when you look at her and then interview her.
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Filipino Teen in Lingerie Trike Patrol

Mongering in the Philippines can get addictive, it is such a laid back country and they hold western sex tourists in high esteem.  Filipino girls are sexy naturally but you know you hit the bulls eye when you are out on a Trike Patrol and you meet a Filipino hottie who loves to dress up in lingerie in the bedroom.
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Thai Pussy Creampie Tuk Tuk Patrol

Thai girls with lighter skin have higher value in Asia.  Asian men especially like Thai girls with white skin, they will pay a premium for a Thai girl with lighter skin tones.  Oom was such a Thai girl and tonight she got barfined out on a Tuk Tuk Patrol with the boys.
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Filipina MILF Trike Patrol

After your fill of young Filipino girls in the Philippines and I mean 18-23 yo you may start to desire and older Filipino MILF with some meat, some big buttocks to grad hold of, A Filipino MILF with lots of sexual experience who really knows how to get you off.
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Asian Sex Diary Sihanoukville Cambodia

The mongers behind Asian Sex Diary get all over Asia and Sihnaoukville in Cambodia is no exception.  Its pretty easy to meet Cambodian girls in Sihanoukville, take them back to your hotel for some sex.
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