Hairy Thai Teen Tuk Tuk Patrol

hairy thai teen

Riding around on a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok or Pattaya is a good way to scout the scene, pull up outside the beer bars, have a quick look around at all the Thai bar girls working and ride on if you dont see a bar girl that tickles your fancy or pull over and buy a beer and sit down next to the bar girl you like the look of.

Today our monger was horny, but wanted a young thai girl maybe just 18 years old, only just started selling her pussy in the Thailand sex industry, fresh from the farm girl would be ideal, 18 yo.  Yes a hot fresh thai teen, maybe with a natural hairy pussy was a real turn on for this sex tourist, his balls were full and needed a release.

When you start chatting to a bar girl in Thailand the interview technique is important, to ask the right questions to get a good feeling about her attitude etc.  Usually beer bar girls in Thailand are fully dressed so cant see the scars, the tattoos the stretch marks.  Ask her if she has any children?  Show off your tattoos and ask her if she has any.  If you like hairy pussy, then stroke her eyebrows and ask if her pussy like that below in a joking friendly way.  Well I just loved the eyebrows on this bar girl and she tell me she all natural below.  So pay the barfine I did, and we jumped back on to the Tuk Tuk and took a ride back to my hotel for another ride of the sex kind.

hairy thai teen tuk tuk
hairy thai pussy

Well fuck me, back in the hotel room I remove this Thai teens panties to reveal an extreme hairy thai teen pussy!  Shit I not mind, I love buring my big white cock in those young Thai pussies and watching it disappear deep inside.  If you love Thai teens, just 18 years old being fucked then join Tuk Tuk Patrol today.

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