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big tits filipina girl Filipina Titty Wank Blowjob - The word is since the pandemic, Angeles city is a ghost town, very few bars open, very few horny tourists crawling the gogos looking for that filipina girl that makes them get their wallets out and barfine. Still if your in the Philippines then you got all those Filipino girls to yourself and there are … Continue reading "Filipina Titty Wank Blowjob"
thai teen dera hairy pussy Skinny Thai Teen Hairy Pussy Creampie - During this covid pandemic crisis been dreaming of visiting Thailand again. That abundance of skinny thai girls with hairy pussy just wanting to be creampied again by all those millions of two week millionaire tourists.
pattaya threesome Threesome in Pattaya - Getting laid in Pattaya is pretty easy, it can be harder to find quality girls though at least at a reasonable price, even harder if you want a threesome with two Thai girls.  But a threesome with two quality Thai bar girls is not out of the question if taking a sex vacation to Pattaya … Continue reading "Threesome in Pattaya"
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filipino dating sites Asian Sex Dating Diary - Dating Asian Girls If you follow John Tron on Asian Sex Diary, you cant help feeling a bit envious on all the gorgeous asian babes he gets into bed.  How every day he manages to find a different Asian babe to have sex with.  Well I know he uses dating sites to hook up.
filipino street pussy Filipino Street Girl Hairy Pussy - Mongering Philippines When mongering in the Philippines maybe a sex vacation including Angeles and Subic Bay.  For the newbie sex tourist might seem paying expensive prices in a gogo or bar is the only way to get some Filipino pussy? But there is alot of cheap pussy to be found on the street.
Bangkok Love Story - Forbidden Love I was on just a one week sex vacation to Thailand, I had spent a few nights in Bangkok on arrival and then spent most of the week flirting with beer bar girls in Pattaya.  I returned to Bangkok for my last night mongering in Thailand.  I wanted to head straight back to … Continue reading "Bangkok Love Story"
filipino sex diary menchie Filipino Sex Diary - The Philippines is still a great sex destination in Asia.  Sexy Filipino girls from the Philippines are probably the most featured girls on Asian Sex Diary because it is just so easy to bonk sexy young Filipino girls so lets go with Filipino sex diary….
pattaya beer bar girl Pattaya Beer Bar Girls - After a couple of nights debauchery and mongering in Bangkok, I took a taxi to sin city Pattaya.   This would be the first time I would be going to Pattaya alone, without friends and their girlfriends, without a Thai girlfriend and I was going to be a naughty boy.
Bangkok teen asian sex diary Bangkok Sex Diary - Bangkok is still a great sex tourist destination.  If you love Thai girls and Thai pussy a busy Asian city where it is just so easy to get sex then you should check out Asian Sex Diary in Bangkok
pretty teen filipino Pretty Filipino Teen Cumface - Filipino teens just love to have fun.  Zen is no exception, Zen is a pretty and young teen filipino girl who just loves to have fun.  Zen loves shopping too but money is not so easy to come by, so she sometimes hangs out in the tourists bars to meet men.
Thermae threesome bangkok Thermae Threesome Bangkok - The next night all alone in Bangkok I end up inside the Thermae bar underneath the Ruamchitt hotel along the Sukhumvit road.  The Thermae was affectionately known as the star wars bar of Bangkok due to its mix of characters and nationalities. But in the Thermae there are many Thai freelancers for the taking and … Continue reading "Thermae Threesome Bangkok"
lily bangkok asian sex diary Soi Cowboy Waitress Bangkok - In under a year I was making my  third trip to Thailand and Bangkok.  This time I was travelling alone and not meeting anyone in Bangkok.  I was going to be a naughty bad boy all by myself.  It was a spur of the moment thing booked up Friday afternoon with Dial A Flight flying … Continue reading "Soi Cowboy Waitress Bangkok"
Asian teen white sex tourist Cute Asian Teen and the Old White Tourist - It use to be such a common sight in Asia and old usually white tourist hand in hand walking down the street with a cute Asian teen in some P4P agreement made on night in a bar somewhere downtown.  Places like Thailand are now such mass tourism centric that these sightings of an old white … Continue reading "Cute Asian Teen and the Old White Tourist"
sexy filipina in lingerie Sexy Filipina in Lingerie - Many Filipina girls are naturally sexy, with their cute petite asian bodies.  But its great to meet a filipina bar girl who loves to dress up for her men wearing sexy revealing outfits, then back in the hotel room your Filipina girlfriend strips off revealing sexy lingerie.
saddest place in bangkok The Saddest Place in Bangkok - I was having a nice time in Pattaya and Jomtien with my new Thai girlfriend, in the back of my mind though was all the mongering opportunities I was missing not being on my own.  I enjoyed this Thai girls company, she was sweet and intelligent but deep down my heart was in the hands … Continue reading "The Saddest Place in Bangkok"