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Gypsy Spell

What originally inspired this trip to Varna in Bulgaria was a long mongering weekend in Prague the summer before in 2004 with Prague being the sex city of eastern Europe .  One evening in Prague city center me and my friend met two beautiful gypsy girls and they told us they were from Varna Bulgaria. Well when we returned home from Prague I began to research Bulgaria and Varna as I was now under a gypsy spell.

Bulgaria Research

There used to be alot of information about Golden Sands on the World Sex Guide forum before it suffered its extended DOS attack. These monger reports seem to have disappeared now but I do remember it saying the Bulgarian girls  are gorgeous and some are sexually depraved – so Varna and Golden Sands definitely sounded like my kind of place.

Varna girls

Bulgarian girls

So my wingman and I agreed to visit Varna in the early summer of 2005.  I began some research and what I was getting back was not alot and mostly negative.  I got quite a bit of info off the World Sex Archives site. But had to pay a 1 month non-recurring fee to gain entry. Again there are some good reports in Varna section of the World Sex Archives, but mostly negative and a little dated.  Undeterred me and my friend were sticking to our original plan of visiting Varna for some mongering, and we found some real good deals on Last Minute.

London to Varna

We arrived at Varna airport around 10pm Friday night. Its a small airport and cannot really cope with the number of tourists passing through it now as the black sea becomes more and more popular with travellers. Expect delays here!

Got into a taxi outside Varna airport and took us to the center of Varna for a whopping 50 leve, this is double what we should have paid so be warned. Some of them actually fiddle the meters in Varna.  Agree a price before getting in. Here you do not use the meter.  Scumbag taxi drivers preying on newbie tourists.

At the time of writing this is the exchange rate for Bulgarian leve was:

£1.00 = 2.8 leve
$1 = 1.5 leve

Cherno More Hotel

Arrived at the Cherno More hotel  an ex communism era building and we had a double room each expecting/hoping to be able to bring some Bulgarian girls back. The Cherno More is the highest building in Varna and has magnificent views as each room has a balcony and there are a good 15 floors, we were on the 10th floor.

varna city view


Rooms at the Cherno more cost between $40 – $60 a night. It is definately from the soviet era though. It was a toss up between staying in Varna or Golden Sands,  we chose Varna knowing Golden sands is only a small taxi ride away.  Varna is a beautiful city.  Within Varna you can experience true Bulgarian culture which you cannot in tourists areas such as Golden Sands. The sex scene may not be quite as good though!

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Varna Night Out

Walking straight down from the hotel takes you too the beach area of Varna where there are lots of bars and discos running along a promenade. Plenty of people about, quite lively, we ventured around a bit. But the big discos ones like Exit and Extravaganza were closed down for renovations.

Havava disco was open and very loud. But alot of young Bulgarian lads entering here and being scanned etc. This put me off, so we strolled back up to the hotel where there were alot of taxis. Up to this point we had not been accosted by any girls on the street and had not really seen anything seedy. Also not many tourists around.  The Bulgarian women though are a sight to behold. Very beautiful indeed! I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of these.

Mongering in Varna

We chatted to a taxi driver and explained what kind of entertainment we were looking for some P4P – Pay for Pleasure.  The taxi driver then took us to a pole dancing club called “Electrica” .  There was no one else in the pole dancing club and only a few girls, who were not that friendly.   I wanted one to sit on my lap and have a chat, but she just wanted some money, drinks quite expensive, Its not like the Thailand Gogos here in Varna,  so we left.

Office Brothel

The taxi driver then took us to one of these ‘infamous’ offices  cum local Bulgarian brothel. On the monger forums this is the recommendation where to go to do your mongering when in Varna.  Well inside in our first office, before us stood about 8 girls and they had some of the unhappiest faces I have ever seen.  Not a good sign, at the time it not occur to me that they were probably working against their will, I mean sex trafficked.

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I chose one typical looking Bulgarian girl, dark hair, slight olive skin.  She was the best looking maybe an 8-9 my friend took the second best about a 7.  The cost was around 50 leve for 20 minutes with the girl.

Well in my world mechanical is not the word. I may as well tried to fuck a corpse! It was absolutely rubbish, she was stiff and cold. I thought I have drawn the short straw here, but my friends experience was even worse than mine.  Not an experience I would want to repeat.

The taxi driver then took us to a place where the gypsy girls are on the street, there were two gypsy streetwalkers here, but they were rough, The girls were prepared to give us a blowjob in the taxi for 10 leve. But we declined their offer.  The taxi driver not mind.

We then just went back to the bars on Varna beach and into the Havana disco, It was mostly empty now and we had some more vodkas and watched the sunrise over the Black Sea. We were happy and had a couple more days to get to the bottom of what was on offer in Varna.

Varna flats brothel

We went back to the hotel and talked to another taxi driver, we explained what we wanted and he knew somewhere. It was light now and the sun was shining. He took us to some high rise rough looking flats on the outskirts of Varna, we walked in and sat down in someone’s front room.

Varna whore

Varna whore

Two women walked in late 20′s not bad and they looked more professional in a good way. So we paid our 50 leve and was to try again.  Straight away this one was much warmer, she was typical Bulgarian looking, long black hair, hazel brown eyes and big round bum and boobs. I fucked her doggy style, her pussy was warm too and she moaned all the time.

Lazy day in Varna

Well that afternoon in Varna, we wandered around the town upto the cathedral and a beer here and a beer there, nursing our hangovers from all that early morning vodka.

varna cathedral

varna cathedral

Oh the eye candy walking around Varna is really something to behold. Bulgarian women seem to have a beauty all of there own. Iv read elsewhere they are cold. for us this was not true, I got a few smiles and chatted briefly to a few girls working on stalls in the hotels etc and they were very friendly. Almost like they would like to meet a westerner. I must say with a bit more time and good appearance and manners it would not be too hard to get a real girlfriend in Varna. We wanted juicy whores! No bullshit!

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We wandered down to the Varna beach and lots of people here, families couples etc having a nice day by the sea, the weather was perfect.

varna beach

varna beach

Lots of Bulgarian girls walking about with tiny mini-skirts on – but mostly looked like wanking material only. Lots of eye contact though. But not really looking to put all the work in to meet someone properly, but you could.

varna girls

Varna beach bum

That evening we wandered upto the cathedral as read that some Varna girls hang out round the cathedral at dusk, none to be seen though.  Across the road was a neon light Moulin Rouge Exotic dance club.  So we went in, just two Bulgarian girls dancing on a pole and got ripped off for drinks.  Don’t bother with this place.

Varna to Golden Sands

As we wandered back my friend said “I want to be accosted”, yes so did I, whores fighting for my attention then it dawned on me… No tourists! there are no tourists in Varna! no tourists generally means no money and no money means no whores! So Golden Sands’ here we come…

Loads of taxi’s at the cathedral and there looked like one honest guy, he had a honest face and he was cleaning his cab with a cloth, we asked how much to Golden Sands and he said 15 leve. A true saint among sinners!

So we were to spend Saturday night at Golden Sands, we were mostly silent in the Taxi, a little hung-over and tired and not pleased with the lack of whores, was mongering in Golden Sands to be as disappointing as mongering in Varna?

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