Subic Bay Philippines

Angeles city to Subic Bay

The next day left to try some mongering down at Subic Bay from my hotel in Angeles on a private bus operated by Swagman. I needed to visit the coast during my stay in the Philippines and have a little break from the intense whore mongering scene that is dominant in Angeles City.

As we got close to Subic the Philippine Police stopped us, and fined an Australian man sitting in the front of the bus for not having a seat belt on. The bus had just stopped. He had only just taken the seat belt off as he was about to jump out. A bit further along at a police checkpoint, they then fined the bus driver for allowing this to happen. The bus driver had no money, and the police told us we would have to wait a few hours. So guess what – me and a old Belgium monger sharing the bus paid his fine about 400 pesos. But we stopped a bit further along – at the Swagman tour operator, showed them the receipt and they gave us our money back.

Subic, Blue Rock

Arrived at the Blue Rock resort on Subic bay, Olongapo, nice enough hotel, beach front hotel. Bit more geared towards diving though. Lovely food at the Blue rock. I think most people there were there with their Filipino girlfriends.  That afternoon went for a long relaxing walk along the beach of Subic bay, which was mostly deserted. Good to get some clean air and take in the beautiful views…

Subic Bay Philippines

Subic Bay Philippines

Subic Town

Made my way back to the Blue Rock and then jumped in a tricycle taxi and made my way into Subic town. Nothing open here in the day. The bars here open at 7pm, this apparently is where the whore mongering action is in Subic… so was intending to head back here in the night.

Subic Town Philippines

Subic Town Philippines

Basically Subic Bay has not really recovered since the US navy left. Angeles has managed to survive – but as a sex tourist destination. Shame because Subic Bay does have a nice beach and everything. Angeles Iv read has only 1/10th of the Filipino working girls that use to be there when the US air force was based there.

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Barrio Barretto

Then back to Barrio Barretto – some bars open here in the day, but a bit dead really, not many people around at all. Was in a bar on my own had some cooked chicken and fries couple of beers

Barrio Barretto Philippines

Barrio Barretto Philippines

Later I needed to goto an ATM again – the one I found in Barrio Barretto was not working and so taxi driver had to take me somewhere else – much more built up – then the ATM did not accept VISA – starting to think a nightmare was unfolding – He then drove around and then found one that accepted Visa. Phew relief. Seems more geared to MasterCard out there.

Mongering in Subic Town

That night went into Subic town again. Was so quiet compared to mongering in Angeles city, but there were a handful of Adult bars to visit. Started off in one at the far end. Once inside was only Filipino men, and the girls in there would each take it in turn to dance on stage and would completely strip off naked. There was one gorgeous Filipino girl in there, but the mamasan would not let her come over to my table for some reason. Instead a fatty came and sat with me. There are also these young male Filipino bartenders in there that just put drinks on your table and then charge you. I had to tell him not to bring anymore over. Did not like it in there, so made my way out.

Was one really nice Gogo club in Subic town with a few nice girls in. Had a young Filipina girl sat next to me only 19yo – She was a bit drunk but good fun and she kept grabbing my crutch and telling me she wanted to taste my cock – Don’t know why I didn’t take her that night, but did a couple more bars in Subic town and then went back to the Blue Rock hotel alone.

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I felt a little on edge in Subic town alone. A Few local Filipino men sitting around mostly and not very many western mongers at all. Ghost town. I just went back to the Blue Rock alone. Now had 2 nights in a row with no fucking. Oh well Ill make sure my last night in Angeles city is going to be a good one. I was glad now I had only booked up 1 night in Subic Bay. Good to build up the horn level with a night or two off.

If you meet a nice Filipino girl in Angeles city and want to spend a few days alone with her away from all the distractions – then Subic Bay is not a bad place to head to and it wont dent the wallet to much. If you like to do that sort of thing. If you can be a little romantic at times, but this road can be a perilous one!

I met a lovely girl on my last night in Angeles, had I met her a few nights before would have no doubt took her with me to Subic bay and maybe have fallen in love all over again with a bargirl. But that’s another story…. I really not even scratch the surface on mongering in Subic bay, you really need to spend a few nights in Subic Bay and start to feel more comfortable but there is definitely some nice Filipino girls for the taking at night in some of the bars and gogos in Subic town.

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  1. stephen says:

    i do not fancy subic . when i go to the phillipens . angeles city . fileds av . for me . thank you so mush . for your advice .

    • mongerplanet says:

      I hear Subic bay is getting better these days, turning more into a resort with lots of girly bars springing up. I always wished they moved the whole Angeles city setup down to the coast, then it really would compete with Pattaya.
      Subic bay would be the top spot

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