Silver Star AGogo Pattaya

Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok

Well returned to Bangkok from Kuala Lumpur. God it is much hotter in Bangkok and the streets are so narrow compared to Kuala Lumpur. One good thing about Kuala Lumpur is they have Carlsberg on draft everywhere, seems Thailand still got alot to learn about draught lager.

Was going to spend one night in Bangkok and then head to Pattaya the next day. That night was meant to go out with my old Thai girlfriend again, but after a few beers and frolics in the Nana Entertainment Plaza decided to stay put and ignored her text messages and phone call. Dont want that kind of girlfriend experience anymore. She is a nice girl though but Im not back in Bangkok for a pleasant civilised evening with a nice girl I want a bad girl.

Nana Plaza Gogo Girl

Ended up in the Hollywood Gogo, met a lovely Thai girl there, really cute face and curvy firm body. Agreed 2000 baht long time and paid the 600 baht bar-fine and headed back to the hotel.

Nana Plaza Gogo Girl

Girl i took back to my hotel from Gogo in the Nana Plaza

In the light of my room for a minute I thought I may have an under age girl, here face looked more like 15 close up. She said she was 19, but my god did she have the body of a woman. Did not perform to well to begin, too much Heineken. This is why I like to take them long-time as gives me a chance for the beer to wear off.

Felt like SirFlopAlot after this and she seemed disappointed too. But did manage to fall asleep for about 1 hour and then awoke to fuck her good doggy style from behind and the side. When I awoke she looked almost a little frightened perhaps I was looking at her funny, she wanted to go, usually these thai girls are fealess of their farang mongers. That night in the NEP though was very quiet not many mongers around at all. Soi Cowboy seems to be more popular now.

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Bangkok to Pattaya

Arrived in Pattaya for the remainder of my mongering vacation. Checked into the Flipper Lodge on soi 8. Got one of the premium rooms that were going for 1000 baht a night quite expensive, but room was very comfortable and in the center of the action. The Flippers are well known for being girl and monger friendly hotels in the center of Pattaya. Nice view of Pattaya bay sunsets from my hotel room window.

Pattaya Bay View

Pattaya Bay View

Pattaya in Thailand is a great destination for whore mongering previously quoted as the Mecca of sex destinations. Many Thai girls here although all looking much the same. For me, the easily available reasonably cheap sex is just one part of it. The travelling to other destinations another, both something I enjoy, but I do pick destinations where sex is known to be easily available for a price. But I have also seen and been with some very distinctive girls in other mongering destinations that you dont often see in Thailand. In this global village now, if any place quite had on offer what Pattaya has, we would all be there.

Pattaya, Relaxing

Its a lovely day in Pattaya. I need to stop drinking too much in the daytime here, doesnt help with my fridge full of duty free. Been in Pattaya two nights now and not had any Thai pussy yet. Trouble is im drinking too much in the daytime and just passing out in the night, plus I am sun-burnt now. Its lovely weather in Pattaya and its good to just relax on the beach and by the swimming pool. Plan to get seriously fucked tonight though. But I like a few days off mongering here and there, save some money and time to get the real horn again. Lots of building work going on in Pattaya what with the central shopping plaza, next to the new condos Dont think this is aimed at the cheap charlies of Pattaya, they are trying to attract a different type of holiday maker now to Pattaya.

Central Shopping Plaza Construction

Central Shopping Plaza Construction

They will never do it with that beach. The tourism board needs to be careful they dont throw out the baby with the dirty bath water. Its Thailands most popular resort for one reason and one reason only Whores! Whores Galore! and all the mongering infrastructure that exists there I mean all the beer bars and Gogos that millions of mongers the world over come to Pattaya to pay homage.

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I must say beach road is greatly improved on the beach side, the pavement is good now and lots of green little men everywhere.. There used to be pot holes everywhere.

Pattaya Beach Road

Pattaya Beach Road

Silver Star Agogo

Well yesterday did not drink in the day(well not much anyway) plenty of girls around soi 8 where I am staying. Almost stopped dead there and then as my eye caught a cutie working the bar. But walked up and around and down soi 7. In need of some air con and a draught lager so headed into Silver Star Agogo now on soi 7 was previously on soi 8. A Pattaya Gogo is always sanctuary from the overbearing heat and humidity this time of year in Thailand.

Not many mongers in there but around 40 girls. After a while realised one in ten was definitely barfine material, but my night out had only just started. I was noticing two in particular, on stage the girls danced naked. One girl looked almost Indian with a lovely trimmed dark hairy pussy and nice buttocks the other was really pretty lovely figure and fully shaved pussy. Eventually Pow come over and sat on my lap and I got her a lady drink. She was really cute and affectionate. The Papasam wanted to take some photos of all the girls for a promotion but my girl not want to participate, she not want her mama and papa to see her. Hope they dont come across this blog.

Well could not resist this girl and agreed longtime for 2000 baht and barfine was 600 baht, Bangkok prices in the Silver Star Gogo, but what the hell. Price is really not an issue for me unless it goes over 2000 baht. But she was a gogo stunner and this is not a bad price to pay. She was a really cute Thai girl, had something to eat in soi 7 and then took her back to the Flipper lodge hotel.

Silver Star Gogo Girl pattaya

Silver Star Gogo Girl

Back in the hotel room she was really responsive, proper girlfriend experience, she loved to get into different positions for me showing off her tight little Thai body She was quite small and her pussy tight only 20 years old. After a good session we fell asleep and the next thing its 4:30am. Yes it is nice to cuddle up with a little brown loving machine(LBLM).

Silver Star Gogo Girl

Silver Star Gogo Girl

Had a good shag in the morning and she left around 8am. She had an infectious personality too. Im not really into the girlfriend thing though, she wanted to exchange phone numbers and I think she would have willingly stuck around. I promised to return to the Silver Star Gogo to barfine her again.

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I would say the tourist numbers are definitely down around Pattaya at the moment, the weather is great and there are some real good lookers around not too difficult at all. Im finding the one that ticks all the right boxes almost the first bar I enter. So tonight I may just investigate some more gogos and get exceedingly drunk! So where could I find myself a cute Russian in Pattaya?

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