Sex Weekend Prague Czech Republic

Weekend in Prague

Visited Prague in the Czech Republic for the first time in the early autumn of 2004. My first ever trip to eastern Europe. Went with a good friend for a long mongering weekend.  We got a cheap deal off Last Minute. When we arrived at the hotel in Prague had to share a double bed! Reminiscent of that stag weekend in Barcelona where had to share a bed with a guy I not even know.  Oh well it was only for 2 nights, this is the problem with booking a cheap flight and hotel package over the internet.

Prague is not really a city where you take girls back to the hotel, still prefer my own bed, even my own room.  Heard alot of rumors about Prague as being a great sex destination, the sex capital of eastern Europe so was expecting to have a good time with some beautiful Czech ladies!

Prague the Past

Some of the good stories you hear about Prague tend to stick.  When the Berlin wall first came down and east joined west and the borders first opened, there was stories of beautiful Czech girls offering full sex for like £1.  Believe me if this was ever true those days are long gone.  The sex scene in Prague is now very commercial and can be expensive and a little mechanical – production line like.  Maybe the worst thing that can happen from a mongering perspective is for these former soviet bloc countries to join the European Union.  The girls can simply jump on a budget airline and ply their trade elsewhere.

Prague bars and strip shows

We settle into Prague with some wonderful Czech beer and food and then start looking for signs of the more seedy side of Prague.

Prague Czech Republic


First port of call was a strip joint called Rio – was in Rio late afternoon.  Not many in but the girls were getting their kit off and were really good lookers! It was here I realised it was not going to be like mongering in Thailand but Prague was still a nice change from the UK. We then wandered around a few more bars.  A young Russian lad said he could get us some cocaine, her run off but never returned.  Prague is a pretty liberal place and they have pretty relaxed laws on drugs for personal use, prostitution and guns for self protection.

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Prague Sex Clubs

That evening we decided to hit some of the sex clubs that operate behind closed doors. We visited Amsterdam Lotus Big sisters and some more sex clubs I dont remember the names of – honestly mongers the girls in these places were at most 5 on the looks scale most of them 2,3 really bad and they charge you a small fortune to enter and you can not have a look first.

I did have a nice mixed race girl sat with me in Big Sisters, there was some girls swimming naked in a big fish tank and she asked me if I wanted to swim naked with her inside on full view to all the mongers inside.  Would have been funny but I dont have that sort of an extroverted character.  No im here to fuck some nice Czech girls. I was considering this girl, but one of her ‘boyfriends’ comes into the club and she has to leave me.

Amsterdam Sex Market

We then take a taxi to the sex market or show market,  this is like a miniature Amsterdam – again the girls in the Prague sex market looked sad! nothing took our fancy, I guess some of the girls are working against their free will when they look back at you like this, girls that have been trafficked for sex.

We arrive back at the hotel in the early hours of the morning and had not even been fucked on the first night of  our sex weekend in Prague!  Supposed to be the Sex capital of eastern europe!  I end up in bed with my mate who snores and takes up the whole bed. Oh well we had another day and night to do in Prague.

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Prague Peep Show Girl

The next morning we buy a publication from a news stand that provides a detailed map of all the sex joints dotted over the city center of Prague.  We decide to visit a Peep show that was not far from where we were sat in Wenceslas square.

mongering prague

Peep show

Inside the peep show was a really good looking Czech girl working and I managed to press her button before my friend did.  Agreed to have full sex – good thing was my balls were full for not getting laid the night before which made it all the more intense.  Not had any alcohol either.

She was a beautiful Czechoslovakian girl perfect face and body in really sexy lingerie she stood in front of me and I sucked her tits.  She was giving me a somewhat ‘girlfriend experience‘ I then bent her over the bed, pulled her lacy panties to the side and began to fuck her doggy style!  We then changed position,  she sat on top of me and then me on top of her – eventually I cum while she played with her clit and all over in 20 minutes. This is the allocated time. But it turned my grey eyes blue! She was good, well worth the trip to Prague for a very memorable fuck.  That afternoon we return to the hotel to try and get some rest and recover from our hangovers before our last night mongering in Prague.

Prague Gypsy Girls

Our last evening in Prague we wandered around the streets off Wenceslas square and got talking to 2 absolutely beautiful young Bulgarian gypsy streetwalkers – the gypsy girls wanted to do anything anywhere – including the public toilets – but we had standards!  We walked around a little with them and they were pointing down back allies but not how I like to do it.  We did not think our hotel was girl-friendly and was quite a taxi journey back(God, the pictures I did not take!)

We ended up in a nightclub that night in Prague city center.  Having emptied my load in the day I was now just so tired, I decided to return to the hotel and my friend went out hunting for more gypsy girls alone.

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Don’t get a taxi from Prague city center.  Walk up to the museum and get one there, much much cheaper. As we drove away I noticed a John going into the bushes with a gypsy street walker. The taxi driver felt embarrassed. Some people are just decent folk trying to make an honest living from tourists.

Prague Girl Friendly Hotel

My friend enters the room an hour or two later, a bit drunk and with a gypsy girl. When she notices me in the room, she leaves and my friend follows. He returns later.
In the morning at breakfast he tells me she gave him a blowjob(BJ) in the hotel lift. Now how is that for a girl friendly(GF) hotel?

A good thing about Prague many of the clubs are open in the day, we had the morning to kill in Prague before our flight home in the afternoon. We went to Darlings which had alot of English lads in it and a few girls dancing on the tables. Some fat and I thought they might break the tables.  Prague is stag party central, due to its cheap beer and cheap sex.

prague cczech

Wenceslas square

Loads of tourists of the cultured kind wandering around Prague, some interesting statues too, most can be found on Wenceslas Square.  This particular statue reminded me of the Czech girl in the Peep show.

All in all mongering in Prague does not compare to some other places in the world like Thailand in terms of the sex scene. But its a nice city to visit – nice people – very good beer!  But still good for a short mongering break.   Another option is the privates in Prague, much cheaper than the sex clubs, off the beaten track and more beautiful Czech girls some giving the girlfriend experience with extras.  Check out

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2 Responses to Sex Weekend Prague Czech Republic

  1. Nick says:

    Hey guys,

    Thought I would share a couple of story from a trip to Prague in December 2006.

    Me and two mates decided to go to Prague for new year in 2006. We were all 21 years of age and had just expected a typical lads holiday, few wild nights, plenty of booze and potentially a few strip clubs etc.

    So our first night out we decided to go for some early drinks at a bar called the KU Bar which I remember wasnt too far off Wenceslav square. After many a beer and far too many shots we decided to leave.

    After about 15 mins or so of walking around trying to figure out where we were we were stopped by a nice african chap who asked ‘you wanna see some girls guys?’. Of course after that amount of alcohol the answer was yes with no consideration! We then realised we all had pretty much speant our allocated funds for the evening.. ‘Oh but you get a FREE look’ the guy shouted.. Ok so we decided to have our ‘free look’. We were led to a place just off the square which was basically a big door, no signs or anything. Upon the entering with the african guy who was clearly working on some sort of commision we were greeted by monsterous looking security guard who demanded around £5 or the equivalent in Czech currency. We werent too happy about this but figured ‘what the fuck, its only a fiver’.

    Got a stamp on our hands to prove our payment and our right to enter. We walked up the steps and into this club and the first thing I was greeted with was a young Czech girl pole dancing completely nude and about a half full seating area. We were led to a table which was only the best table in the house, right infront of the stage and centre too! Within a few minutes there were 3 girls ar our table who were offering us everything from lapdances to lesbian shows to private dances to the ‘upstairs menu’…

    The girl that was speaking to me was around 21-24 years of age, tall, blonde, cracking arse and absolutely gorgeous! I joked to my mate at the time ‘fuck me its like flicking through FHM in here!’ No joke these girls were gorgeous. Also they were all in either underwear or bikini’s. I cant remember the name but I just remember her as the girl in green, decided to sit on my lap and immedietly started rubbing my cock under the table! She was whispering in my ear ‘have you seen the upstairs menu?’ No I said, sadly not. She produces this piece of paper that had all sorts of things listed, lesbian show, full sex (20mins) full sex (45mins) and so on..

    I immedietly thought to myself that for about £60 I can fuck this outrageous stunner! So I told her what I wanted because by this time I had a massive erection under the table that needed sorting out. She took me to the bar where I paid my ‘fare’ and also was asked if I wanted to buy her a drink. ‘Yes whatever, just get me upstairs!’ So she took me upstairs where I was greeted by a massive woman who handed me a towel and a condom. I remember thinking ‘shit, I am off my face in Prague and im about to fuck a hooker!’

    She took me into a room that was very nice and contained an ensuite shower and a circular bed that was spinning. ‘You take a shower’ she said. Without hesitation I took all my clothes off and stumbled into the shower. Within a minute I was out and greeted by her standing there, fully nude with the most gorgeous natural tanned body, great medium sized tits and a lovely shaved pussy.

    She went in the shower and even invited me in with her. Obviously I obliged! So after shower she pushed me back on the bed, started to put on what can only be described as a condom that could probably withstand a nuclear attack. Straight after she started to suck me off, very well too for about 5 minutes.

    She then jumped on top and started to attempt to destroy me really.. Or that was her intention anyway. I remember thinking im gonna come really quick here if im not careful.. Next thing you know there it was, load shot, pretty much 20 minutes up and my first experience of mongering at the age of 21.

    The club was called Go Go Paradise and unfortunately im informed by a friend who has since been back to Prague that it no longer exists. I also went back for another night in Go Go Paradise 2 nights later and had a beautiful Russian girl, but thats another story all together.

    Since then I have been ‘mongering about’ in Thailand (Pattaya and Bangkok) also Amsterdam and most recently Tokyo in May. I have a trip planned and paid for to Seoul in November so that is my next plan of attack. I must add, I go to these places for holidays, often on my own with no primary intention to monger.. However when confronted with vagina I rarely say no!

    Thanks for reading and apologies for the horrible grammer at times.



  2. I was in Prague with my wife in around 1992 and staying in quite a modern hotel next to one of the city gates. We were in the bar one evening and a very attractive young woman of about 20 came in wearing the most gorgeous red dress. Styled like the white dress Marilyn Monroe wears when she walks over the subway vent. Calf length and flared but with a plunge neckline.

    We were sitting in the corner watching her chatting to men at the bar. Every so often a man would walk out and she would follow but then return. It was obvious that the man behind the bar knew her. When I went up to the bar I made sure I went next to her and struck up a conversation. She spoke reasonably good English.

    A little later I went to the toilet which was outside the bar in the foyer. When I came out she was standing waiting – would I like her to got to my room.

    I told her that I would like that later. When I returned to Jane I told her what had happened and that I was going to invite her up. We had been sitting at a table in a booth concealed from the bar. I asked Jane to go to our room and she left. After she had gone I went to the bar and bought the whore a drink and after we had finished I invited her to my room.

    When we arrived she was surprised to find Jane there who was stripped down to a nice basque – you will get the idea if you look at her picture in my group.

    There was some haggling over money and a little reluctance from the whore – whose name I don’t remember – but in the end a deal was struck. She wouldn’t go down on Jane which was a pity but she did finger her and Jane watched as the whore went down on me and then got well fucked.

    We got a good hour’s worth out of her before she left. We were only there one more night and unfortunately she wasn’t there the next night.

    We had to make do with an inexperienced younger whore who was nice enough but a bit freaked by Jane.

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