Return to Angeles City

Subic Bay to Angeles City

After my one and only night in Subic bay the next morning had a great cooked breakfast at theBlue Rock. The Subic Express mini bus was picking me up at 10am back to the Orchid Resort Hotel for my last night mongering in Angeles city.

Made it back to the Orchid Resort in good time and without incident and checked into my room.

Take me back to Angeles city where there ain’t no grass and some of the girls are pretty….

Las Vegas Gogo

Spent the best part of my last day in Angeles city by the poolside knowing not much else to do in Angeles than go whore mongering. That night I would do one more gogo tour, go hunting for that special Filipino girl.  The Orchid Resort hotel has its own Gogo attached and that evening decided to start in this club.   A few San Miguel’s inside watched the girls put on a dance and then left, none of the girls were giving me an erection. The next gogo I entered was Las Vegas. Just outside the Orchid Resort Hotel.

Las Vegas Gogo

Las Vegas Gogo

Inside the Las Vegas I had a fun Filipina girl come over and join me, she was biting my hard on through my trousers and at one stage was going to get my cock out in the club and give me a blowjob with everyone else watching on –  Im a bit shy for that, prefer it in privacy, I mean in the Angeles gogos no one gives a shit about you snapping pics with your camera or mobile.

She was definitely a fun girl though, letting me suck her tits and and grab her cute little filipina butt.  She was telling me about she likes to watch treble penetration porn back at her apartment…

Las Vegas Gogo Girl

Las Vegas Gogo Girl

She was also telling me about some bar girl who had recently been murdered there by some German – apparently he had chopped her up!  With this LBFM you would have definitely had the Porn star experience(PSE) but it was too early and I was hoping to see that nice girl I had noticed in Lancelot a few nights earlier. I told her I would come back to the Las Vegas at 9PM and barfine her, I then left the Las Vegas and headed to the Lancalot.

Blue Nile Gogo Girl

I remember going into Lancelot’s that night but did not see the cute Filipino girl I had noticed on my second night mongering in Angeles. I saw a few other good looking girls and they did not seem interested in my glances. Im used to Thailand, there the girls know how to make you feel special even if you are not really, us mongers still like to buy into the fantasy. In Angeles I think you just got to grab your girl if she not giving you any ‘come on’. I did a few more gogos down Fields Avenue but my last night in Angeles city was looking like it may be a long one and uneventful but a monger must persevere.

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I remember ending up in the Blue Nile Gogo again that night, It was very busy and lots of girls and mongers, noticed a a few gogo girls I was interested in, two twins thinking of a threesome but they were just not giving me any feedback. I was just about to give in – when I noticed this girl fully dressed dancing on stage…

I looked at her and she kept looking back smiling, I gestured for her to come over, she pointed at herself and I nodded.  She came over and within 10 seconds we were snogging. These were good kisses! really good, this was what I was waiting for, its worth all the knock backs and turning your nose up at potential good fucks, you know when you have found the right girl. I asked her to come with me, but she said she could not come till 3am as she had to help a friend. She wanted my email and then gave me the attached card of her with her email on the back. She took my hotel and room number.

Angeles girls Call Card

Angeles girls Call Card

Then some farang came over gave me a funny look and left with her. She promised to turn up at 3am.. What is it with this 3am shit man?! She was hot though and Oh I wanted to fuck and suck her badly. One of the best Filipino girls I had seen in my 5 nights in the Philippines. After she left her friend showed me another card ‘Karen’ had given her and it had a different name on it.. don’t you just love these girls and all the little tricks they play.

Angeles Blowjob Bar

I left the Blue Nile and I was not convinced the lovely young Filipino girl from the Blue Nile would turn up at my hotel at 3AM.., so if I saw something else hot I was going to take it. I ended up in a Blow job bar down the bottom of Raymond street. I had 3 girls giving me sample BBBJ sat at the bar – which was quite nice… they wanted to go upstairs – I said I would be back Im just going to my room to get some more cash.  They were a bit older mature bit rough but very seedy and sexy.  I guess I was hoping to get a repeat performance of that blow job bar in Cambodia as If anywhere could compete with that!

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I fell asleep back at the hotel and then was awoken at 3am by the telephone and reception telling me a girl was here for me – was it ok for her to come up… yes I said. Then there was a knock at my door, I opened it and there was the gorgeous Karen with a big smile on her face and looking fresh and very sexy.

angeles hairy pussy

Angeles girl Naked

Her Pinay pussy tasted good, no sloppy seconds here. She was even happy for me to take some pics of her laying there naked, even posing a little with her tongue out. She was loving it, she watched me eating her pussy and moaned with pleasure throughout – well then I fucked and fucked her until I collapsed. A true LBFM! She was affectionate throughout the night cuddling up. At one point I awoke, and she had 3/4 of the bed, me 1/4. She was snoring too – I did not have the heart to budge her. I often end up with 1/4 of the bed!

Breakfast in Angeles

Yes its special girls like Karen which makes world whore mongering worthwhile. She was falling in love material – but I don’t go there, not with Bar girls.  Had I not have fallen in love with a bargirl before I sure would have this time.  There was something about this Filipino girl, she was not going to be working the bar for long.  Some happy monger was going to snap her up, marry her and make her pregnant, she was going to allow it to happen too.

Anyway we had a good fuck in the morning – I then took her to breakfast down Fields Avenue. I had my usual big fry up, she had a plateful of fruit.

Breakfast girl Angeles

Breakfast girl Angeles

She asked for her barfine money – I gave her 1000 pesos of which she was very happy. Obviously not the full amount as I had not paid the bar for her. She was a nice girl and felt comfortable with her. Had I met her the first night I would have probably kept her and taken her to Subic bay with me.  We said our goodbyes. I promised her we would keep in touch and I would return to take her to Boracay , I turned around as we walked away and she turned around too with a look in her eyes that she really did like me :-) I returned to the Orchid hotel ready to pack and leave Angeles City.

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Goodbye Angeles City

Taxi to pick me up at 2pm. Hotel let me stay in the room until then, checkout being 12pm. I think some of these really good looking PI girls have got some Spanish blood in them, from the old colonial days. Ok, A few days before my departure from Angeles, was trying to decide if to stay in Singapore for another night or two or try and get a joining plane straight back to Bangkok. Decided on the latter. Could not get a seat with Tiger for Friday night, the earliest they could do was Sunday and it was more expensive. So fully booked from Singapore to Bangkok with Tiger seems at the weekends.

So managed to get one with AirAsia instead. The great thing with these airlines is the real time booking. Generally though you need to print out a voucher. Quite often the hotel internet access does not include a printer unless the hotel has a business center. Does Angeles city attract business men? Do people go there on business? The other thing to watch with these airlines is they charge extra if your baggage is over 15kg. I wish we could book hotel rooms up in real time, don’t see why not.

Anyway got to the Clark airport on time, quite a bit of security there. And you have to pay 350 pesos departure tax and fill in an exit visa.

Clark Airbase Angeles

Clark Airbase Angeles

So it was goodbye to Angeles city, I reckon there will be a return visit one day though, I was now heading back to Singapore and then a joining flight back to Bangkok in Thailand. From there I was going to spend my last week in Pattaya.

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4 Responses to Return to Angeles City

  1. Michael says:


    Looking for some advice really, at 35 and after living the eastern european dream, ended up in 7 year relationship from a bird from Tallinn Estonia, I’ve now decided to embark on a spree of decedance, i’ve done the eastern europe thing to death, was in Krakow the week before your last visit (20th september) and found it as you had posted, now i want more, so i want your informed opinion, i’m looking at the far east in Feb/March next year just 2 of us, first time in the far east for me, I want to go AC but i’m not sure there is much to do there for 10 days? is subic good enough as a “rest camp”? have you done manila, forums seem undecided about hwo good that is and I dont really fancy BKK , so where would you shoot for ? i’m 35 got a resonable budget and a 10 day hop.

    Have to admit i’ve now read most of your posts, your later ones sound like you are running out of steam, hope you stick at it , your an inspiration to many guys like me 🙂

    • mongerplanet says:

      Hi Michael,
      Well you can give me some advice as maybe next year want to do the baltic states myself for the first time centering on Riga but in a week or so would like to visit Estonia, Latvia and Lithiania – What do you recommend if you done it to death?

      As for the far east, 10 days in Angeles and Subic is probably a bit too much, Subic is very quiet best to go there for a few nights to escape Angeles best to take a girl from Angeles too maybe with you. 5 nights was more than enough but some great highly concentrated mongering in Angeles, but yes basically that is all. Manila I have not done but would like to. If I had 10 days in the Philippines would start off in Manila a few nights then to Angeles, Subic then back to Manila. You will have a good time Im sure.

      Why you not fancy Bangkok or Pattaya? Usually mongers go onto the Philippines after it all gets same same with too many repeat trips to Thailand. But the first couple of whore mongering trips to Thailand are extremely hard to beat! I highly recommend Bangkok, Pattaya.

      Yes I am running out of steam a little, but comments like yours inspire me. Im wrong side of 40 now, the last 10 years whore mongering does not come without a price has been a serious distraction 🙂

      • Michael says:


        I only did Tallinn and here’s my take on that, the first time i went was great , i was 28 we ended up in some joint alot like krakow, you know the sort where you have to take a taxi journey outside town, but there was plenty of girls and most were 7 plus, i opted for this asian looking girl (my only one to date hence the trip to FE) she was great, blew like an old tractor would let me snog her it was insane for eastern europe and i had a great experience, these days its just stick it in and get out tbh and the quality on my last visit (harder to do with a estonian gf) was downright poor. The estonians in general are hard work, very very pretty but hard work. latvia and lithuania are just bigger versions so no clue but would expect much the same, one good thing is tallinn as plenty to offer for none mongering, you can go shooting, some intresting musuems etc and some really nice bars, a must is the bar with no name niemeta i think its called in their language) – most brits go there and you will meet some nice people.

        Watch the russians , 40% of the population is russian and they can be aggressive, would guess you know this already though.

        I’ll confer with my wingman on the PI visit, your suggestion sounds concrete. Rio 2014 could also be on the cards have a mate who is in afghan at the moment but may be posted to rio mid next year….. that could be another trip with free accomodation 🙂

        Any more FE visits for you or you all done there for now?

        • mongerplanet says:

          Thanks Michael your take on Mongering in Tallinn, pretty much sums up what I was expecting, Riga is suppose to be well worth it though.

          Im off to Hong Kong and Macua in November 12 so stay tuned.

          I think a trip to Manila, Angeles in the Philippines for you would be a good trip. Sometimes you just got to make a decision click that submit button and book your flight then you know your off on an adventure with lots of pussy you hope 😛

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