Pattaya Sex Adventures

Last night hit a few gogos off Walking street soi Happy I think. Baby Doll, Whats up, Angel Witch and Beach Club. Did not really see any bar fine material though.

Walking Street

I am noticing a much younger crowd in Pattaya this trip Alot of young poseurs around walking street.  I guess they aint getting it at home or not enough of it or maybe just not enough variety as well as maxing up their credit cards.

Pattaya Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street

Buffalo Bar

The next night took a detour and went to the Buffalo Bar on third road. Seems like Pattayas night life never ends as we wound around the roads to this outpost destination. Was a good atmosphere inside the Buffalo bar, some nice Thai girls working inside too, there may be a bar fine tonight.

The Buffalo girls are not pushy either. Was roasting a pig outside and you could help yourself. Lots of expats in the Buffalo bar. Made a friend at the bar who I am meant to be meeting today on top of Mike shopping mall apparently there is a big public swimming pool at the top only 80b entry can see all of Pattaya from up there too.

Buffalo Girl

Took a little cutie back from the Buffalo Bar, only 19yo. She was a little shy at first and I was thinking maybe I didnt want to have to work hard at all for some Thai pussy. But decided to see it as a challenge. So made her feel welcome and safe, she then tell me she feel a little scared so we chatted on the bed for about 1 hour and she noticeably got more relaxed.

This is why I like long time as you can take your time. I then took a shower and clean shave and some mouth wash. Honestly a bit later she is jumping on top of me and fucking my brains out basically real change around considering for a moment I was planning on sending her home early.

As it was not too easy I found this more of a turn on too. Apparently she is one of the superstars of the Buffalo Bar and would not come down from 2000 baht long time. Many of the average girls you definitely could get for 1000 baht. Barfine in the Buffalo Bar was 400 baht.

Buffalo bar girl pattaya

Buffalo bar girl

2000 baht is my limit for a good looker in Pattaya. Iv never gone above this for long time in the 5 years iv been mongering in Pattaya. I dont like to think of myself immature when it comes to money. I did go in at 1000 baht but there was no way she was going to accept this.  Perhaps with some drawn out negotiations I could have got her down to 1500 baht, but from a lbfm to a lblm back to a lbfm was a good night with a beautiful 19yo Thai woman. For your two week vacationer 500 baht here and there is not important but If I was living in Pattaya or there on an extended sex adventure the price I paid for some Thai pussy would become a priority.

Inside the Buffalo bar she was not hunting just sitting on her own in the corner, she had already told one guy on her period. there way of saying no, I dont want to go with you. Although sometimes must be true.

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Hot and Cold Gogo

Another good gogo in Pattaya for some down and dirty fun is the hot and cold just up from the pump station. Had 3 Thai girls all over me and could take them upstairs for 1K each and no barfine. they were telling me anal and cum in mouth(cim) was getting turned on.

If I wanted I could take 10 girls upstairs for 10,000b and they would all take it in turns to suck me off Now thats crazy I naturally declined their offer. Some big black guy came in and then took 3 girls out its a good gogo, well worth a visit. I did return a couple of nights later and this time a different pair of girls sat with me and each expected me to pay a barfine.

Peppermint Gogo

Next night I decided to visit Peppermint on Walking Street, a few nice Thai girls dancing around, was feeling tired so tried a new drink vodka and red bull, this did the trick was feeling lively again Just by her face I noticed a really attractive girl, she started to smile back then came over, wow what a fit little body on her, no tattoos bright eyes long silky black hair and lovely skin, totally fit, one of the best Thai little asses I have ever seen.  She not mind me lightly caressing her firm little asian buttocks.  Then she tell me she only a dancer does not go with falang and I was wearing my new gold chain as well First time I have had one of these. She did look fresh and untouched. I dont know how long she will stay a mongers virgin, I felt deep inside she would really love to be fucked, but would have been alot of time and hard work to break her.

Sabai Massage

Next night hit one of the Sabai massage places down soi 2. Inside the big massage parlours you have a good 30 girls to choose from sitting inside a fishbowl they tend to be maturer woman working in here. You make your selection and the girl then takes you to a well used room at the back for your soapy massage and sex session with her.  You could call it mechanical these places are popular with the younger Asian men visiting Pattaya.

After all these young Thai girls I have been barfining in Pattaya I went for a maturer woman, who looked half Indian with really great tits. Turns out she was half Indian, 34. Dont really see the point of all this slopping around on a lilo with soaps and suds Not bad but it was all a bit false to me. She give me a nice titty wank inside those big Thai\Indian mixed race tits!

Beer Bar Girl

Afterwards could not resist a really cute 20 yo bar girl in some beer bar walking back up towards soi 6 along second road. Played some bar games with her and then bar fine her for 300 baht.

Pattaya beer bar girl

Pattaya beer bar girl

Back at the hotel she was a very affectionate and happy little brown loving and fucking machine. In the morning another good fuck with her And yes only paid her 1000 baht for long time.

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So got her pretty cheap.  The expat I was talking to in the Buffalo bar said he had about 5 phone numbers of working Thai girls he could call over for long time and only pay 500 baht for their company. It would take time to build up these kind of relationships. He had just finished with a girlfriend he had been with for two months he had her on a 10k salary per month. Big mistake was when he went to visit the family in Issan and everyone wanted some money, some of her relatives were police too.

Silver Star return

Yes, I took the same Thai girl from Silver Star gogo on soi 7 last night again, wow she is so cute and a lovely personality with it. Even took her for a walk down walking street as just wanted to show her off. Yes my hired trophy Thai girlfriend.

Silver Star Gogo Girl Pattaya

Silver Star Gogo Girl

She is 20yo and I ask her about how old the thai girls have to be to work the bars and Gogos of Pattaya, she say have to be 18. The stupid thing is that Thais need to be 20 before they can legally enter any other entertainment venue serving alcohol than the one they work in, though this law is seldom enforced.

There is a couple of nice girls in the Silver star Gogo and they dance naked etc. There are just so many beer bars gogos in Pattaya. Most are just lacking customers. Majority of Pattaya girls are at most average looking, but there is always a few nice ones to be found with some hunting.

Another good beer bar for entertainment is Tims Beer Bar on second road, from the outside just looks like another open bar, but a back door slides open and is really big inside, there is a gogo, video DJ big pool room, food etc. but alas no bfm ( bar fine material ).  Inside they play mostly Rock music and seems to be popular with the mongers from Scandinavia.

Galaxy Gogo

I went to a quite a few gogos last night down Walking street, some good shows one with audience participation which was funny to watch but no girls I wanted to barfine. I just got exceedingly drunk and frolicked with many girls and woke up 3000 baht lighter.

Galaxy Gogo Pattaya

Galaxy Gogo Pattaya

I did venture into that Galaxy Gogo on Walking street with the white European girls dancing above the street.  Within 15 minutes I was 500 baht lighter the girls inside really know how to work you over.  They come and dance around you expecting you to slip 100 baht notes into their panties and stocking tops, I played along for a while but then made an exit.

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The Galaxy Cabaret is more a place for rich Arabs and Asians to gloat over some white flesh. There are some working Russian girls along Walking street if you want a change from all the Thai girls, but I think you need to catch their attention with an ice breaker.

Pattaya, last night

On my last night in Pattaya, I must say have mixed feelings about leaving big part wants to stay another part wants to go home. I felt myself being drawn back to soi 7, to barfine that little Thai darling from the Silver Star gogo that I have already taken out two nights now. This is not good as I maybe like her too much managed to stop myself Another night cuddled up with her in bed would have been too depressing when leaving She really is the best looking girl I have seen in Pattaya this year and nice girl with it too.

I do not want to ever fall in love all over again with another Thai working girl.  Been there, done that.  So was a watershed moment for this monger, Mongering in Thailand would never be the same again, No emotional involvement which can feel almost unnatural and cause some mental dissonance.  I could never return to that magic of when you first discover Thailand and all its opportunities for meeting women.  They are just whores.  Forget this at your peril.

Massage Chuk Wa

In the end just had a massage with two young girls 18 and 19 with some chuk wu or handjob so a wind down really. Really wanted to fuck the 18yo really cute, but she told me to come back tomorrow and take her on her own. So it does work against you sometimes to take two girls if they are not a double act. They reckon they both students. Just 300b each extra for handjob they had some experience at this.

I would agree a really good place in Pattaya has at most 10% bar fine material. so with a bar with say 40 girls this amounts to 4 you would consider taking out but most have a big Zero! At anyone time, most of the goodlookers will be in bed or a restaurant with some monger as no doubt they have already been bar-fined. Has alot to do with timing and some good luck. Many others simply dont need to work the bars of Pattaya anymore as have managed the ultimate bar girl deception and now having many sponsors sending them money each month. Often these girls can be found in the discos of Pattaya late at night when they get bored sitting at home.

There are some lovely European girls on Pattaya beach, turns out quite a few of them are not Russian but from the Ukraine. I think alot of the Chinese are actually Malaysian too as I noticed a few on the plane back from mongering in Kuala Lumpur in those big groups that walk around together.  Pattaya is just one big adult sex adventure playground.  Oh well flight to catch home in a few hours time I hate this moment.


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