Pattaya Nights

Pattaya Welcome Plaza

Taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya and checkin at the Welcome Plaza –  Have stayed at the Welcome Plaza before recommended to me by a friend at home who is also a Pattaya Addict! Its a nice budget hotel with a great swimming pool for relaxing by during the day.

Welcome Plaza Hotel Pattaya

Welcome Plaza Hotel Pattaya

This time mongering in Pattaya I have programmed myself now to watch out for broken pavements.  Do not want to end up on crutches again ever.

Relaxing by the pool in the Welcome Plaza and I sent a couple of text messages to my old Bangkok girlfriend but got no reply. So maybe now it is truly over( What I didn’t know then, was that the dialing code for Thailand had changed, so no text messages would have got through).  So will have to take my mind off her, not too difficult to forget about your girlfriend when in Pattaya.

Pattaya Beach Relaxing

Been a lovely day in Pattaya today.   Its cool to just relax on Pattaya beach during the day and forget about everything and let the day go by.  I still like it here in Pattaya.

Relaxing Pattaya Beach

Relaxing Pattaya Beach

Pattaya has a notorious reputation but for the most part all the riff raff can be avoided.  I love to walk along second road down soi 7 along beach road and then up Walking street, looking at all the Thai bargirls, quite often as you stroll pass they will grab your arm and try and get you to buy a drink in their bar.  Not seen any Pattaya bargirls  worth taking back to the hotel though. Prefer this time of year, alot less whore mongers and tourists around. Oh well there is always tonight, starting to feel horny now..

Pattaya at night

Well in the daytime around Pattaya not too many  good lookers around, went out last night down soi 8 and then up soi 7.  Noticed quite a few attractive bar girls, lots of Thai girls out, maybe 1 in 15 was of an acceptable standard,  worth barfining, which is a good 10 I saw. As with most things don’t set your standards too high and you wont keep on feeling disappointed.

But in Pattaya cheap pussy is so easily available you do look for something a bit more than you would be well happy with back home. So its something to do with the context you find yourself in.  I mean if a couple of these girls were to come knocking on your door back home one lonely night and said you could fuck them all night for £20, it would be one of the best nights of your life.  But in Pattaya it just not feel like that.

Settled in a beer bar with two thai cuties working, the first girl:”Where you come from?” “England” “You like lady boys?” “No, Why?” “Men from England – like to fuck ass!”

Beer bars down soi 7

Beer bars down soi 7

She could not come with me that night as ‘pussy sick‘  which mean she on her period or she just not like you much.  So took her girlfriend, she looked more sexy with her cloths on though, still had two pops with her back in my hotel room. She hardly spoke a word of English.  She been working in Pattaya for two weeks aged 22.  Typical Pattaya beer bar girl, slutty looking in jeans and t-shirt from the Issan region of Thailand.

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After she left I have some breakfast and then head back down to Pattaya beach. Bloody Welcome Plaza hotel now has a 300 baht joiner fee – so no longer a girl friendly hotel.  One consolation is its only about 800 baht a night for a room. But it still annoys me paying a joiner fee especially in the center of the world whore mongering capital that is Pattaya. Quite a few bald headed tattooed bastards about too in the Welcome Plaza, probably convenient for Boyz Town

Pattaya rainy season

Well not much to report, yesterday was a lovely sunny day and spent it out by the pool in the morning and down on Pattaya beach in the afternoon. Just starting to get a deep tan now. Had a few beers and some noodles, chicken and rice back from the beach to the hotel and the heavens opened and it rained and rained for hours, flooded outside hotel.

In the end I just had a early night, or a night off the alcohol. So tonight I am planning to hang out down Walking street a few Gogos etc. If I can then make it to the Marina disco and look out for Mr Shagmeisters wife’s and girlfriends Never done a Pattaya Freelancer.

I definitely agree with getting the bar girls a bit tipsy first. They are definitely more fun. I noticed that in Angeles city, you get too the Gogos early and a few girls are already pissed and they are all over you. One wanted to taste my dick, another was telling me about she likes to watch triple penetration porn videos back at her apartment this was like 4/5 in the afternoon.

Some other key differences with Pattaya and Angeles are there are no ladyboys in Angeles (AC), not that I saw anyway. No Arabs! Well I feel this journey is coming to an end, visions of slaving in front of a computer all day are returning and being in an office.

Pattaya Angel Witch Girl

Yesterday rained all morning, the afternoon was Ok. Had a massage in the hotel, but not that good.  Went down Walking street as planned, did the Gogos down soi diamond watched some Thai boxing and then went into Angel Witch.

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Some entertaining shows in the Angel Witch, if you like that sort of thing.  The girls dress gothic they seem to all be taller and older in the Angel witch.  Noticed a really sexy girl on stage, totally naked, lovely hairy pussy, was making my mouth water. Just about to leave and head to Marina disco and she came over, she must have noticed me eying her up and it was pretty packed inside, these shows are popular.  Decided to bar fine her for 600 Baht. She wanted 2000 baht for long time which is an acceptable whore rate for me.

Lovely girl, very friendly back in the hotel, only had one condom, wanted to fuck her again in the morning as often cannot cum in the night what with the drink and all. She say we goto 7/11 in morning Ok. Really affectionate in the night, cuddling up, just what I needed really.  In the morning absolutely pissing it down and it still is. So she gave me great BBBJ and CIM. So not too bad, lovely girl.

Angel Witch Gogo Girl

Angel Witch Gogo Girl

When I paid she tell me she off now for a couple of days, I think she wanted to hang around with me, but I don’t like to get too attached to these girls. Unfortunately she would not let me take some pictures of her fine pussy. Perfectly formed with a lovely trimmed tight bush.

Shaved Pussies

Lots of girls these days are sporting a shaved pussy, like totally bald. For me, its a turn off, no I dont like my pussies totally shaved very much at all. Lets draw an analogy, if you had a pet cat, would you prefer it shaved? No! Gave me a good idea for a t-shirt they could sell on the market stalls that litter Pattaya and Bangkok.  We had a good laugh about this on the World Sex Guide and a fellow monger come up with a design

Shaved Pussy

Shaved Pussy

I think it would be a big seller! Seriously either some guys have a pedophile tendency or the girls are doing it for hygienic reasons. With no pubic hair cannot catch lice and such. Perish the thought.  A pussy is a bit like a garden and I think it should be kept trimmed, not a full bush. Its only natural the girls probably like a guy to be trimmed too. So if you are over-growing then I recommend you invest in a body hair grooming piece of kit.  The girls will like you for it and give better service.

Pattaya Floods

So tonight may be my last night in Pattaya, my last night in Thailand Friday. 8:15am flight Saturday morning to Doha then London. Just debating if to just stay in Pattaya or spend my last night in Bangkok.  God it is completely flooded in Pattaya, the roads leading down to Beach road are like rivers..

Flooding in Pattaya

Flooding in Pattaya

I think there is more of the same forecast for tomorrow. Always come this time of year and in the past at most it has pissed down for hour then been fine. Guess this is what can happen during the wet season.  Bring your waders.

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Paranoid in Pattaya

My last night in Pattaya, was sitting in Madam Ts opposite Welcome Plaza hotel where I was staying. This old friendly looking big burly Scottish guy sat with me on my table, get chatting seemed really friendly. He was 68, come to Thailand and Pattaya the first time a year ago. Has since been 10 times. Spending his retirement money. He has fallen in love with a lady boy.

I asked was he/she pre or post op? He replied “No she has got a cock”. He told me he has always wanted a cock up his arse, and had tried it once back in the UK but it would not fit. But this lady boys was a great fit! He then told me he was staying at the Welcome plaza too and what room number was I?  eek! help!, reminds me why I dont like to get too friendly with the mongers around Pattaya.

Last night in Pattaya

So my last night I spend in Pattaya, I decided to wear what I would wear home on the plane as I had a taxi picking me up at 4am from the hotel taking me to Bangkok airport. Was walking down second road wondering what to do, where to go? Thought its got to be short time somewhere. Was then considering a few drinks down soi 8 and then to the Massage Parlours down soi 2 for a soapy. It started to piss down with rain again. I went into the nearest beer bar and was really hassled by two old ugly Thai hags and I could not escape as it really was raining hard.

One of the hags was really giving me an earful for being unsociable. I had to get out of there. The streets were flooded now and I had my socks and good trainers on.
Because it has rained so much the ground is completely sodden and there is no where for the water to go now so it just floods out in like 10 minutes.

Just headed into the nearest massage place for a 2 hour oily massage and drew the short straw. Got an old ugly bird with smelly breath. So all in all not a good last night in Pattaya.  But all in all another great sex mongering vacation around south east Asia.

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