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  1. Storm says:

    Did you have any luck finding Russian girls in Pattaya? I would like to know about this.

  2. Sathya, India says:

    Your two observation are strongly objected.

    1.Indians do not use toilet paper, they expect you to use your hand and then rinse it with unclean water. So you do not need to stretch your imagination to understand how your nice looking curry before you can be contaminated!

    The Indian system of toilet cleaning with washable water is far better and cleaner than your thoughts of Toilet paper cleaning. Are you not holding paper by Hand, then straight away go for food. That is more danger than water wash.Before Paper hope not at?????

    2.There are cows wandering around like dogs in say Pattaya or other Asian countries.
    I think in India, they are considered a sacred animal. People could be starving but you cannot eat the cows, but they can eat you!

    You seen Cows are like Dogs, may be you never seen real value of cows, because you eat it before that really shows its value. Don’t blindly tell that Indians eat YOU? We have sufficient food no need you people nor eating Cows can’t stop STARVATION. Please remove your DARK SPECTS and study reality before conclusion such WRONG INFORMATIONS.

    • mongerplanet says:

      Yes well no matter where you stand there will always be a convicted opposing view. Why we have democracy and majority rule.

      But it is in no way disrespect to India or the Indian people. Just my perspective as a white western man arriving in Goa India. A culture shock! Its how I saw it and im sure how anyone arriving from my neck of the woods would also experience it.

      Anyway what we really want is indian pussy

  3. Anonymous says:

    Youve had a bad experience, m8
    Learn a bit of French, maybe a smattering of Arabic and try some of the smaller backstreet bars. The girls are half the price you quoted -and if you are nice to them youll get two for the price of one!

  4. Wow, I bet you had fun in the Philippines and I love that picture of the trike. Did you know that 2006 is when we started filming our porn videos for Trike Patrol that’s the same time you were there 😀

    Your friends at Trike Patrol Diaries

    • mongerplanet says:

      Yes mongering in the philipinnes especially mongering in Angeles city has got to be in the top 3 of the worlds top mongering destinations for the horny single male sex tourist, along with Rio which I hope to visit this year 2010 and of course Thailand. That Karen girl I met, was a top girl, fantastic Pinay pussy that I cannot forget. So if anyone reading wants a taster of those LBFM waiting for you in all those gogo bars

  5. Trike Driver from Angeles says:

    I love Trike Patrol movies, but I also like the romance of driving in one of these vehicles. Breathing fumes, dust and bad air makes me think about my best Filipina lays and I am ready for more barhopping.

  6. mongerplanet says:

    Well its now almost 3 years later and gold has shot up in value due to the uncertainty in other markets. If i was now to sell my chain at this online site
    We will pay £996.74 for your Gold

  7. I remember doing the above scenes back in the mid 90s. At that time things were a lot different and more relaxed. However, with mass tourism and plenty of punters I’ve found that the scene has changed a lot. For example most of the girls have become more professional and money orientated and greedy. The prices have really gone silly in Thailand. Maybe Cambodia might be a better option these days.

    • mongerplanet says:

      Im jealous of mongers who were actively mongering during the 90′s. I often read alot of places were so much better back then. I not start mongering on an international and global scale until 2002. I often read of the great mongering to be had in Cuba varadero during the mid 90s until there was a crackdown. Back then it was considered the Bangkok of the Carribean, when I was there it was practically a curfew at night.
      How much better Rio de Janerio was back then too. Cambodia was good but even there there are constant crackdowns and some well know places have gone like the wonderful blowjob bar sofies in Phonm Penh

  8. FlyingKite says:

    What’s the name of the hotel? i mean the one where the girl walked into ur room to please u. thanks.

  9. Nep Hater says:

    I have always hated NEP considering it too noisy,crowded and full of Katoey and consequently tended to spend my time in the biergarden and Soi Cowboy.Normally I spend only 1 or 2 nights in Bangkok either end of a trip and have not had the time or inclination to explore further,although to be honest it was becoming a bit same same.Last trip made a conscious effort to get around and especially enjoyed wandering between Soi 21-33 and Soi 22 and Washington square.There are a whole heap of decent restaurants and bars with friendly no hassle girls who enjoy a laugh and will keep you warm all night for 1000 baht,maybe not the stunners you find in the go go bars but far from ugly and they tend to be better value in bed.Best thing for me was the customers tended to be a good mix of tourists and ex pats so you could have a conversation above the level of “do you think number 26 does anal etc”
    As a bonus there are always a number of genuine semi pros along this end of Suk looking to supplement the housekeeping which can be a nice change,picked up 2 girls one night from a bus stop and they were well pleased to pick up the equivalent of a weeks wages for a couple of hours shagging.

  10. Jay says:

    Yes I like it here have a condo 7 min walk from Fields ave. Been here 10 yrs now before here Pattaya Thailand for 6 yrs. Staying here but still go pattaya every 2 yrs or so for a few weeks.

    • mongerplanet says:

      Hi Jay, sounds like you are living the life
      Are you a man of leisure or running your own business out there?
      I guess you must have many stories to tell, ever settle down with a bar girl from Angeles city?

  11. Jimmy says:


    • mongerplanet says:

      Jimmy are you a monger or a moron?
      Im telling it as it happened for me mongering in Sihanoukaville Cambodia September 2005. Its my story and my mongering history. Whore mongering has a history like everything.

      If you got some up to date info on mongering in Cambodia or can relate to something I have reported then post an informative comment to help fellow punters who may be planning a trip to Sihanoukaville and like you are reading this post. Dont be a supremely selfish cunt!

      Im aware things have changed in Cambodia, lots of brothels closed down. I tell you if you never experienced the blowjob bar Sofie’s in Phnom Penh then that alone was worth a trip to Cambodia.

      Your comment nearly went in the spam folder, but thought I would have my say. Most readers perfectly understand that this post is historical and like most things some things never change and some things do. There is still something to be learned from reading it.

  12. mongerplanet says:

    Slavic companions Bulgaria has a good report on the sex scene in Varna and Golden Sands

  13. Brian says:

    Funniest ‘mongering’ story I’ve ever heard.

    • mongerplanet says:

      Hi Brian
      Yes its not really about mongering more the lack of whore mongering to be had in Goa.
      Either way we learn something. This was my first trip outside of Europe and to the third world. The first time I began to research where some Indian pussy might be available via the world sex guide and international sex guide. More importantly some members on the world sex guide asked me to do a report on Goa even though in a sentence I told them I not find much, they still wanted the details. It was originally called ‘Goa, Going, Gone’. Perhaps i should have left it as that. I dont think India is much of a mongering destination. I dont think much has changed in Goa in the last 10 years

  14. Don says:

    Would love to find a ladyboy to bring home. Thanks for the story

  15. soi22 says:

    Soi 22
    I live on soi 22 and can confirm that the bars and massage parlours are well worth a visit. There’s a wide range of girls (yes, the bar next to the Regency has the best – if you don’t include Titanium where they have a “no bar-fine” policy) and most of them are fun to sit and chat with even if you don’t feel like taking them home. Try My Bar which is just round the corner from the Regency.There’s a cheap short-time hotel right at the end of the small soi opposite the Regency (140 baht) which is handy when you don’t want to take someone back to your apartment (never sure what the security guards might say to the GF!).If you just want a quiet, undisturbed drink, try the New Cowboy Bar (no. 38 on soi 22, keep walking past the huge Queens Park Hotel and it’s on your right – you can’t miss the illuminated sign). Good food, cute waitresses and cheap beer. Erik is inclined to ring the bell for free drinks, if you’re lucky!

  16. Roy Seals says:

    I loved the Texas Lone Staar (how it was spelled with two a’s) in Washington Square. Sadly, it closed on May 29, 2011. I believe George died, and relatives weren’t interested in carrying on, since Washington Square is succumbing to a planned hotel/shopping complex. Just what Bangkok needs, another hotel/shopping complex. If you were never there my friends, you missed a time! It was my favorite place in Bangkok, seeing my friends, several in this video, Dean, Mac, Christopher, Les, and so many more, downing the beers, flirting with the girls, chatting with expats and Vietnam era vets, wow, what a time. Remember one memorable evening, when me, being retired USAF, and a British Air Force retiree, and an Australian Air Force veteran, drank until the wee hours of the morn telling of our exploits while in the service. Where else, except the Texas Lone Staar in Bangkok, Thailand would you see that scene. Brings tears to my eyes knowing it is gone forever!

  17. Nick says:

    Hey guys,

    Thought I would share a couple of story from a trip to Prague in December 2006.

    Me and two mates decided to go to Prague for new year in 2006. We were all 21 years of age and had just expected a typical lads holiday, few wild nights, plenty of booze and potentially a few strip clubs etc.

    So our first night out we decided to go for some early drinks at a bar called the KU Bar which I remember wasnt too far off Wenceslav square. After many a beer and far too many shots we decided to leave.

    After about 15 mins or so of walking around trying to figure out where we were we were stopped by a nice african chap who asked ‘you wanna see some girls guys?’. Of course after that amount of alcohol the answer was yes with no consideration! We then realised we all had pretty much speant our allocated funds for the evening.. ‘Oh but you get a FREE look’ the guy shouted.. Ok so we decided to have our ‘free look’. We were led to a place just off the square which was basically a big door, no signs or anything. Upon the entering with the african guy who was clearly working on some sort of commision we were greeted by monsterous looking security guard who demanded around £5 or the equivalent in Czech currency. We werent too happy about this but figured ‘what the fuck, its only a fiver’.

    Got a stamp on our hands to prove our payment and our right to enter. We walked up the steps and into this club and the first thing I was greeted with was a young Czech girl pole dancing completely nude and about a half full seating area. We were led to a table which was only the best table in the house, right infront of the stage and centre too! Within a few minutes there were 3 girls ar our table who were offering us everything from lapdances to lesbian shows to private dances to the ‘upstairs menu’…

    The girl that was speaking to me was around 21-24 years of age, tall, blonde, cracking arse and absolutely gorgeous! I joked to my mate at the time ‘fuck me its like flicking through FHM in here!’ No joke these girls were gorgeous. Also they were all in either underwear or bikini’s. I cant remember the name but I just remember her as the girl in green, decided to sit on my lap and immedietly started rubbing my cock under the table! She was whispering in my ear ‘have you seen the upstairs menu?’ No I said, sadly not. She produces this piece of paper that had all sorts of things listed, lesbian show, full sex (20mins) full sex (45mins) and so on..

    I immedietly thought to myself that for about £60 I can fuck this outrageous stunner! So I told her what I wanted because by this time I had a massive erection under the table that needed sorting out. She took me to the bar where I paid my ‘fare’ and also was asked if I wanted to buy her a drink. ‘Yes whatever, just get me upstairs!’ So she took me upstairs where I was greeted by a massive woman who handed me a towel and a condom. I remember thinking ‘shit, I am off my face in Prague and im about to fuck a hooker!’

    She took me into a room that was very nice and contained an ensuite shower and a circular bed that was spinning. ‘You take a shower’ she said. Without hesitation I took all my clothes off and stumbled into the shower. Within a minute I was out and greeted by her standing there, fully nude with the most gorgeous natural tanned body, great medium sized tits and a lovely shaved pussy.

    She went in the shower and even invited me in with her. Obviously I obliged! So after shower she pushed me back on the bed, started to put on what can only be described as a condom that could probably withstand a nuclear attack. Straight after she started to suck me off, very well too for about 5 minutes.

    She then jumped on top and started to attempt to destroy me really.. Or that was her intention anyway. I remember thinking im gonna come really quick here if im not careful.. Next thing you know there it was, load shot, pretty much 20 minutes up and my first experience of mongering at the age of 21.

    The club was called Go Go Paradise and unfortunately im informed by a friend who has since been back to Prague that it no longer exists. I also went back for another night in Go Go Paradise 2 nights later and had a beautiful Russian girl, but thats another story all together.

    Since then I have been ‘mongering about’ in Thailand (Pattaya and Bangkok) also Amsterdam and most recently Tokyo in May. I have a trip planned and paid for to Seoul in November so that is my next plan of attack. I must add, I go to these places for holidays, often on my own with no primary intention to monger.. However when confronted with vagina I rarely say no!

    Thanks for reading and apologies for the horrible grammer at times.



  18. I was in Prague with my wife in around 1992 and staying in quite a modern hotel next to one of the city gates. We were in the bar one evening and a very attractive young woman of about 20 came in wearing the most gorgeous red dress. Styled like the white dress Marilyn Monroe wears when she walks over the subway vent. Calf length and flared but with a plunge neckline.

    We were sitting in the corner watching her chatting to men at the bar. Every so often a man would walk out and she would follow but then return. It was obvious that the man behind the bar knew her. When I went up to the bar I made sure I went next to her and struck up a conversation. She spoke reasonably good English.

    A little later I went to the toilet which was outside the bar in the foyer. When I came out she was standing waiting – would I like her to got to my room.

    I told her that I would like that later. When I returned to Jane I told her what had happened and that I was going to invite her up. We had been sitting at a table in a booth concealed from the bar. I asked Jane to go to our room and she left. After she had gone I went to the bar and bought the whore a drink and after we had finished I invited her to my room.

    When we arrived she was surprised to find Jane there who was stripped down to a nice basque – you will get the idea if you look at her picture in my group.

    There was some haggling over money and a little reluctance from the whore – whose name I don’t remember – but in the end a deal was struck. She wouldn’t go down on Jane which was a pity but she did finger her and Jane watched as the whore went down on me and then got well fucked.

    We got a good hour’s worth out of her before she left. We were only there one more night and unfortunately she wasn’t there the next night.

    We had to make do with an inexperienced younger whore who was nice enough but a bit freaked by Jane.

  19. Michael says:


    Looking for some advice really, at 35 and after living the eastern european dream, ended up in 7 year relationship from a bird from Tallinn Estonia, I’ve now decided to embark on a spree of decedance, i’ve done the eastern europe thing to death, was in Krakow the week before your last visit (20th september) and found it as you had posted, now i want more, so i want your informed opinion, i’m looking at the far east in Feb/March next year just 2 of us, first time in the far east for me, I want to go AC but i’m not sure there is much to do there for 10 days? is subic good enough as a “rest camp”? have you done manila, forums seem undecided about hwo good that is and I dont really fancy BKK , so where would you shoot for ? i’m 35 got a resonable budget and a 10 day hop.

    Have to admit i’ve now read most of your posts, your later ones sound like you are running out of steam, hope you stick at it , your an inspiration to many guys like me 🙂

    • mongerplanet says:

      Hi Michael,
      Well you can give me some advice as maybe next year want to do the baltic states myself for the first time centering on Riga but in a week or so would like to visit Estonia, Latvia and Lithiania – What do you recommend if you done it to death?

      As for the far east, 10 days in Angeles and Subic is probably a bit too much, Subic is very quiet best to go there for a few nights to escape Angeles best to take a girl from Angeles too maybe with you. 5 nights was more than enough but some great highly concentrated mongering in Angeles, but yes basically that is all. Manila I have not done but would like to. If I had 10 days in the Philippines would start off in Manila a few nights then to Angeles, Subic then back to Manila. You will have a good time Im sure.

      Why you not fancy Bangkok or Pattaya? Usually mongers go onto the Philippines after it all gets same same with too many repeat trips to Thailand. But the first couple of whore mongering trips to Thailand are extremely hard to beat! I highly recommend Bangkok, Pattaya.

      Yes I am running out of steam a little, but comments like yours inspire me. Im wrong side of 40 now, the last 10 years whore mongering does not come without a price has been a serious distraction 🙂

      • Michael says:


        I only did Tallinn and here’s my take on that, the first time i went was great , i was 28 we ended up in some joint alot like krakow, you know the sort where you have to take a taxi journey outside town, but there was plenty of girls and most were 7 plus, i opted for this asian looking girl (my only one to date hence the trip to FE) she was great, blew like an old tractor would let me snog her it was insane for eastern europe and i had a great experience, these days its just stick it in and get out tbh and the quality on my last visit (harder to do with a estonian gf) was downright poor. The estonians in general are hard work, very very pretty but hard work. latvia and lithuania are just bigger versions so no clue but would expect much the same, one good thing is tallinn as plenty to offer for none mongering, you can go shooting, some intresting musuems etc and some really nice bars, a must is the bar with no name niemeta i think its called in their language) – most brits go there and you will meet some nice people.

        Watch the russians , 40% of the population is russian and they can be aggressive, would guess you know this already though.

        I’ll confer with my wingman on the PI visit, your suggestion sounds concrete. Rio 2014 could also be on the cards have a mate who is in afghan at the moment but may be posted to rio mid next year….. that could be another trip with free accomodation 🙂

        Any more FE visits for you or you all done there for now?

        • mongerplanet says:

          Thanks Michael your take on Mongering in Tallinn, pretty much sums up what I was expecting, Riga is suppose to be well worth it though.

          Im off to Hong Kong and Macua in November 12 so stay tuned.

          I think a trip to Manila, Angeles in the Philippines for you would be a good trip. Sometimes you just got to make a decision click that submit button and book your flight then you know your off on an adventure with lots of pussy you hope 😛

  20. David Strider says:

    Inspired by your photo album “Bulgaria” – I thought that I would share some
    Bulgarian experiences from when I was there working and holidaying in the early
    nineties. It was quite an anxious time – amongst the first times I was there was
    the time of the attempted Russian military coup against Gorbachev which had the
    Bulgarian locals really wound up.

    When I was there about 1990 I met a girl called Tatiana. Like most girls at the
    time she wanted to leave the country. Most were looking to marry guys from
    Western Europe and the States so that they could leave and get a better life.
    Most were willing to do pretty much anything to achieve it. Prostitution was
    also pretty open with men in leather jackets openly selling women in hotel bars.

    Tatiana was a lovely girl – a bit skinny like thet all were at that time –
    bordering on the edge of malnutrition – getting food that was inexpensive was
    difficult for people who wanted to stay in legal activity. Like other girls I
    knew she was prepared to meet my sexual needs in the hope that I would bring her
    home. She knew I was married but that didn’t seem to make much difference.

    I paraded her round bars in the sort of clothing I like my women to wear – short
    skirts and tight tops. As her tits didn’t really require a bra I would have her
    braless in tight tops. She had large nipples that came beautifully erect when
    rubbing against the shirt’s fabric.

    She looked as much a whore as the girls who were actually selling themselves. I
    was there for two months and she pretty much ended up living with me. She was
    willing to do whatever I wanted – with a little encouragement – and I well
    remember the first time I pushed into her arse – the first time she had ever had
    anal – trying to pretend she enjoyed it while tears were running down her

    I admit I wasn’t always gentle when I fucked her.

    The following year I was back in Bulgaria for another three months. tatiana had
    been really struggling and by then had been drawn into prostitution. It was easy
    enough to take out a rental on her while I was there and she was a regular fuck.
    I didn’t mind other men coming up to her in bars where she was by now well
    known. Sometimes I let them take her so long as they got her back to me
    afterwards. I was used to finding bruises on her body. I admit that also turned
    me on.

    1992 was my last session in Bulgaria and in the middle of the two week stint I
    took two weeks break in Amsterdam and took Tati with me.

    Jane and Susie visited for a few days and Tati did her first lesbian act for me
    with Jane. I also introduced Tati to a guy I knew who made porn movies. He
    rather liked her and he was willing to get her out of Bulgaria. For a price of
    course – she had to work for him.

    So while we were there Tati made a porn movie and did things she hadn’t done
    before – although she had done “parties” in Bulgaria that had usually meant
    being taken by one guy and maybe doing it in public. When she met me back at the
    hotel she had obviously been worked hard – by three men as it turned out and one
    of them black. I eventually saw the movie – I must say she was enthusiastic and
    the mix of cum and tears on her face was a must see.

    When I returned to Bulgaria she stayed in Amsterdam – still hoping she would get
    married and have a nice life. She did eventiually marry Dirk but she spent the
    next ten years making porn in Amsterdam and doing high end whoring. I’m not
    quite sure what happened after that except that Dirk divorced her and she ended
    up making more “specialist” movies that took her to Brazil. That was the last I
    heard of her.

  21. BV says:

    So, Dave, don’t tease us — how about a link to one of her movies or Tatiana’s IAFD or Eurobabeindex entry or her nom de porn?

  22. Pattaya Monger says:

    Although this is an old report it’s still good, I love Pattaya

  23. chaitendra says:

    than please suggest, from where we can book a cab to angeles and the best hotels at walking street.

  24. Dan Chesnut says:

    I have stayed at the Honey Hotel on Soi 16. If you stay in the garage rooms, I agree a bit of a shithole. Otherwise, the rooms, service, breakfast etc… is not bad. There is a travel agency onsite that I often use when I need travel service when I am in Bangkok. I recommend it.

  25. Mr.Q says:

    In your previous episodes visiting your Thai gf, you seen to always end up in areas with temptation such as Sukhumvit and you two end up going to beer bars, discos, etc etc. Is this because both of you know this world and these places are where you two are most comfortable in? Or is it, these are areas where tourists stay? Or maybe there is not much to do outside of these areas back in 2004?

    It’s seems when both if you end up at these places she tempted to go back to bar girl life and you back to monger life…..

    Why not just stay and hangout away from the scene?

    • mongerplanet says:

      Good points Mr Q, you are noticing a pattern.

      You can take the girl out of the bar, but not the bar out of the girl
      You can take the monger out of the bar, but not the bar out of the monger

      Having a serious relationship with a bar girl and the odds are heavy against you.
      I guess we all want the best of both worlds.
      But if you want love then dont go looking for it in the beer bars and gogos of Thailand
      Back then there was such a blur between a whore giving you the girlfriend experience and a real girlfriend

      After this love story, I will never get emotionally involved with a bar girl again. Sometimes I feel it happening and I then have to stay away.

      To answer your questions, yes we both feel comfortable in this environment. I not try hard enough to find other things to do, or was I just kidding myself all along
      At the time, it not seem there was much else to do. I did love Bangkok back then and Pattaya and my girlfriend.

      • Mr.Q says:

        Your memoirs read almost like a love novel. While I read, I can only think “don’t do that! Don’t go there!”. Your explanation clears things up. Your memoirs are really wonderful. Enjoy them very much.

  26. AfroMonger says:

    That is usually a ”safe” look, cops usually use white women (many blonde) as a decoy but still would not take the risk though. You could have searched on TER and from there work on to get a escort, easier and safer, that’s what i would do.
    You should pull out chicks pub crawling in Philly, you have a London accent, that would help you out ALOT in the US if you used the right cards.

    The ghetto is a good place to find women,any big booty ebony girls, but gotta be careful and make sure they’re clean. This MongerPlanet gives me nostalgia man 🙂

    • mongerplanet says:

      I did go out one friday night with some Americans from the office, took me to a few nice bars around town. A couple of American girls were chatting me up because of my London accent, one of the guys I was with was getting jealous. Not lead to anything, but yes its kind of using the exotic factor, you are just different to what they are used to. Often people like to try something different if it looks tasty, which I am 🙂

  27. Georges says:

    There are also escort agencies in Barcelona, it is legal there. I’d recommend you to visit them instead of the SW. It’s safer and cleaner. I usually go to Apricots, in its local which is near Camp Nou. The service is great. I don’t trust SW about the hygiene, and moreover, I prefer seeing women that fully assumed their choice of career.

  28. Eric says:

    I do agree with Georges! Avoid the SW!!! And i already heard about Apricots in many reviews, seems nice! I might go while i’m in barcelona.

  29. CJS says:

    “When walking down the road with the girls, they will walk a good 15 yards ahead when leading you too the Casa and 15 behind when leaving. This is too avoid interest by the police as they are not allowed to mingle with the tourists so its all done very covertly.”

    Article is from 2006 so I’m wondering if it’s still like that but this whole “locals can’t mingle with tourists” seems annoying. Is that just for the types that are looking for prostitution or what? What a strange law/rule, what if one finds a local woman who isn’t a prostitute and wants to hang out, date or whatever, like wtf?? And does this apply to foreign man and local woman being together or gender doesn’t matter?

    • mongerplanet says:

      Hi CJS, thanks for your comment and query. I recently returned to Havana Cuba and can confirm it is still the same. Check my more recent reports here

      This is more a problem at night than in the day. If a chica is with you in a taxi and a police car goes by, they will hit the deck. It just has to be done discretely.
      It is annoying and its still Cuba and a communist country with strange rules and laws. Its a throw back from the 90s when sex tourism was rampant in Cuba and Cuba was getting a reputation
      So this was one way to deal with it. Some girls are more sensitive to it than others. On the Malecon I was chatting to one with some police nearby she said not to worry as she knew them and no problem
      But yes its still a problem in Cuba on the streets.

  30. CJS says:

    “When walking down the road with the girls, they will walk a good 15 yards ahead when leading you too the Casa and 15 behind when leaving. This is too avoid interest by the police as they are not allowed to mingle with the tourists so its all done very covertly”

    This article is from 2006 so i dont know if its still like this but what a strange law/rule. I wouldn’t mind having a local chica escorting me around town while if ever visit Havana, why does the government even allow tourism?? Unless I’m misunderstanding something this rule applies to all genders? The government really doesn’t want locals mingling with foreigners?

  31. stephen says:

    i do not fancy subic . when i go to the phillipens . angeles city . fileds av . for me . thank you so mush . for your advice .

    • mongerplanet says:

      I hear Subic bay is getting better these days, turning more into a resort with lots of girly bars springing up. I always wished they moved the whole Angeles city setup down to the coast, then it really would compete with Pattaya.
      Subic bay would be the top spot