Mongering Mombasa Kenya

Nairobi to Mombasa

Arrived in Mombasa from Nairobi about 1pm to continue our first African sex holiday. Was delayed at Nairobi airport for a couple of hours.  Quite an eye open seeing white Africans complaining about the service with racist overtones.  Saw mount Kilimanjaro from the flight – quite a sight!  We were staying at the Whitesands hotel North Mombasa Bamburi beach.  About to take a taxi to our hotel and my friend had lost his mobile phone.  The Whitesands was a lovely all inclusive hotel, right on Mombasa beach,  good food,  service and great swimming pools.

Next door to the Whitesands is a Barclay’s ATM, and this is where I got my money from. But these ATM’s go down often for international links, so take some western cash along with you. Which you can change up in the hotels etc. Note they do not take cards in these places will only change up cash.

Mombasa Kenya

Bamburi beach

Tembo Disco Mombasa

It was Saturday night in Mombasa and we ventured out of the White Sands all inclusive to get our bearings.  We visited a place called Bobs bar, lots of African girls here most not pros, we then went to Tembo Disco.  The Tembo disco is a mongers favorite while in Mombasa.  There are two levels in Tembo an upstairs where there was a live band playing and some really sexy black African girls dancing.

We then went downstairs  to the world famous Tembo disco and there were African girls everywhere. I had to fight them off while sat at the bar.  I was so tired by now what with the jet lag and lack of sleep for two days so eventually we just went back to the White Sands hotel. I did notice a girl in the Tembo disco who I knew I was going to come back for one night during our stay in Mombasa.

Mombasa beach girl

The next day being Sunday, lots of Kenyans walking up and down the beach in Mombasa. Got chatting to an African beach girl of about 19  called Christine and later started to have a kiss etc with her, she was very keen on me and I agreed to meet her on the beach the next day.

Mombasa beach girl

Beach girl

The beaches at Mombasa adjacent to the hotels are private except for Saturday and Sunday when they go public.  On these days some local African girls hang around on the beach outside the all inclusive hotels hoping to meet a nice monger like me :-)

Lots of traders on the beach trying to sell you Kenyan wares, some are quite aggressive. All the peddlers on the beach require a license.  Outside of this anyone found on the beach is apparently arrested and then has to pay a large fine.

Mombasa beach Kenya

Bamburi beach

Monday meet my girl on the Mombasa beach again, she wants me to come to where she lives no doubt to fuck there and for her to show me off to the village but im not ready to leave the relative safety of my all inclusive.   We get fruity on the beach in the shade, not the prettiest African girl but a fantastic figure lovely black tits and ass, nice hairy trimmed pussy really neat little slim shapely African body.  Had a good time with her in the mangroves, realised I was having a great holiday in Mombasa at this point.

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Valentines Night

Monday night was Valentine night, we start off in the White Sands hotel bar and there are some nice barmaids working and some of their friends are sat at the bar too.  I not make a move and regret this, at the time wanted to get out of the all inclusive and go on an adventure.  But the barmaids in the hotels, their friends, are all available only requires a little game.

That night in Mombasa started at a place called Pirates further down Mombasa beach.  Was in pirates an hour or two just having some drinks but it was empty.  So take a taxi back to Tembo disco.  Im  hoping to meet that African girl I noticed in there Saturday night dancing in a sexy red dress. you could have used her booty to put your drinks on.  Once at Tembos there was not many upstairs but downstairs it was kicking.

I saw my African girl there at the bar, she caught me looking at her and starting licking the rim of the glass, I call her over. Within a few minutes we are kissing, wanted to take her back to the hotel, but not sure if Whitesands is girl friendly. We talked about going back to her house but she say she have young daughter and relative there and only 1 room so not an option.  So agreed to go short-time in the Tembo itself.

Tembo CIM

Short time room in the Tembo costs about 600 KSH.  In the Tembo they also have free dispensers of condoms, so we take some free condoms too.  I bend her over the bed as her big black booty was a sight to behold and fuck her doggy from behind long and hard.  Eventually she goes down on me BBBJ. She sucks and licks my cock really good and I just watch as I begin to start spraying cum into her mouth in lots of short bursts!  She just carries on licking the end of my cock and there is cum spray all over her mouth, chin and nose. I just cant seem to stop cumming in her mouth and over her face.  She not stop until I did, fantastic experience.

Outside the hotel I give her 2000 KSH as she was very good and very passionate, she seemed keen on me and I promised to return the next night to meet her again, like you do. She called down a taxi for me and I arrived back at the hotel about 5am.  The Tembo disco is open 24 hours mostly empty during the day. There were many African girls in the club that night, alot not pros.  Tembo would also be a good place to stay as it is a hotel too.

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I do not remember any taxi’s having meters, you ask up front how much. These can be your major cost if you intend to hop around Mombasa. Theres quite alot of places to go along Bamburi and in Mombasa, but there not within walking distance and always advisable not to walk alone in any case.

Threesome Beach massage

The next day went for a stoll along Mombasa beach I noticed alot of African girls outside a building offering massage two of the African girls outside were really good lookers and young.  I took both of them into a room. The room was empty except for a bed. no fan, It was the afternoon and very hot.

Mombasa girl

African massage girl

I had a massage then watched both of them playing with my cock. For the younger African girl it was like her first time seeing a big white cock. After, I shagged the more experienced African girl over the bed from behind doggy while the younger one just  held onto my balls, Another fantastic sexual experience in Mombasa with 24 hours!

But it was too hot in that room sweat dripping off me everywhere, I do not recommend this. Apparently the massage place opens about 6-7 am in the morning, I suppose alot of hubbys stop off here during their morning jog, probably a much better time to do it!

If you walk down the beach from Whitesands to the African public beach you will come to a fenced enclosure on your right, there will be upto 10 girls sitting outside, they will come over to you and ask you for massage, so you cannot miss it if you walk along the Mombasa beach front. Most of the massage girls working here are average looking in there 30s but a few very young and attractive ones work there too. Some look like they have AIDS.

They ask you to pay for a room in the enclosure, this is negotiable, they initially said 500 KSH, I was with the two girls for over an hour, but the room was not good and it was too hot, the girls were lovely though, I gave them 1000 KSH each, they seemed happy with this. The man who let us in the gate and then into the building had then locked the gate, had to wait over 5 minutes for him to return and I was getting a bit anxious about this. I gave him just 200 KSH for the room and told him not to lock me in again!

Bamburi Bar

Going the other way along the beach you come to the Bamburi bar, part of the Bamburi resort hotel. A few bar girls working in here some quite nice. My friend went with one in here and she took him to her home. He said this was quite an experience as basically she lived in a little corrugated shack!

mombasa bar girl

bamburi bar girl

The Bamburi bar faces directly onto Bamburi beach and is a cool place to have some daytime drinks.  Some nights it has a disco too, we tried it one night but not many people in and no new girls.  In the Bamburi bar we arrange some excursions with one of the guys working there.  A safari and fishing trip.

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Mombasa Safari

The safari was just a one day trip into Savio east.  We had to get up early for this trip like 4:30AM in the morning, this is what I hate about excursions.  For fucks sake Im on holiday.  But it was worth it we saw lots of animals although no predators.  I had promised my friend if we not see any predators I would run around in my tiger pants and he could take some snaps of me.  By the end of the day was getting bored with seeing Elephants in the wild ‘ Not another fucking elephant’ we were saying.

Safari Kenya

Kenya Elephants

We stopped off in a small town called Voi for a modest African lunch but good experience and a break from just whore mongering all the time.  Generally we would have one day relaxing by the pool in the all inclusive and then one day out on an excursion.


The next day I was sat in the sea for too long with the African girl I met on the beach playing with my cock. Later I take her to a private area behind some rocks and she give me a good blowjob. I got very bad sunburn, like my skin started to melt. One week later and I was still peeling. The sun in Africa is different – stay out of the sun between the hours of 11am and 3pm and wear lots of cream! Because of the very bad burning I had to miss the next days excursion to some caves and lost around £50. The girls in the Bamburi bar comforted me and rubbed cream into my shoulders and back. Noticed quite alot of mature fat white western woman, female sex tourists basically with a young African beach boy. Hope they can get it up.

Mombasa town, Casablanca club

On our last day went into Mombasa town, surprisingly few tourists in Mombasa town, all hidden away in the safety of their all inclusive. if you are going to buy some wood carvings get them here much cheaper 75% or so from the main tourist areas, I mean on the beaches etc. Also alot better quality. Went to the Casablanca club for a drink, lots of African working girls in the Casablanca,  alot of hardcore looking African hookers,  but just looking now!

Mombasa Casablanca

Casablanca club

Would have liked to have tried the Casablanca club in the night. We visited a few other mongering venues like the Mombasa version of the Florida in the daytime but all empty – managed to pick up a guide who never really took us anywhere we had not already read about.  Had a really good time in Mombasa, very laid back, people are friendly, weather was good! Mongering in Mombasa Kenya was good although only felt I had scratched the service. If you like African girls then Kenya is the place to go. Could be the first of many repeat trips.

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