Mongering in Havana Cuba

One Night In Havana

I was based in Varadero, Cuba and an All-inclusive hotel and with nearly 5 days passing had not yet lost my Cuban virginity. Varadero is hard for mongering, but not impossible once a little experience is gained. Compared to mongering in places like Thailand though Varadero is like a barren desert. Not the case 10 years ago though where Varadero was called the Bangkok of the Caribbean.

Varadero to Havana

By now, I was looking forward to a trip to Havana. I was initially going to do this by myself via the public transport or taxi but in the end decided to do the Havana overnight excursion, with my friend and his sons. If I liked Havava I would just stay another night or two by myself. Plus I wanted to do a proper city tour. You cannot fuck 24/7. Although the chance of that would be a fine thing here in Varadero.

Havana Arrival

The cost of the trip to Havana from Varadero was 150 CUC (CUban Convertible) and included an overnight stay in the Hotel Libre and with a show at the Tropicana. When we arrived in Havana, we started to do the city tour, and started to pass various ‘Jineteros’ – street hustler types.

mongering Havana Cuba

Havana Girls

I was noticing some hot latino women walking around and was feeling very horny as I was carrying over a weeks worth of cum and would soon need to put my balls in a wheel-barrow and hire someone to push it around behind me. This is not an ideal mood to be in when trying to appreciate Havana’s 16th century architecture etc.

Havana Jineteros

Anyway, it was around midday and we agreed with our Havana tour guide we would meet up at around 5pm in the central market area. We were then whisked off to a bar in the center of old Havana by a jinetero. Here there was far less tourists and less Police.

A few local Havana ebony girls joined us in the bar, but they were nothing special. We ate at a ‘Paladeros’ – private restaurant for 12 CUC per head and the food was very very good, my friend brought some cigars which later turned out to be crap! We made our own way round old Havana now and stopped in a couple more bars.

havana back streets

Havana centro

The streets are surprisingly safe to wander around in, although they look rough. Poverty is apparent everywhere. But Fidel Castro police state, seems to keep crime in check. Murder and rape are extremely rare.

Licking her lips, looking my way

As I sat in the bars, various Havana girls would walk pass and I would look at them. Many would look back and if you then smile at them they will stop and smile back and beckon you over. There were two girls in particular that were beckoning me over, licking there lips and all. I was bursting to go with them. They talked to an old woman sat on the curb and then pointed upstairs to her house behind her. From this, I guess they had agreed with the old woman we could use her house ‘Casa Particular‘ private rented room. Even the old woman laughing was licking her lips too.

Vedado, Hotel Libre

But time was running out and we had to get back to market and join our tour guide and check in at the Hotel Libre. I was now keen to break free of all these time constraints. Surprisingly earlier the Jineteros told us that the hotel libre has a disco on the top floor, which he reckoned was very good. He said for every 20 guys in there there are 100 women. My kind of odds. But Jineteros do like to raise your expectations especially early on. The rooms in the Libre were very comfy and the views over Havana were magnificent.

vedado hotel libre

Havana hotel libre

This area is called Vedado – popular with the mobsters before the 1959 revolution. Also called the new area. I had a little walk around in the evening, again lots of sexy Havana chicas around and all those old cars.

Vedado Havana

Vedado Havana

Apparently these cars were left behind after the Cuban revolution and the Cubans helped themselves. Alot since have had their engines changed for more economical ones. Since the collapse of the Soviet union in 1989, Cuba no longer receives subsidised oil. It is currently doing some deals with Venezuela. This is also why there are so many hitch-hikers around, due to problems with the public transport people are obliged to share their vehicles with complete strangers if they have space.

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One of my friends sons was under 15 and there might be a problem getting him in the Tropicana – rather than take a chance, we just decided to break free and do our own little tour. Obviously it was going to be a bit of a problem for me to fit in some whore mongering with my friends kids around and I was ready to break free from them when opportunity arose. One of them is only a few months off 18 and was very keen to indulge too, but immature with it.

Havana street girls

Anycase we sat in a few bars in old Havana listening to live cuban music( I love the chan chan I think it is called) even playing ‘hotel california’ etc.

Havana old town

Cuban Quartet Havana

Eventually we made our way towards the Hotel Inglaterra area – the tour guide calling this the middle area of Havana. There did seem to be less people around at night than in the day.  On the way I passed two Havana black girls and they looked hot! I smiled, they smiled and they stopped, for a bit I carried walking with my friend, I then said iv got to go and talk to them. He waited a while and I went over to the two black street girls.

Close up one of the ebony girls was absolutely stunning and the other not, so it was looking like a twosome rather than a threesome. I agreed with them I wanted some action and we headed towards a Casa Particular that they knew. As I turned the first corner, I waved goodbye to my friend.

At last I was free, with a hot Havana chica. We eventually arrived at the Casa, first I was downstairs with a couple of middle aged cuban women and their children playing. Soon we were led upstairs through someones front room, with two men watching TV, they just looked up and smiled. I agreed 25 CUC for the room and the girl was 40 CUC.

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She asked me for protection, I had a couple on me, I had purchased a big box of Durex in the airport back in the UK before arriving. Once in the bedroom she stripped down to her white cotton underwear. This contrasted well with her brown silk like skin. I got down to my boxers and she came over and the next thing her tongue was down my throat. Very passionate start. It was clear this girl wanted some sex as well as money. She then did some good BBBJ.

Well her ebony body was fantastic from every angle. We fucked many different positions! Eventually I cum for the first time in a week with a pounding headache and very sweaty. But I do get a fetish now and again for a hot black chick and she more than satisfied this. She was at least a 9/10 looks-wise aged 21. Well I had now lost my Cuban virginity.

Havana Jennifer Lopez

We made our way out of the Casa and they eventually slipped into a bar on the way that looked very lively but I wanted to get back to the Inglaterra area, as yet un-explored by me. When walking down the road with the girls, they will walk a good 15 yards ahead when leading you too the Casa and 15 behind when leaving. This is too avoid interest by the police as they are not allowed to mingle with the tourists so its all done very covertly.

I passed two hot Latino girls sitting on a horse and carriage and they beckoned me over. I declined and kept heading for the Inglaterra. It reminded me though that I wanted some Spanish pussy too. Also when you have not cum for a long time you can usually manage two sessions in short succession – so there could be another encounter before the evening was out. There was always the hotel disco to try.

I got too the Inglattera and was quite busy round here, I guess I was looking for my friend and just generally went with the flow of people around here. I passed down Rafael street and was beckoned into a bar by some jinetero types outside.

Inglaterra Havana

hotel Inglaterra Havana

I was really thirsty after all that sex and really needed some water. Sat in this bar and immediately was accosted by this hot little Jennifer Lopez type. Within 30 secs her tongue was down my throat, her hand on my cock and she was pushing my hand up her tight little mini skirt, where it was met by a shaved little pussy. Fuck what was going on!

Toilet Blowjob CIM

She say Casa round the corner 15 CUC her 25 CUC? Initially I declined, she drop to 10 CUC, but still I refused although I was very keen but only just sat down and taken by complete surprise. the audacity of it. I was just thinking well this area has real potential, although often a bird in the hand is worth 9 in the bush.

She then said she suck me off in the toilet! 10 CUC for her, 3 CUC for the bar. What kind of bar was this? I still said no, but the idea of it was really turning me on. I ask her if she do CIM(Cum in mouth), “no problem” was her reply. She say you try for 1 minute if not good, we stop and I pay nothing. Finally I agreed. Inside the toilet she sat on the toilet seat in front of me and unzipped my cock and stuck it in her mouth.

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Jennifer Lopez sucked and licked and sucked making ‘yummy’ sounds. She pulled up her mini skirt and played with her clit with one hand – holding my cock in the other. She asked if I liked her pussy, I said yes. Although I do prefer a hairy trimmed pussy especially girls of this persuasion.

Jennifer ask me if I have got protection? and went straight for the pocket where 1 condom remained. She wanted to fuck now, but not the ideal location for a fuck, OK for a BJ(Blow Job). The blowjob was too good to interrupt and I beckoned her to continue. She happily obliged. She was very good at blowjob, it was one of the best I have ever had. Finally she wanked me off into her open mouth with her tongue out just lapping it all up. She sucked every last drop out. I was now completely empty. I just made involuntary grunting deep release animals sounds as I emptied my balls into her mouth and down her throat.

Inside the toilet was a barrel of water with a cup. She washed her mouth out with this and then sucked my cock clean and then washed her mouth out again. Hows that for service! Eventually I handed over about 30 CUC and simply left the bar.

Hotel Libre Disco

I got a taxi back to the hotel Libre. Showered and cleaned up in the room and headed up for the disco. Bit of a show going on in here, but there was no chicas to be seen, just tourist types. I paid 6CUC for a Pina Colada in here and then decided to call it a night.

The next day I met up with my friend and his sons, They had been upstairs in the same bar. Must have just left before I arrived. I knew this because his eldest son said he was dancing with this really hot gorgeous Jennifer Lopez upstairs. Well I did not have the heart to tell him. Maybe when he is older.  When in the same bar they did buy a few rounds of drinks and got a bill for 70 CUC, so the Jineteros round this bar could ruin your night if your not careful and some of them are huge!

Back to Varadero

The last day in Havana and  I could now concentrate on the rest of the tour as a normal tourist as the snake now slept.  I didnt stay over in Havana, but I regret this now. That afternoon walking around the Inglaterra and Malecon. so many hot Havana chicas around and the smiles were coming thick and fast, and the snake was beginning to stir again.

Cuban Chicas Havana

Chicas Havana

On the coach journey back to Varadero, I teased my friend about being a Cuban virgin still. I never got to visit Johnnys or some of the Havana discos. I guess this is where the real hot talent hangs out. I mean the ones that start negotiations at 100 CUC? Would like to have seen some of these. Oh well I would like to return too Havana one day. But my one night whore mongering in Havana was one I wont forget.

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3 Responses to Mongering in Havana Cuba

  1. CJS says:

    “When walking down the road with the girls, they will walk a good 15 yards ahead when leading you too the Casa and 15 behind when leaving. This is too avoid interest by the police as they are not allowed to mingle with the tourists so its all done very covertly.”

    Article is from 2006 so I’m wondering if it’s still like that but this whole “locals can’t mingle with tourists” seems annoying. Is that just for the types that are looking for prostitution or what? What a strange law/rule, what if one finds a local woman who isn’t a prostitute and wants to hang out, date or whatever, like wtf?? And does this apply to foreign man and local woman being together or gender doesn’t matter?

    • mongerplanet says:

      Hi CJS, thanks for your comment and query. I recently returned to Havana Cuba and can confirm it is still the same. Check my more recent reports here

      This is more a problem at night than in the day. If a chica is with you in a taxi and a police car goes by, they will hit the deck. It just has to be done discretely.
      It is annoying and its still Cuba and a communist country with strange rules and laws. Its a throw back from the 90s when sex tourism was rampant in Cuba and Cuba was getting a reputation
      So this was one way to deal with it. Some girls are more sensitive to it than others. On the Malecon I was chatting to one with some police nearby she said not to worry as she knew them and no problem
      But yes its still a problem in Cuba on the streets.

  2. CJS says:

    “When walking down the road with the girls, they will walk a good 15 yards ahead when leading you too the Casa and 15 behind when leaving. This is too avoid interest by the police as they are not allowed to mingle with the tourists so its all done very covertly”

    This article is from 2006 so i dont know if its still like this but what a strange law/rule. I wouldn’t mind having a local chica escorting me around town while if ever visit Havana, why does the government even allow tourism?? Unless I’m misunderstanding something this rule applies to all genders? The government really doesn’t want locals mingling with foreigners?

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