Monger Hordes Pattaya

Cambodia to Trat

I arrived in Trat around 8pm with the journey taking about 1 hour from  the border with Cambodia.  Parked up in Trat for the night before continuing my journey to Pattaya. No late buses to Pattaya, but late night bus to Bangkok. Taxi from Trat to Pattaya was 2200 bath. I decide to stay the night in Trat in the huts of the pop guest-house, very nice in the Pop Guest House, room for the night was 200B.

Spent an hour or two in the Pop guest house drinking some beers and eating some tasty Thai food and just reflected on the incredible mongering journey I had through Cambodia.  It felt good to be back in Thailand, you felt like you had come back into civilisation.

thailand Trat

Trat Thailand

Spent a lonely night in the Pop guest house. Went to a couple of bars in Trat frequented by young Thai couples. Did see a John bringing a Thai girl back to his room, he looked like he had travelled through Trat a few times, probably renewing his visa at the border. God I am horny as hell!  Oh well in the morning will be on the bus from Trat to Pattaya, first time for everything….

Trat to Pattaya

The bus journey from Trat to Pattaya was a longish journey of 5 to 6 hours with a few stops off at service stations and the coach was comfortable and air conditioned. Eventually dropped me off on the main-road beside Pattaya and I hired a Baht Bus to take me too the Flipper on soi 7. They had rooms available in the Flipper and checked in.  A big comfy room for 700 baht with a king size bed. Went up to the pool, lovely day but packed with Johns and Leks, their new found Thai loves. The flipper hotels on soi 7 and soi 8 are good value for money secure and very monger and girl friendly.

Monger and  the Soi 7 beer bar girl

My first evening in Pattaya stopped off in the numerous beer bars outside the Flipper down soi 7.  Was walking down soi 7 pass the beer bars and all the bar girls are trying to get you to come and sit in their beer bar.  Well my eyes caught a lovely Thai bar girl, so sat down with her, she was only 19 yo. Within 5 minutes we were snogging or Monger DFK.  I knew this bar girl liked me, a good time, long time, was on the cards and much-needed.  After a few beers and considering another threesome with her friend, decided to take her on her own so paid the bar fine to the beer bar 300 baht and took her to my big bed in the Flipper hotel.

Monger and the thai girls

Pattaya bar girls

Had a fantastic shag that first night in Pattaya with my chosen bar girl and again in the morning, she had a great arse and loved being fucked doggy she was very pretty too. Took her to breakfast along beach road in the morning then gave her 1000B and she took a motocycle home. She was very happy, no questioning of the fee paid. Was good to arrive in Pattaya from a long hard slog in Cambodia. Pattaya never fails to deliver.

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Quality and Quantity

I would say the quantity of quality of bar girls down soi 7 is pretty good at the moment. I walked around a fair bit hunting for pussy around Pattaya for 3 nights and stopped off down soi 7 again.  Last night took the same bar girl I had on the first night. She is 19, beautiful body, but has had 1 child already so a few stretch marks but her personality and Girlfriend experience makes up for it. Great little bum! Im going to miss her already. She spoke very little English a sign of a new arrival, but this did not seem to matter. She was very affectionate and sexy. The last night she tell me she love me.  When I get out of bed she hold out her arms wanting me to get back into bed with her.  Its all very nice, but im not in Pattaya looking for love.  Not anymore, grown out of that.

I talk to a few bar girls around Pattaya and this is quite common, they have a child. Im really asking “have you got stretch marks under that cute mini-skirt!”  Generally the more maturer Thai woman works the beer bars, the younger fitter girls generally work the gogo clubs.

Horny Hotel Cleaner

The flipper house is a good hotel. very good rooms for 720B. Watch the cleaners though as they offer their services too, the one cleaning my room wanted to boom boom me there and then for 2000B. Not good though, 2000B! I could get a much better looking girl from one of the bars outside, short-time for 500B!.  But the setting kind of made it feel sexy. Its funny, because back at home, if anyone of most of the bar girls down soi 7 knocked at your door one night and said “Fuck me!” you would have a great time no doubt! As this is not ordinary – its makes it more intense. But it all soon becomes normal when you are a monger there in the thick of it in Pattaya.  And then you start getting fussy.

Soi 6

I visited soi 6 as well,  first time Iv been down soi 6, lots of blowjob bars and thai girls hanging about outside their bars, soi 6 is the place to come for a quickie Did not partake though, not really my scene, prefer open air beer bars and gogo clubs. There was few Lady-boys grabbing me “I want to suck you!”. The Queen Vic down soi 6 is a nice pub with some good food and rents out rooms too.  Noticed quite a few dirty old men types hurrying down soi 6….

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Jomtien Gogo

One day took the baht bus from Pattaya into Jomtien and spent the day there, just relaxing on the beach, not alot different from Pattaya really, seems alot of mongers got the same idea and jet skis, boats, hustlers constantly coming and going.

monger in Jomtien

Jomtien beach

Late afternoon in Jomtien after the beach decide to try a gogo club that was open the RockNRoll.  Some hot girls with no panties on in the RockNRoll Gogo, sitting on your lap, I was fingering one, and her thai pussy was soaking wet!  These girls get so turned on sometimes just doing their job, or is it me?  The Rock N Roll Gogo has Short time rooms also. Played some great music in the Gogo, if you like Rock. Great track yesterday, about “I have abandoned love” I think by Free, must download this when I get home.  Nice to watch all the girls dancing in the gogo.  One girl in there knew she was a superstar, kept strutting around like she was the queen. Super body on her though I must admit but she came across cold.

Walking Street

Walking street and the nearby sois Pattayaland 1 and pattayaland 2 and soi post office are full of sex tourists if you get there quite late then its all lit up with neon lights. It really is another Patpong. Not bad earlier on though, had some nice girls in the BJ3 bar. Some very rough ones too! Also lots of Arabs down Walking Street.

monger in pattaya


Plenty of first-timers arriving in Pattaya and walking round with their eyes popping out of their skulls, lots with their football shirts on. I have spent a complete fortune! I wonder how much all these tips add up to?

The fat, the old and the ugly

Not forgetting the bald and the bad. These make up the majority of the visitors to Pattaya I think. The monger hordes. Which are you? Not that I really have a problem with these people, they dont fit the western stereotype of a successful desirable male, but in Pattaya they are in hot demand. But there is another group I find very hard to tolerate back home and in Pattaya.

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I think alot of the younger guys around Pattaya acting macho and hard have a narcissus complex underneath and this can turn nasty when combined with excessive amounts of alcohol. I mean these guys are really just vain and have spurned love back home.

Although attracted to themselves there is also something they despise. This obsession can erupt over the dropping of a pin, I find it hard to relax with these type of guys in close proximity.  Others are in Pattaya for some narcissistic reward that the bargirls can feign for a fee of course.  After midnight especially around Walking Street can be a dangerous time. For me im usually in bed with the thai cutie I found earlier and only slightly inebriated. The early bird catches the worm, or at least sometimes he does. Personally though I have never really had a problem around Pattaya, but I put this down to erring on the side of caution.

Alot of alcoholics around Pattaya too. If you are like me and like to take a stroll early in the morning I mean around 9am for a cooked breakfast you will see some hardened drinkers still propped up against some of the open air beer bars. It does not matter where these guys are as long as there is 24/7 drinking to be had, I mean they could actually be in paradise and would still drink themselves into a stupor. For me these guys are to be avoided. Pretty easy to do in Pattaya as there are just so many bars.  I guess we all got our own reasons for being in Pattaya, most not particularly good, but who cares? no one! Always remember

Good guys to heaven and bad guys goto Pattaya,

and may it continue that way…

Pattaya shortage

On my return from Thailand, got to reading the Bangkok Post on the plane. Big article about Pattaya and its potential water shortage. Since 2003 there has been a 20% increase in visitors. Since that time there has been well over 4 million tourists. Most of them mongers looking for some great sex I suspect.

For Pattaya to continue to be a great holiday destination for mongers at leasr, must the Thai authorities ensure the abject poverty of the Issan region, to guarantee a regular flow of  bar girls into the Pattaya? Or are they planning on changing Pattaya seedy image to attract tourists without the sex requirement? Time will tell.

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