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How not to monger in Marrakesh

Well Iv just returned from a long weekend mongering in Marrakesh Morroco or lack of it. I took an EasyJet package that included a hotel for 4 nights return flight less than £120. Reason I know someone who works for EasyJet so I was on their family and friends list. Flight took around 4 hours from Gatwick and it was packed.

Ouydaya in Gueliz

Had all Friday day in and around town, I was staying in hotel Ouydaya in Gueliz. Gueliz is the old french colonial new town. Walking around here, you could be in France. The Medina is the old town and very interesting, in this square is where they use to hold executions. A taxi in the daytime to the Medina and around Marrakesh is 10Dhr. Leaving the Medina(tourist spot) can be anything up to 40dhr, cheapest I managed was 20dhr. Browsed around all the markets and souks and most are just selling mass produced trash for the tourists.

marrakesh souk

marrakesh souk

None of the restaurants sell alcohol in this area. But managed to find one place called the Kozy Bar a little walk away from the main square.

Marrakesh Cozy Bar

Marrakesh Cozy Bar

I would recommend trying to stay at this hotel if you love your alcohol. Nothing in the way of girls though. Not approached, no eye contact, not many girls about at all. Good for your Islamphobia though, after a while fundamental faces, black beards and all their attire dont register. All the people were very friendly and nice.

Language Problem

The international language seems to be French in most places, all the menus etc are in Arabic and french. Alot of people seem to be able to speak some basic English when you want to buy something though. There are no union jacks, fish and chips or English breakfasts. On reading a typical menu within a rooftop restaurant on the Medina the only meal I recognized was that renowned international dish of cheeseburger and chips. So order it I did.

Later that evening got chatting to a solo female sex tourist who recommended ordering a Tangine. This is a nutritious meal containing meats vegetables and potatoes just cooked the Moroccan way. I cannot live on fast food.

Monte Cristo nightclub

That night headed too Monte Cristo nightclub. In the live music bar about 10pm, started to fill up afterwards and drinks were very expensive. Mostly French mongers in there. After a while a few working girls came in, and they sat in a bunch together. One or two were very nice. One approached me, but the barman ushered her away. Guys vastly out numbered the girls. The live music and atmosphere was good but not enough girls, did not discuss price with any of them. At midnight headed upstairs to the disco, but no one in there.

Diamond Noir nightclub

At this point taxi to diamond noir nightclub cost me 100Dhr, could not be bothered to argue with him and at this point did not have a clue where I was. Morrocans love to argue. The taxi driver also recommend a nightclub called Paradise for meeting girls. Maybe he just got commission for taking tourists here.

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Inside diamond noir 100Dhr to get in, first drink free, not many in there. But people began to arrive. Got talking to a young girl at the bar must have been 19 at most. Very beautiful and quite friendly, then came the crunch How much? 3000Dhr was her response, no way, 1000Dhr I was prepared to pay she walked off in a huff like I had insulted her with such a price.

Moroccan whore

Moroccan whore

I know the advice is to stay until 3am when the price comes down, but that is just way pass my bedtime. Then another came over, not bad but not as good as the previous, her price was 1000Dhr. I accepted. Should have bartered here, but was an after thought. Agreed to buy her a drink, ordered me a beer her a vodka 240dhr.

Sex on the menu

I was dying for some sex, been a while and had been saving myself up a few days before my arrival. At one point she went to the toilet, during which time another girl came over, she was the same girl who had come up to me in the monte-cristo nightclub, but told her I was with someone now. Close up she looked a bit high on drugs. Sexy tall Arabic girl. Which I was really hoping to fuck a fair few of on this first mongering trip to Morocco.

My girl came back, name was Wazzel, She said we can get apartment for 500dhr. Ok I thought. Without hardly touching her drink, she said lets go. Had to pay 50dhr to get her coat back. Again could not be bothered to argue about it. Then the bouncer would not let her pass without paying him 100dhr. Ok, I just gave it to her, she gave it to him, he tried to stop us again, I just pushed her forward and passed him.

The bouncers there are massive, steroid induced no doubt. I got the impression at this point the nightclub owners and workers are in collusion with the working girls, the girls are encouraged to get the punter to buy drinks etc.

Now I faced the wrath of the taxi drivers. She hid in the back of the taxi while I sat in the front. There is an issue here with tourists and local girls with the police. Reminded me of Cuba.

We come to one place but no one there, we then drive to another and can get an apartment here. 600Dhr I had to pay for the apartment, taxi 150dhr. Once inside the apartment was very nice, very big and comfortable. She wanted to get straight down to business, no doubt to get back to the night club and try and do the same to another newbie. Immediately she was saying not sleep here, so only short time, again could not be bothered to argue.

Marrakesh Sex Apartment

Iv read reports of neighbors in Marrakesh reporting such sexual activities to the police, where they suspect a property is being used as a knocking shop, but I was too inebriated to even consider this, but newbies should beware. In the bedroom she stripped off, had some nice big brown tits and her nipples were erect.
Sat her on the bed in front of me and she sucked me off for a few minutes with no condom. Not bad. She kept looking and seeing a little pre-cum, asked if I had finished. No way I said, there is going to be gallons of it. She obviously wanted to get it all over with.

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Too drunk to cum

Then we got down to some fucking on the bed, missionary style to begin then turned her over for some doggy. A fine Big Brown Berber butt. She thought I wanted to stick it in her anal passage, she said no but that was not my intention. Must have been fucking her doggy for 15 minutes and could not cum, realized I was quite drunk although hard could not cum. Asked her if I could cim or cum in her mouth, she said yes but for 500Dhr extra. I agreed, eventually I laid on the bed and she wanked and sucked me off into her mouth. I can always cum this way, no problem. Not bad.

We dressed and I went to pay her and realized i only had 500dhr in my wallet. Need to goto ATM. Outside same taxi take us to ATM then drop me off, and was then supposed to be taking girl home 200dhr. So a very expensive night mongering in Marrakesh, a night I was not going to repeat, but just went with the flow and I am telling it like it happened.
Cost of mongering in Marrakesh

So in total my the costs for my first night mongering in Marrakesh were:

taxi to Diamond noir   100
entry fee                         100
Drinks                             240
exit fees                          150
taxi                                   150
apartment                      600
taxi                                  200
girl                                   1500
That is approx 3000 Moroccan Dirhams.
For your convenience here are some conversions.

183   GBP
350  USD
271   EURO
Too much yes! And thats not including my initial costs for the evening out in the Monte Cristo nightclub.

This is not the way to monger in Marrakesh. Get an apartment close to the night club you will be frequenting so cutting out all the middle men. Sleep all day and enter the nightclubs well after midnight. Morocco may be a third world country but Marrakesh is not a third world city. Far from it.

Medina, Marrakesh,

Medina, Marrakesh, Morroco

Marrakesh is not for cheap charlies. Its not really a mongering destination. You only need to trace the property prices over the last 10 years to see whats happening to prices there. The skyline is full of cranes as new hotels etc cater to the expats with money to burn. If you are going you need an apartment and you need to make friends with locals who can maybe put a few non-pro girls your way. Be able to speak some basic French. Too much effort for a mongering weekend break. But good experience. We learn by our mistakes. Its a really nice place and the people are so friendly.

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Day trip to Essouria

Saturday evening, I fell asleep about 6pm and was intending to go out late around Marrakesh maybe try some other nightclubs etc see what was available and try not to spend too much. Next thing it was 6am Sunday morning and I had to get up for a day trip to Essouria.

essouria morocco

daytrip to Essouria

Essouria is a lovely place too, nothing open on the mongering front though. Some guys asked me to buy some hashish, I was wondering about asking them if they knew where I could get some Moroccan whores, but did not. Was thinking first ask massage ladies as many men do the massaging here. If you dont ask you dont get.

Marrakesh McDonalds

Sunday Wazzel rang me up I was meant to have met her in McDonalds on Saturday night at 9pm. She said meet her in Diamond Noir later. Dont remember giving her my mobile phone number.

I went to McDonalds that night in Marrakesh, thinking maybe its a place where some of the girls hang out. Had a McArabia, very nice. Was one obvious Moroccan whore in there, but she was later asked to leave by the management. It is very similar here to any other McDonalds you have been in the world, mostly spotty teenagers hanging around. Funny to see Islamic girls in here eating McDonalds too.

After walked around the Medina at night and visited the cozy bar again attached to the hotel for some alcoholic refreshments. Again nothing to speak off in terms of meeting girls. Frustrating as some of these Arabic/Moroccan Berber girls are really fuckable. The Medina area is alot more lively at night with both locals and tourists, funny what people do for entertainment when its not centered around drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

Diamond Noir Return

I did return to Diamond Noir nightclub on Sunday night, I stayed till after 2am to see what girls became available. Bumped into Friday night girl, she wanted a repeat session, but I tell her it too expensive, she say well that is Marrakesh. She asked me to buy her a drink, I say you buy me one with all that money you took from me Friday night, she say she give it all to her family. Maybe its true, She kept hanging around, felt she liked me. 🙂

Around 20 working girls in there dancing, some hot, but no doubt very expensive. I did not bother went back to my hotel and had a wank instead.

In the night I awoke to pebble dash the pan not sure if it was the McArabia or the fish i had in Essouria? I wont be rushing to return to monger in Marrakesh. May return to try other places in Morocco though.

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    Youve had a bad experience, m8
    Learn a bit of French, maybe a smattering of Arabic and try some of the smaller backstreet bars. The girls are half the price you quoted -and if you are nice to them youll get two for the price of one!

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