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Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur

When travelling to SEA(South East Asia) as a single male, I always stop off in Bangkok for at least 3 or 4 nights mongering and then tend to take an excursion for a few days to somewhere I have not been before. This year it was to be Kuala Lumpur(KL) Malaysia. Was hoping to meet some really curvy little sexy Malay babes.

I not meet the Malay girl in the picture, but I sure was hoping to meet some that looked just like her. Some lucky monger met her and these naked pictures were posted to my mongering group.

sexy naked malay girl

Sexy Malay Girl

Flew with Air Asia budget Asia airline. Arrived at Kuala Lumpur LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). Then took the coach into the center of Kuala Lumpur. This included a mini-bus to my hotel The Concorde where I would be for the next 3 nights. I must admit the sexpedition to Kuala Lumpur felt like a bit of a drag had I not booked it all up well in advance I probably would have not come, but it allowed me to escape from my old Thai girlfriend back in Bangkok. The drag being resuming travelling, checking in etc.

The hotel Concorde is nice enough, good swimming pool area and good gym. Was feeling tired but hoping I was going to enjoy my mongering trip to Kuala Lumpur. Relaxed by the pool that first afternoon and had a swim noticed some old monger with a couple of African hookers in tow, could be promising do like a bit of black pussy and Ass once in a while.

The piano bar inside the hotel Concorde really livens up and is very comfortable if not that cheap. Had something to eat in the Hard Rock cafe next door, a bit early in there as no one about, so then had a little look around town. Obviously Muslim country but not feel threatened in anyway they are all obviously use to tourists even sex tourists.

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The Beach Club Bar

That night visited a few bars along Jalan P Ramlee and enjoyed the views of the twin towers.

Twin towers Kuala Lumpur

Twin towers Kuala Lumpur

Along Jalan P Ramlee are a few bars and this area of Kuala Lumpur is suppose to be the mongering center. Got talking to a very sexy young malay bargirl, she was so sexy and pretty could not take my eyes off of her.

Kuala Lumpur bargirl

Kuala Lumpur bargirl

But nearby were some big heavy doormen and when I turned around they were looking at me. Was not sure if this little Malay babe was available for some sex, did not ask as did not want to offend. Need to learn the ropes in Kuala Lumpur. I could only imagine the sweet tasting Malay pussy that was up that mini-skirt between those long slim Asian legs :-P

Eventually I enter the Beach club. Loads of girls freelancing in there but mostly average and looking a little hardcore and worn. I frolicked with a couple of girls and inquired about price quite expensive, later I went back to my hotel alone.

The Beach club was packed, there were working girls from Thailand, Malaysia all over Asia really with a few Caucasians and African girls thrown in. But I was not really impressed with the girls on offer and nothing took my fancy.

Kuala Lumpur Massage

Next day explored the Bukit Bintang area, found a few Irish/English/Scottish bars and restaurants in this area where you can get a good hearty meal and breakfast. Plenty of people around, no problems.

kuala lumpur Bukit Bintang

kuala lumpur Bukit Bintang

That day found a massage shop on the main drag, couple of girls sat outside so decided to take a oily massage for 1 hour. Inside was a few ladyboys but made sure my girl was a girl, but the massage not turn sexy. Sweet girl though who spoke good English. When putting my shoes back on and drinking some Chinese tea after the massage some big muslim Arabs come in and one of them chose one of the ladyboys its a funny old world.

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China Girl Health Spa

That evening went to a mans club or brothel masquerading as a health spa. I had a real cute little china doll. Asked for an Indian but I would have to wait for one to be delivered so had a Chinese instead and im talking about girls and not food. Felt a little rushed in there but not bad. The trouble with girls being delivered to you at the brothel is the wait and not knowing the girl that is then going to turn up. You may not like her so for me six whores in the hand is better than one whore in the bush ;-)

The club was:

Elit Club
No 8 Lorong
P. Ramlee

When in the mans club some Arabs came in and wanted Russians. The owner replied difficult, but could make some phone calls He also say the girls, like your shoes and cloths, all come from China there days.

When you enter you sit in your own lounge area with a TV and are given a warm can of beer. They then parade a set of girls in front of you, only half a dozen, most Chinese(like the owners) and some Thai and Malay. If you want anything else they need to make phone calls and get some girls delivered, I guess they have working relationships with all the other brothels dotted around Kuala Lumpur city center.

You then take your chosen girl to a private room. In there you take a shower together and then have sex only 1 pop upto a maximum of 1 hour. What was annoying was I kept hearing the security guards walking up and down the corridor outside with their walkie talkies blasting out all the time.

After you can relax as long as you like in a massive Jacuzzi and Sauna etc. But I didnt see anyone in there I dont suppose its why us mongers come to these clubs, but you should make a whole evening of it.

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Later an Indian taxi driver offered to take me to a club where is mostly Indian girls, but I was feeling relieved now so cannot really comment on the quality of the Indians girls available there. but they do not hang out in the Kuala Lumpur bars with the other working girls.

Hard Rock Cafe Freelancers

The next night I hang out in the Hard Rock but nothing really tickled my fancy. Pretty packed in there though with freelancers and working girls. One mature Asian woman was trying to persuade me to take her back to my hotel but seen better alot better.

Kuala Lumpur Hardrock cafe

Kuala Lumpur Hardrock cafe

While walking about Kuala Lumpur city center especially late evening was approached by many guys every hundred yards or so wanting to take you to a brothel nearby, but these guys looked very unsavoury characters and did not want to take my chances with them.

To be honest I was looking forward to returning to Thailand and spending the rest of my mongering vacation in Pattaya. I was not in top form here in Kuala Lumpur and only scratched the surface, but much prefer an open mongering scene cant beat the Gogos of Bangkok and Pattaya. Cant really rate Kuala Lumpur as a mongering destination, Ok if you live there or on business. Good to visit though. Next time I need to spend a week relaxing at a resort then do the excursion.

But coming on these extra mongering excursions does make you appreciate what Bangkok and Pattaya have to offer us mongers and that we should not take it for granted or complain too much about it. Not many places around the world come even close to whats on offer in Thailand.  The best mongering resource and sex guide for Malaysia is the  Decent Playboy Forum

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