Goa Going Gone

Mongering in Goa

First trip to the Third World

I visited Goa India in March 2002 (Near end of season they’re running from Oct-Mar, their winter). This was my first visit to the third World and where the seed would be planted for me to become a whore monger or hobbyist.  It was my first holiday outside of Europe and Mediterranean.  Well the furthest I had been before this was Lazarotte in the Canaries.

What inspired this trip, was my friend had walked out of his job in London and decided to travel around India on his own, mostly to forget about the rat race and the task masters. He is also half Indian by descent and was probably doing a little soul searching.

World Sex Guide

Anyway he kept in contact via email, whereby we arranged I would come to Goa for a two week holiday and he would meet me there at the airport. My friend is not really a monger, unlike me, so before going I did do a little research on Goa and found a few very old articles on the World Sex Guide.

This was the first time I had used the World Sex Guide. Well I have just found the same articles via putting GOA SEX GUIDE into google.  Generally it looked like it used to be good for some whore mongering , before the mid 90′s but not now.

The police in Goa seem to want to crack down on everything. Recently I saw a documentary whereby the police raided the beach and took away un-licensed sun-beds underneath the tourists laying on them. So they could be very bad for business.  This kind of conflicts though with the fact that India its meant to have the highest level of prostitution in the world, but just not in Goa.

Goa Airport Arrival

Well I was glad to see my friends face at the airport once I got through all the security at Goa.  What made it a little more scary was the fact the night before Muslims and Hindus had been hacking each other to death( As they often do ) over some railway train incident and it was not too far away from this region. So there was an atmosphere once I arrived and in the taxi from the airport to Anjuna our destination my friend told me he had been trapped in a town slightly inland the day before because of the troubles.

It was fascinating to see my first third world country, cows everywhere! few elephants etc, not seen any sexy Indian women yet though.

Anjuna beach Goa

Once at Anjuna, booked into a small basic but comfortable hotel and then took a stroll down to Anjuna beach in the beating sunshine there.

Goa India

Anjuna Goa

There was not many people on the beach at all, but it was very beautiful, I was immediately accosted by about 10-15 young Indian girls ranging from 10-15 wanting to sell me bags and wares of that nature, but that was all, but I remember thinking it could have potential, the men in the market were quick to offer me ‘hashish’ too, drugs were easy and openly available….

Anjuna Goa

Indian girls

The Indian woman in the middle was completely mad kept asking ‘money feed baby’ she followed me for about 10 minutes and kept getting in my way and nearly pushed me down a slope, holiday in Goa nearly ended there!

Polem Beach Goa

We travelled down to Polem the next day via bus, a good 100-150KM and had a sore bum from the hard seat once arrived.

sexy Indian girls

slim Indian women

At Polem we stayed on the beach in some huts, about £1.50 per night. In Polem there are lots of little communities along the beach.Polem beach hut

Each group of huts has a bar/restaurant and a communal toilet. Here you will find people from all over the world, Israeli’s Americans, Australians etc, after a while you will get to know some of these people and make friends.

Our first evening in Polem me and my friend strolled down the beach and stopped somewhere to have a curry, well it tasted good and we headed back to our ‘community’, where we drank quite a bit of vodka and had political discussions with the Indian Israelis and Americans… it was quite good actually… but far away from the sex and whore mongering im sure you want to all read about… and that’s because it is.

Delhi Belly

The thing I noticed here was the Americans girls, good lookers too, were sleeping with the local Indians running the bars. I not see any young Indian girls here.

The next day I awoke in my hut and did not feel good, dehydrated from all the vodka and guts were playing up too. Had to wait for some shops to open to get that very precious substance called clean bottled ‘water’.

Most of that day and evening did not do much as felt ill, my friend not good either, so must have been the curry. Do not eat at restaurants where there are not many people, only use the ones recommended too you, those listed in Lonely Planet, although Polem is a little off the beaten track for Goa.

Indians do not use toilet paper, they expect you to use your hand and then rinse it with unclean water. So you do not need to stretch your imagination to understand how your nice looking curry before you can be contaminated and you get the infamous Delhi Belly.

Restaurant then Hospital

The day after I was still not good, feeling a bit weak now so booked out of the hut and into a proper room just up off the beach beside the road for a whopping £4.50 a night. But it had a clean toilet, shower and nice big fan.  My friend was feeling better by the evening and persuaded me to venture out and try a little something to eat. I agreed.

Went to a restaurant just next door, with lots of people in it. For some crazy reason ordered some fried food, the thought of this made me feel worse and I also felt myself sweating profusely. I then vomited and passed out.

I come back round on the floor with my friend looking in a bit of a panic!  I was put into a tuk tuk and taken to hospital, once there was connected to a drip and had to stay in over night, great!  Later he reminded me it was like a scene out of the exorcist! lol

Had to stay in hospital for 2 nights in total, there were some nice Indian nurses in there taking care of me, and one brought me some food and water as I promised to pay her back.

The hospital bill was under £50, so no need to claim on the insurance, which I had for this trip. I learnt that these small fairly well equipped hospitals are dotted all along the coast of Goa, as tourists falling ill is quite common. For them there is a simple solution, toilet paper, clean water. For us only eat at recommended restaurants.

While I was in Goa, mains water pipes were being laid, it seems they employ the poorest people within their own country to do this work, they eat-sleep and work on site.

Goa India

Polem sunset

After this episode stayed in Polem for another day or two, There are plenty of first world traveller hippy women in Goa but did not see any Indian girls.

Polem Goa

Goa Hippy girls

Colva Beach Goa

We then travelled further north to Colva, stayed in a hotel there, that had definitely seen better days and shared my room with about 20 mosquito’s. Lovely sunsets here on the beach as in Polem. It is a great place for sunsets, but still no India pussy! Here there is a good restaurant on the beach, out of about 5, this one is packed the others were empty.

Goa India

Colva Goa

Calungute & Baga Goa

From Colva we took a taxi to Calungute and Baga, no more buses. Calangute has much more western tourists, quite alot of Japanese asians too. This area has the most infrastructure, but again not for whore mongering.

Goa India

Goa beach sunset

My friend pulled here in Calangute, just some northern English slapper, quite a few of these about, if thats your thing, but it ain’t mine.

While in Calangute, investigating the hotels, we nearly booked into one right on the sea. And I asked jokingly can I have a women too, and he replied yes!, but we did not stay there in the end. But it may pay to ask hoteliers etc if they can bring some Indian girls to your room. I also asked a taxi driver where are all the hot Indian girls, and he had a kind of moral attitude to it, but suggested the Goan train station area, I never visited here, so cannot comment really.

You can hire a taxi all day in Goa, for very little money, so if your mongering this may be a good option, to find a taxi driver with the right attitude and get him to show you around. It was difficult for me as I was trying to get a little bit in on the sly as I did not really feel I could share this darker side of my nature with my friend. But maybe I am wrong!

We visited quite a few discos in Goa but not too many people in them, and mostly westerners. Maybe too close to the end of the season though.

goa india

beach cow

At Baga and Calangute, the lager louts are the cows! There are cows wandering around like dogs in say Pattaya or other Asian countries.  I think in India, cows are considered a sacred animal. People could be starving but you cannot eat the cows, but they can eat you!

Goa India

Chapora beach

On the final days we just visited some nearby beaches. There were lots of hippies and biker types at Chapora, I remember the next day in the local papers there had been a big drugs bust in Chapora.

It’s paradoxical that this is a hedonistic destination whereby drugs are freely available but Indian women are not, yet the penalties for possession are severe and where the country has the most prostitutes in the world. The police have a kind of strange attitude there and are open to bribes at the same time.

No Pussy in Goa

I think someone somewhere wants to turn it into a clean family destination, what a waste! They need to realise their market and build around that.  There is no pussy in Goa, I think hidden away are some massage places, but thats it really.

Iv met Australians in Phuket, who love Goa for the drugs and love Thailand for the pussy, they want to find a place that has both. Drugs do not really interest me that much, prefer a good supply of whores though. I am partial to a bit of cocaine if I am going to be in a club all night, and in an ideal world they would sell some pure stuff on the door for those interested, purely recreational.

As it stands I would not go out of my way to visit Goa again, Goa has great beaches though, English is spoken everywhere, cheap drink, food and accommodation, drugs and beach parties( police cracking down hard on this scene too now) and if there were some Indian pussy available im sure they would be cheap too.

A hardcore monger may be able to penetrate the thin veneer of decency and find himself in pussy paradise! Perhaps at some of the lesser known beaches, there is some great Indian pussy to be had, if so don’t keep it to yourself, let us know. As a beginner whore monger  I failed to find the hub of entertainment here.

Goa India

Goa Map

P.S. If your lucky you might bump into Lord Lucan too… :-)

When my friend returned from India having been there over 3 months and travelled all over, he said he saw very few Indian women in all the places he visited. When he left Goa, he met up with some English fellow traveller girl he had go chatting to when he first arrived. Well he has married her now. I went to his stag weekend in Barcelona two years later. So something positive may come out of your visit, but maybe not what you were expecting. Serendipity is the word I think.

Visit Planet India If you now want to see some Indian Pussy, there is no whore mongering in Goa worth travelling for.

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4 Responses to Goa Going Gone

  1. Sathya, India says:

    Your two observation are strongly objected.

    1.Indians do not use toilet paper, they expect you to use your hand and then rinse it with unclean water. So you do not need to stretch your imagination to understand how your nice looking curry before you can be contaminated!

    The Indian system of toilet cleaning with washable water is far better and cleaner than your thoughts of Toilet paper cleaning. Are you not holding paper by Hand, then straight away go for food. That is more danger than water wash.Before Paper hope not at?????

    2.There are cows wandering around like dogs in say Pattaya or other Asian countries.
    I think in India, they are considered a sacred animal. People could be starving but you cannot eat the cows, but they can eat you!

    You seen Cows are like Dogs, may be you never seen real value of cows, because you eat it before that really shows its value. Don’t blindly tell that Indians eat YOU? We have sufficient food no need you people nor eating Cows can’t stop STARVATION. Please remove your DARK SPECTS and study reality before conclusion such WRONG INFORMATIONS.

    • mongerplanet says:

      Yes well no matter where you stand there will always be a convicted opposing view. Why we have democracy and majority rule.

      But it is in no way disrespect to India or the Indian people. Just my perspective as a white western man arriving in Goa India. A culture shock! Its how I saw it and im sure how anyone arriving from my neck of the woods would also experience it.

      Anyway what we really want is indian pussy

  2. Brian says:

    Funniest ‘mongering’ story I’ve ever heard.

    • mongerplanet says:

      Hi Brian
      Yes its not really about mongering more the lack of whore mongering to be had in Goa.
      Either way we learn something. This was my first trip outside of Europe and to the third world. The first time I began to research where some Indian pussy might be available via the world sex guide and international sex guide. More importantly some members on the world sex guide asked me to do a report on Goa even though in a sentence I told them I not find much, they still wanted the details. It was originally called ‘Goa, Going, Gone’. Perhaps i should have left it as that. I dont think India is much of a mongering destination. I dont think much has changed in Goa in the last 10 years

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