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Lamb to the slaughter

I had been home a few months since my first trip to Thailand.  As far as I knew my friend was still in Bangkok.  Rumor had it, that he had married his Thai bar girl.  This was later confirmed when some photos arrived in my email of the wedding. Not sent directly by him but by a friend in common.  The guy who had gotten himself married to a Thai working girl was not a reader and had never researched Thailand before visiting on sites like the World Sex Guide etc.

One morning just before Xmas 2003 I get a phone call from him. He has run out of money and could I lend him some?  I was not happy but lent him some money. Another friend lent him alot more. That Xmas he returned home. No job, no money and no where to live.  A typical story of an Idiot abroad, someone who has not researched and cannot tell the difference between a whore giving you the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ and getting a real girlfriend!

Marrying a Thai Bar Girl

He had married his bar girl back in her village, he had paid for it all and even hired a top Thai pop star to provide entertainment at the village. He had to pay the father a dowry of an unspecified amount.

I think his bar girl and all the Thai family thought he was infinitely rich. I think she must have thought she had struck gold after 10 long years selling her pussy in the bars of Bangkok, like her number had finally arrived and she had won the lottery.  In under 3 months he had blown the remainder of what he had left from selling his house back in the UK. What a pratt! But for him now he believed in his future with this Thai girl.  Nothing was going to change his mind.

Thai Girlfriend

He passed me an email contact of an ex Thai bar girl. He tell me the girl is beautiful and wants to meet a guy who works in IT as she is very interested in computers. We had alot to discuss. He discussed that she had briefly worked in the Golden Bar Bangkok as a bar girl before a rich American business man took her out of there and put her in a full time job. Apparently this girls big advantage was she was educated and spoke read and wrote perfect English.

She replied to my email and we started corresponding this way, eventually we move onto MSN with webcam chat. She was living in a nice condo in Bangkok. Previously she lived in there with her American boyfriend who run a business out of Bangkok. He could not help himself mongering and eventually they broke up. Out of guilt and affection for her, she continued to live in the condo and work for the guy. He also paid her an allowance. He was well in his fifties while she was in her late twenties. She tell me she only go with older men in the bar as they treat her with respect.

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She say 3 out of the total of 7 men she went with from the bar before meeting the American business man did not even have sex with her. They just wanted a companion. They treated her like a daughter.

She tell me online that she wanted to meet a farang man, settle down and have a family. She had been married to a Thai man in her village and they had one son. He would often drink and get violent and she left him. During this time she was also at college studying English and wanting to be an English teacher. Here she met another Thai girl who had an idea to help her financially.

Working in the Bar

She was having financial difficulties due to getting divorced and needing to pay off her Thai husband. The other Thai girl while not at college earned her money working in the Golden Bar in Bangkok.  She suggested she might like to try this also.  She did, and very successful she was at it too. In a very short time, she had paid everyone off, was in a successful job, living in a luxury flat and a two hundred and fifty thousand baht in her bank account.

But she was not happy. She would talk to me each night on MSN and the webcam. How unhappy she was working in the office. She would confide in me. She would talk about my friend and his wife. She even sent me the book “Money number one” A recommended read.

I could not get my friend to read it. She wanted me to come to Thailand to meet her.  Well obviously she was financially comfortable so I could not think she was after my money, maybe a visa though. We discussed when I might come back to Thailand.

Next Trip to Thailand

Part of me did not want to go back to Thailand a second time.  I suppose I just did not want this kind of involvement. She was attractive, but did not compare to that Thai hostess I met down soi 33, the bar girl I had fallen in love with on my first trip to Thailand.  Then one evening, I decided to tell her, that I would not be coming to Bangkok as I could not afford it.

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She then totally surprised me and offered to pay my air fare. Using the company accounts no doubt. Rather than accept this, I was so moved I decided to pay myself with a credit card, a precedent had now been set. So I was now scheduled to visit in the last two weeks of March 2003.

She was happy and we made plans on how we would spend our two weeks together.  Her friend had since left the bar and had got a visa to Norway. A guy she had met in the Golden bar too. They would also come online too some nights. They learnt about our coming meeting and the Norwegian guy asks me to take good care of his friend.

No fool like an Old Fool

I said I sure would, but who is going to take care of me? They then both confided in me to be careful of her, as she had led one of these old guys on before meeting the last and leaving the bar. This old fool had transferred the 250,000 baht into her account. She then had nothing more to do with him. Oh well I thought, she cant force me to do that.  In order for a thai girl to be considered for a visa, she needs a certain amount of cash in her bank account….

I wanted to book a hotel, near the Nana on the Sukhumvit road, as deep down I wanted to return to this wonderful area. But she said she had to avoid the Nana as her boss and previous boyfriend liked to have nights out along the entertainment zones of the Sukhumvit. She did not want to bump into him. Apparently they had an arrangement that once she met a new boyfriend then he would no longer keep her.   So I book a hotel in Patpong, another good mongering area with plenty of girly entertainment.

Back in Bangkok

Finally I arrive one Sunday afternoon at Bangkok international airport. She is there waiting for me and she orders a taxi to the hotel in Patpong. She looks attractive, smells very good and is a sweet and intelligent girl. It was a great feeling to be back in Bangkok. We check into the hotel and into our room.
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A date in Patpong

We both shower and then head out for something to eat and drink around Patpong. She does not mind coming into a couple of Kings group Gogos with me.

patpong silom


Inside the Gogos they are busy mostly with Japanese sex tourists and the like. The stage is packed with young girls doing the Bangkok shuffle, some very attractive ones.  Time like this you wish you not have a girlfriend with you, else could have been a very naughty boy.

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Spasso Freelancers

Later that night she takes me to Spasso’s.This is located on the Ratchadamri Road and is part of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel. Very expensive and full of business type VIPs and a good quota of freelancers. No doubt a good place to ply their trade. We meet up with a few of her friends in Spassos. They like to dance and my girlfriend pulls me onto the dance floor but its really not my thing.
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My thing would be more to take her and her friends back to the hotel for a late night orgy. Dont think this was on her mind though.   Even though Spasso’s is much more classy it does not always equate that you will get much better looking girls in Spasso.  What the girls do need are good social, language skills and confidence.  My girlfriend had plenty of them, I could see how she good at this game.  But remember this same girl had been working out of a Bangkok beer bar. But in Spasso nightclub she was well within her comfort zone.

Alone in Patpong

The next day we hang around the swimming pool, its lovely weather. The girl is very affectionate and like I cannot give her enough of it. The next day she has to return to work and leaves me on my own around Patpong. Oh dear, what will I do on my own, how will I amuse myself?


Patpong bangkok

Later we make plans on what we will do the rest of my stay. We agree to stay at Jomtien next to Pattaya for a few days and then she will take me to her village to meet her family.

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