From Bangkok to Where?

Back In Bangkok

Well been full circle now on this Asian whore mongering tour! Back in Bangkok now from the Philippines via Singapore. Took a hotel from the hotels reservation when you come out of nothing to declare at Bangkok airport and have ended up in the Royal Park View soi 20 Sukhumvit.

bangkok royal park view

bangkok royal park view

Nice view from the swimming pool, but the road outside leaves something to be desired. Be careful where you are walking, dont want to end up down one of these holes, we are so used to not having to be conscious of such things back home but you could have a nasty accident here in Bangkok.

Bangkok roads

Bangkok roads

You would think with all that tourist money coming into Thailand, they would keep the roads top notch in the main tourist areas of Bangkok. Room is nice enough but 1400 Baht. Checked in after 2am, very tired. Not sure if it was a girl friendly hotel and asked the concierge – There was to be a  1000 baht joiner fee! So no taking girls back for a long time sex session here, booked in until Monday then may head to Pattaya for my last 5 days in Thailand and just sit on Pattaya beach and relax. This Royal Park View Hotel  is full of Indians.  The Breakfast is crap – cold fried eggs Yuk!.

Missing Thai girlfriend

Well sat in my hotel room I sent some text messages to my old Thai girlfriend. It was now September 2006 and I had not seen her since my last trip to Thailand Xmas 2005. I had lost contact with her earlier this year round about March time just before I took a vacation to Cuba.  I was feeling a bit lonely at this time and also it was a moment of weakness. There was no replies. Later I learned the dialing code for Bangkok had changed so my programmed number was wrong. Lucky for me maybe.

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Next day went to Patpong, went into the Star of Light blowjob bar.  Oh my the girls were rough, looked liked they had done alot of sucking! they are not getting near my cock! There was like a red rash around their mouths where they had been sucking to many old mongers cocks! May goto one of those big Bangkok Massage Parlour later and may go and see Bridge over river Kwai tomorrow.

I took the underground to where the mega massage parlours were meant to be in Bangkok down the Ratchadaphisek Road.  When I walked out was confronted by a concrete nothingness. No pampering to the tourists here, I could not be bothered to search and just headed back to the beloved Sukhumvit.

When I arrived in Bangkok last night again my debit card did not work in Thailand, was fine in Singapore, Batam and Angeles city. So I need to ring the bank again. You really need to be prepared for your cards not working and having access to your money.

Fannys Soi Cowboy

The girls lying all the time must definitely be linked to having many customers and trying to make the current one feel special. Anyway tonight been on a walkabout really. Visited Darlings Massage but was not inspired. Did the first and second floors of Nana, not much there either. Ended up in Fannys bar in soi cowboy and took a girl up for a decent BBBJ CIM. 500B barfine 1000 baht to her.

Been cruising for good blowjob – had to be done. In the end I kneel on the floor beside the bed while she lay on the bed with her facing me and her mouth open and tongue out. She let me wank into her mouth while sucking and licking it at the same time. Very nice. Not shy and carried on until completion.  She had a swastika tattoo and wondered once if maybe she had a Nazi German boyfriend, but it is also a religious symbol.  She was quite defensive about it.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

There are so many geeky tourists around Soi Cowboy with their girlfriends. Hey I am missing Angeles City – If you have not been to Angeles and love to monger you need to go, takes some getting used to though.  But you dont get any tourist onlookers there just hardcore whore mongering.

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Bridge over River Kwai

Well, yesterday went on a day trip to the Bridge over the River Kwai and the death railway, not bad a day out, makes a break from the Gogo’s of Bangkok. I feel a long mongering trip really needs to be broken up with some more traditional tourist activities. These are the pictures you can show to the folks back home, to ease their suspicions of what you have really been up to. Naughty boy!

Bridge over the River Kwai

Bridge over the River Kwai

The trouble with day trips is you have to get up early the River Kwai trip pick up at 6:30am back at hotel at 6pm, but got back at 8pm.  The first stop was a very well kept graveyard of British servicemen who died at the hands of their Japanese captors, was very moving when you see a gravestone of a boy aged 17.  What sort of life was that?

Did get to see the road taking you into Burma.. Maybe a future mongering destination?

Road to Burma

Road to Burma

Teen Massage

The Gogo’s of Bangkok are becoming to familiar now. When something is widely and easy available it loses its value – Sex. My first night in Bangkok I had a great sex session with two sisters from the pickle bar soi 22. Made me realize that’s why I travel 6000 miles!

Ended up in Teen Massage down soi 33 after having a meal in the Londoner. The teen massage setup has expanded and now includes Teen 2 and Teen 3 now.  What Teen massage promote is a Ball Massage.  Young teen girls from Bangkok massaging your balls!  When you enter you look at a photo album of the teen masseurs available.  These pics have been edited heavily in PhotoShop and you should ask to see the girls face to face.  They are usually all huddled together behind a curtain not far away.

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Thai Teens massaging your balls is a great marketing idea.  I chose my girl from behind the curtain and she led me up to one of rooms for my massage. The room has mirrors on the ceiling – My teen masseur gave me a good massage and handled my balls well.  You can pay extra for full sex or whatever you want.  I was just too tired after all that traveling, so just laid back and enjoyed the massage.

It was sexy watching her through the ceiling mirror massaging my erection and cupping her hands around my swollen helmet. She seemed to be enjoying it and was quite impressed with my cock.  She finished me off with a handjob we then cleanup and I leave.

After my teen massage, went in a few hostess bars down soi 33, but uninspired. Tomorrow I shall head to Pattaya and spend the remainder of my sex vacation there.

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