Cuba Sex in Santa Marta

Mongering in Santa Marta

Based on a recommendation posted on the world sex guide Varadero Cuba thread, my friend and I took a taxi into Santa Marta the Sunday night one week into our vacation. We were heading for the hotel with the disco, it was now after 10pm.  Santa Marta is the first town out of the Varadero peninsula and local Cubans are free to come and go.

We arrived in Santa Marta and there was alot of people in the road and lots of tents and vans selling drinks/food etc, there was some kind of night festival market going on tonight.

Santa Marta, Hotel Disco

It was not clear where exactly the hotel with the disco was in all this commotion, the taxi driver just pointed down the road. Obviously he could drive no further.  Well we started to walk through the crowd, there were  Cubans everywhere, mostly young and a pretty even mix of males and females.  It was re-assuring to see some uniformed police in the crowds too.

Cuban Girls

We kept walking down, I asked a couple of vendors if they knew where the hotel was, they kept pointing down.  Soon we were being accosted by groups of Cuban girls. My friend and in-experienced monger, kept ignoring them. One girl I could not ignore, a real spanish beauty with a hot tight body. I took her with me… soon we were snogging in amongst the crowds, Cubans seemed to find this quite amusing – she was really nice her english very good. I can hear some locals mutter ‘Jinetera’ We brought some cans of Crystal beer and while standing around she held onto me from behind and began rubbing my cock through my jeans making it hard. I was beginning to forget about the hotel disco, I had already found what I came looking for in Santa Marta.

Where to fuck them?

My mate was now having trouble finding a P4P Cuban girl, It seemed as soon as they had all appeared they were gone. Eventually my girl saw one of her friends, my friend found her acceptable and we then began discussing where we would take them. Compared to my girl though he had definitely drawn the short straw. While standing around, we were approached by local jineteros trying to sell drugs anything really, they looked quite rough and desperate, we needed to be cautious while in Santa Marta.  The all inclusive was making us flabby in more ways than one.

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Jealous locals

My girl called Yadis was from Cardenas, she said we could take a taxi back to Cardenas. But too far, we then learned there was some Casas in Santa Marta so we began walking down this long dark road off the main drag. The girls knocked on one door but they did not want to entertain us. So we carried on. As usual the girls walked a good 15 yards ahead. We were quite a way down this road now and it looked a little rough. We passed a parked car with only 1 headlight working. 20 yard pass this car and a half full beer can was hurled at us from the car landing near my friends feet.

A Casa particular

Fight or flight? or stay cool and calm? I asked the girls if there was a problem No they say, the car drove off… the next casa they let us in – good! The family in this casa looked poor of African origin but very nice people. 20 CUC for a room each.

In the bedroom alone together, Yadis began undressing and had a really great body, a brazilian hair line on her pussy. She stood there naked with me looking at her, and asked if I was OK? Wow, yes! Her eyes were piecing hazel with pure olive skin and jet black straight long hair a real gem. She was aged 27, no children.

At first my mind was still outside, with the beer can incident but time for sex now and the mind needs to be a full participant to get the most out of it. I really needed this sex session with a local cuban beauty and I intended to enjoy it. locked up in the all inclusive of Varadero after one week was losing its appeal especially after sampling some good whore mongering in Havana. I had the taste for some Cuban pussy now.

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Hot Cuban sex

We snogged and then she sat in front of me and gave me a good BBBJ. Basically we fucked in lots of different positions, the bed was creeking good and was wondering if it could take the action. She was moaning good and eventually I cum inside her – but inside a condom of course. My friend had finished early and they must have all been pretty impressed with all the noises coming from my bedroom!

Had a really good sex session with Yadis. I gave her 40 CUC and she insisted on giving me her address and phone number in Cardenas, and she wanted my hotel and room number which I gave her. We thanked our casa hosts and walked back up the road with a spring in our step but cautious of the jealous driver lurking about. No problem. At the main drag we jumped back in a taxi and was getting waved at by some young chicas.

Santa Marta Reflections

The next morning my phone rang in the hotel room, it was the lovely Yadis. She gave me the name of a bar to meet her at 10pm tonight in Cardenas. She asked me to write it down and be there tonight.

Well I spent the day relaxing around the pool of our all inclusive in Varadero reflecting on the night before in Santa Marta. We may have been very lucky as I learned there was a festival that night in Santa Marta, that only occurs once a year. We never made it to the hotel disco. Every monger has his day I guess. One of our tour guides was from Santa Marta, and she said she not know of a disco in a hotel. There was a disco used by the locals, but this was very troublesome.

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But if your in Varadero and not having much luck it could be worth a trip into Santa Marta, it certainly was for me that night. Unfortunately I did not have my camera on me that night so no pictures of the beautiful Yadis. Must admit she had got a little hold on me.

Cafe in Cardenas

Well I didnt write down the name of the cafe that Yadis wanted me to meet her in in Cardenas. That Monday evening me and my friend decided to head into Cardenas to meet Yadis and hopefully some of her friends.   I did try ringing her first. A warm sounding woman answered the phone who could not speak a word of English BUT loved talking all the same. I just guess Yadis was not in and this woman was her mother.

We chatted to a taxi driver and he said there was only 2 cafes in Cardenas and one was more a meeting place the other a restaurant – so we headed for this one. I think this was about 30 CUC one way. As we approached Cardenas it began to piss down like really hard. Once in the streets of Cardenas the roads were flooded. Some of the sights were surreal as we pulled up by the cafe. It was closed, someone close by told us it was always closed Mondays. Apart from that its the main place in town apparently called “Cafe Cardenas”. But Yadis was nowhere to be seen and not many others besides. So we just headed back.

She rang again the next evening as the receptionist had left a note in my room. To meet her in “bar Cordial” or something. But I did not make it and alas never saw sexy Yadis again.  So did not really get a night out in Cardenas.  I should try harder to hang onto these girls.

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