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The content of this mongering blog is of an adult nature. If you are under the age of 18 then please leave now. If you are an Anti Sex pervert then please also leave, this site is for men who enjoy consensual healthy sex with women from all over the world, yes usually for a small fee. The oldest profession has gone international as we now live in the jet age – call it sex tourismif you will.

This mongering blog is not just an explicit description of all my sexpeditions around the fleshpots of the world – it is also a confession. Under no circumstances do I try to fabricate the truth or disguise anyone’s identity. It also details the perils and confusion caused by falling in love with a bar girl AKA hooker.

Nothing has been covered that will not be exposed. Whatever is secret will be made known – Luke 12:2

Sex Mad.

I go on vacation where the girls are Legal
sexy, hot, keen and available. A really nice guy. Not bad looking either. Quite intelligent too. A Butterfly.

When Im not mongering abroad, I go for the occasional massage. Im also active on some dating sites, social networks and London Craigslist. I love to meet local girls for casual sex often being a London Sugar Daddy. I dont lie to the girls I meet, I make my intentions clear and upfront.

About me

A little about me, My fist mongering trip was with a bunch of friends to Amsterdam in 1985. This was the first time I went with a prostitute and paid for sex, Taboo!
I then mongered at home, visiting prostitutes quite frequently in cities like London and Brighton. As a tourist around the Mediterranean, I really began to get a taste for it and had some good nights in places like Benidorm. It really took off when I first began to visit the third world. This is when a vacation really turned into mongering or tourism with whores.


Why do whore mongers do it? I could not pretend to have an answer for that, there are many reasons, biological, social, physiological and definitely economical. For now lets leave judgement for judgement day and let god be our witness, whatever you conceive ‘god’ to be.

“He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.”

Do I have any regrets? yes some, do I feel ashamed or guilt?, yes a little, after all like the girls I am a human being with all its inherent weaknesses. Do I dwell on these negative feelings for a long time and get depressed and then go and seek the help of a doctor? Never! I go on another trip and so the cycle continues until my princess comes along…

“Better to die and regret the things you have done than those you have not”

Contact Me

If you have any queries about my mongering adventures or wish to share some of your own mongering stories or advice with me then you can Email me here .

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Female Readers?

Alternatively if your short of cash? a young sexy female wanting to meet me in person or looking for a white sugar daddy or if you are a pro or semi pro wanting to feature on this whore mongering blog then also  contact me at sirmarjalot@googlemail.com and I’m sure we can cum to some mutually satisfying arrangement. I am single, can accommodate, can travel, I can pickup and Im a good cook! I really am a handsome generous man :-) Or just leave a comment below and I will get back to you x.  I can also be discreet if you so wish.

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