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Mongering in Batam Indonesia

Singapore to Batam

Took the ferry from Singapore to Batam. Pretty straight-forward 30S$ return fare to and from Singapore. The journey was not much longer than 1 hour. Had done some mongering research on Batam hence why I was heading there. Also very easy to add another country Indonesia to your list if you are in Singapore.

The NED or Nagoya Entertainment District is supposed to be the Batam entertainment center of this Indonesian island. Batam is a special economic zone setup to do business with Singapore.   Wherever there is a special economic zone there is whore mongering too.  Batam is also a weekend sex destination for male Singaporeans who dont want to pay Singapore prices for working girls.

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Batam ferry arrival

At the ferry check-in they weighed my bag at 17.5 KG, so only 2.5KG over. Being positive about the check in girl at Bangkok airport asking for 3000 baht is she did not want me to leave Thailand well now I know I can safely upgrade to 20KG and buy some souvenirs too. Joy!

On arrival in Batam they issue you with a 7 day visa for 10S$. Staying at the Goodway hotel, just opposite the main cluster of bars known as the Nayoga Entertainment District. 50S$ for 4*. I just booked at the ferry terminal when arrived. Was told a girl friendly hotel.

Nagoya Entertainment District

The goodway hotel is of a good standard but very cheap relative to the same hotel in say Singapore. Lots of luxury. Just had a hot bath with oils and I ‘hom dee’ Thai for ‘smell good’. So hopefully there are some Batam ladies in for a treat tonight. Who will be the lucky lady in Batam tonight?

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Nagayo entertaiment district

Wandered into the Nagoya that afternoon. All the bars there do western meals. I eventually settle in the Red Rose bar and the food was very good. The bars are mostly empty during the day. The only girls are the ones working the bar and selling the drinks. But these can be quite friendly. The NED area seems to have a bunch of bald headed Scottish expats, that you keep bumping into in each bar. But they seem OK.

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Well its very cheap in Batam. I suppose that is its main attraction. To take a girl back to your hotel all night costs 300,000R. One hundred pounds here in Batam and you are a millionaire. It is also definitely third world, reminds me of Cambodia. Jakarta is even cheaper supposedly.

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Batam Nagoya daytime

There really is not much going on in the daytime around the Nagoya except maybe shoot some pool and drink in the bars, the freelancers dont come out until the night.

Lusy’s Oar House Banana Gogo

The main spot for some mongering in Batam and the Nagoya is the tavern Lusy’s Oar House which has connected a gogo club called Banana, Batams only Gogo. I try Lusy’s Oar House my first night in Batam was a few freelancers in the bar and some of those Indonesian girls were quite hot. Everyone seems quite friendly I guess they appreciate doing some business.

batam banana gogo

Batam Lucys Oars Banana Gogo

Too early for the Bananas Gogo so try a few more bars around the Nagoya area. Not many people around at all I feel like a new face in town. Gonna stay in Batam for a few days after which im not sure where I will go mongering next? One thing coming on these little excursions makes you appreciate Thailand more. The NED does not compete on entertainment value, but yet to sample the girls proper.

That first night got a bit drunk and ended up in a pretty packed bar with some freelancers working and lots of expats.  These Indo girls were pretty mature and nothing stunning but one looked dirty so took her back to the hotel for long time. Back at the hotel was a bit too drunk to cum and I let her go early, not that she wanted to go, but I just wanted the bed all to myself. So kicked the whore out.

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On my last night mongering in Batam I team up with a very friendly guy from Belgium who was working in Batam on some civil engineering project. We had some beers in the bars and he seemed to know the working girls. We then head over to the Banana Gogo.

Inside the Banana Gogo there was a guy sitting at the front paying each girl to stroll up and down the stage showing there lovely little pussies. Nice pussies too – trimmed but not fully shaved. It was Friday night and the Singaporeans had arrive for their cheap sex weekend, not too many though. I must say some of the Indo girls working the Banana Gogo were really hot, why I did not barfine one that night is beyond me.

Batam to Singapore

Returning to Singapore today. Will spend another night in Singapore and then decide where I will continue my Asian whore mongering vacation – return to Bangkok and then my old favorite Pattaya? or fly to Angeles city in the Philippines for the first time?

On the return to Singapore, the police stopped the ferry and boarded, machine guns and all. Checked all the obvious Muslims bags etc. Not a problem there with the Muslims, just lots of friendly smiles.

Batam is worth a visit if you are in Singapore but again just does not compete with Thailand, It is interesting though, very cheap and some hot Indo girls working the Banana Gogo. The Indo girls working in Batam seemed really friendly and have better figures than other Asian girls. Most Indo bar girls seem to have come from Java to work in Batam.

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Bali is being frequently recommended, Bali also has a great beach.  Batam is also a good staging post for exploring deeper into Indonesia. It has its own airport and the hotel can book internal flights with Garuda. Maybe I should have stayed in the Holiday Inn on the Batam coast for a night or two and sampled whats on offer there?


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