Bangkok Last Night

Well, I thought I would give my thoughts and impressions of my return to Bangkok after one years absence, the longest I have been away from LOS(Land of Smiles) in 5 years or since I started mongering in Thailand back in Autumn 2002

Bangkok Flight

Flew with Emirates about 500 pounds from London Gatwick, change at Dubai with a 3 hour stopover. Got to check in early and managed to get exit seats for both legs of the journey. But, to the left of me was a big fat bastard who spilled over into my seat and to the right a crying baby. Second half much better, but very little sleep and much wind, to the disgust of my fellow passengers.

Bangkok Airport

Arrived at the new Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi, you are now expected to show your boarding card when stepping off the plane and at passport control so dont throw it away. Official taxi stands all over the airport, queried them about a taxi to sukhumvit 1000bht nice car. Not interested, you have to go downstairs to ground floor and outside to get standard yellow taxi for 400bht. Same journey time to center of BKK(Bangkok) arrived at the Manhattan on soi 15.

Hotel Manhattan

Good all round hotel, good location too soi 15 Sukhumvit. No problem bringing girls back. Lots of Asians stay there, mostly Japanese, I think. Swimming pool is nice to relax by for a few hours.?? Its a budget hotel and a bit old with some mold. Normal buffet type breakfast included.

Bangkok soi 7

First night, Sunday, headed down soi 7 with a few beer bars down there, went into a couple just the normal routine, mostly fuglies where you come from?, where you stay?, how big your cock? well not the last one.

Went into one bar with a closed curtain, all the girls dressed in sexy French maid outfits they do special massage there, where the girls give you all over massage with their tongue figured that owner must be a French monger. Its always worth exploring all these back allies in Bangkok, you dont know where a little Thai gem will turn up.

Sukhumvit soi 4 Nana

Went into champagnes bar down soi 4, got kissing and cuddling and a little groping with a really cute thai girl, she only wanted to do st(short time) though. No one seems to want to lt(long time) anymore here, big change from 5 years ago. I want someone to love me long time.?? Who will love me, if not myself?

NEP Nana Entertainment Plaza

That night went into NEP(Nana Entertainment Plaza), sat in the courtyard first got chatting with a BB(Beer Bar)girl, she tell me she look for falang husband. Used to work in another bar where men only get drunk- she choose here because more men want sex not just to get drunk. All the girls admit money number 1. Only falang man can take care of them. She tell me her part of Issan over 80% of girls have falang husband/boyfriend. Shame she was a fuglie. Went into Taboo gogo usual girls around you massaging etc. I was so tired from the jet lag, actually fell asleep and they had to wake me up.

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Mango Girl

Went upstairs to Mango for something to eat lovely hamburger and fries here and a real stunner of a thai girl serving. Really really fit all over. got chatting and she does lots of swimming. I knew I was not going to find a better looking thai girl and she agreed to go with me now long-time for 2000B. She got changed and came back and then said she could only do shortime. Ok, I did not mind, but at that moment did not think to bring the price down.

Mango bar thai waitress

Mango bar thai waitress

Back at the hotel had a great fuck with this Mango bar thai waitress. She had a fantastic body and pussy, laid her on her front and she put her legs right back up to her head and we both enjoyed me eating her sweet Thai pussy. very very good, nice girl too.

Bangkok Belly

Next day did not feel very well, made a mistake of eating to much Thai food from the food plaza down soi 7, guts just dont agree with it. so back on the full English menu. Went out that night to soi cowboy, very busy but I could not get into the swing so headed back for a early night. heck I have got 3 weeks of mongering, so the odd night in is needed to recharge.

Patpong Bangkok sisters

Next day much better had a two girl oily massage at Lisas girls were very eager to play but I did not want to finish.

Bangkok Lisas massage girl

Bangkok Lisas massage girl

That afternoon headed to Bangkok sisters in Patpong. Went in a couple of really cute young thai girls  For two girls full sex is only 3000 baht up to two hours. But I wanted just blowjob and they do bbbj and cim, this cost only 1700 baht for both. One of them had fantastic big Thai natural tits and they both very good with their mouths and tongues. need I say more?

That night drank quite a few beers down soi cowboy and then on recommendation, headed to Bourbon Street restaurant in Washington square soi 22. It was packed inside with decent types a big surprise! I can only summarize that the food must be very good here but just too crowded for me not sure if this is where a large American ex-pat community eat. Headed across the road to Harrys dive bar and it was a dive.

CM2 Russian Girls.

Had a drink in Cristies soi 33, this was where on my first trip to Thailand I fell in love with a Thai bar girl. seems something that only happens on your first trip. Completely different staff now but inside many ghosts.

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Headed to CM2 at Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square, never been here before, quite good but expensive, some nice looking girls inside, some really good looking Russian girls which makes a change. Made an effort to chat to one of the Russian girls at the bar, nice enough woman but wanted 6000 baht she was willing to come down, but I was not really in the mood. While chatting to her, a waitress came over and give me a piece of paper. On it was a message someone wanted to get to know me and could I ring them tomorrow. Is this usual? a new trick of the girls?

Anyway rang the girl the next day, her name was Parisa, thai girl aged 25, a hairdresser. Wanted to meet me that night around 10pm, she think I am alone so wants to get to know me. I am curious, but suspect it could be expensive, Or maybe she is genuine??? I just think they get a bit jealous and put out when they see their mongers chatting up Russian girls.

Bangkok love story

The last time I saw my first Thai love was back in Xmas 2005 last time I speak to her on phone was March 2006. I could not help myself while here in Bangkok to send her a message. I have a new number now so she would not recognise it she tell me she is married now. I wish her luck and good to know her and then gave my name, she replied thank you. So closure now on that. It makes me really kind of sad, but thats life. Difficult to know if ever I really meant anything to her, like she did to me, I guess I will never know

Was getting a bit bored of Bangkok now, this always happens after a few nights. Had one more night in Bangkok and then flying to Kuala Lumpur in the morning for one of my Asian sexcursions. The weather in Bangkok has been mostly dry and overcast but very humid and hot. It seems to zap the energy out of you. Next time I think I will try to come in the cool season.

Old Thai Girlfriend

After walking out of the Nana internet cafe heading down the sukhumvit I bumped into a old Thai girlfriend. I had met her through my friend, she had briefly worked in the bar before hitting it off with a particular American business owner customer old enough to be her dad.

Her big big advantage is she is educated and reads and writes perfect English. It was good to see her again, and we went into the Landmark for a few drinks, she was heading to FitnessFirst there.
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That evening we headed to the Londoner where we had something to eat and then onto her favorite night club Spasso.

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Spasso nightclub stunner

She tell me many of her girlfriends there are working girls where the going rate is approx 6000 baht. She tell me some of her friends there are really really sexy. I think sure, nothing I not seen before. Very expensive in there, like 370 baht for a premium half a lager. Eventually I meet one of her friends.

What a stunner! could not take my eyes off her. She is originally from Burma, she has just returned from Hong Kong where she worked out there for 1 month and earned 300,000 baht. Thats alot of cocks else there are some big spenders in Hong Kong.

Th Spasso nightclub caters mostly to VIP type businessmen, my old Thai girlfriend tell me one night an American offered her 5000 USD to fuck her. There are some real good lookers in there. Also alot just average, but they are confident and speak good English.

Interesting conversation with one of the girls, she reckons 50% of the girls working the bars are Issan, 30% Chang mai 10% south and 10% from Bangkok. It seems this old girlfriend of mine wants to hang out with me when I return from Kuala Lumpur. Not sure what I want to do.

HIV Infected

On my first trip to Thailand, my friend fell in love with the first bar-girl he ever met in the Golden bar next to the Nana Hotel. He stayed out there for over 3 months and spent all his money on her and got married. Eventually he had to return to the UK and is now to this day her sponsor or cash-cow. He gets to visit her every 5 months or so. Lately he had been telling us she had become quite ill. At first I thought that she was just trying to get him to send more money.

Bangkok toilet HIV Poster

Bangkok toilet HIV Poster

Well this girlfriend I met in Bangkok knows her very well and reckons 100% she is HIV positive. My mate is sending her £500 a month for medication alone. This would explain all the different illness she keeps reporting due to immune system breakdown.

Apparently she moved from the village to Bangkok as nobody in the village wanted her there. Im not even sure if my friend realizes this or is just not telling us. Must be hard for him, as if he pulls the plug, she dies! Fuck, what a mess to get into, a reality check is needed here sometimes.

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