• Having visited Lonely Beach and some waterfalls I wanted to check out Kai Bae Beach on Koh Chang on my way back to White Sands Beach.  It was my last night on Koh Chang and Kai Bae beach has its own version of […]

    • Touched to see that unworldly, genuine unsophisticated and not yet corrupted bar girl from Cambodia giving you a shy wave when you took a picture of her.

      You said yourself her personality and attitude was excellent together with a lovely figure yet you wrote she wasn’t the prettiest of bar girls.
      My friend I think you missed out a lot there, I thought that was the good old days Thailand you were looking for but obviously never found literally offered to you on a plate on such a beautiful tropical island. Paying around 60US Dollars a time for short time in Thailand which usually equates to less than an hour surely seems a lot of money.

      You might like this Vlog showing the different night life areas on Koh Chang.

    • Sydney, yes I think your right, I did miss out there, but the other bar girl trumped this one when I had to choose between the two. The other Cambodian bar girl would have made a good girlfriend even wife, im sure 🙂 I would have returned to Kai Bae beach area if I was not returning to Pattaya the next day. Problem with Kai Bae beach, I could not find a nice beach?

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  • Most recent trip was Bangkok 10 – 12 Jan 2018. Went to Mixx Disco and collection of girls was very good. For those who have been to Mixx will know what i mean and how it works. Enjoy.

    For those who like the ASIAN Style SPA, check out TARRAWADEE SPA. New team and heard the collection is really good.

    • Thanks for the update Asian Loloks, is there not a mixx at the end of walking street Pattaya too?

      • Yes there is Mixx as mention in Pattaya too. But not sure if they are the same style and concept. Maybe you can advise on Pattaya Mixx…….

        • Im not really a club goer, but took a look inside Mixx Pattaya, Some Russian girls and quite a few middle eastern men, it was just starting to fill up around midnight. I think at the time there was a pimp working there who could set you up with Russian girls, at the time I wanted to try something different, but not my style I not hang around

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  • I had spent a few days around White Sands Beach Koh Chang but now wanted to explore some other areas on this charming Island and check them out.  Today I would check out some waterfalls and take a visit to Lonely […]

    • Nice to see some reports form off the beaten track. I was in Koh Chang back in 2008 but I had a girls with me that I met in Pattaya. Lovely island bus mongering scene seemed kind of dead. Though I did meet one young 20 year old cutie at the beer bar complex on White Sand. Could not take her as me even playing a game of pool with her set off a tantrum by the Thai chick I was with.

      We also went to a cool little night club called Sabai at the north end of the beach. If memory serves there were some freelancers there too.

      I’v always wanted to go back but always get stuck in Pattaya. Maybe next trip….

      • I was wondering where to go while in Bangkok where I started my journey. A ladyboy waiter/waitress recommended it if wanted to chill, great beaches, waterfalls, rain forests etc with some mongering beer bars no gogos.
        Then in Pattaya a beer bar girl also recommended it but she went with her boyfriend and think she thought she could play me and I would take her. But my mind was made up I was visiting Koh Chang but not strictly for mongering. I knew if I spent a week there I may go without as often especially today I rarely find quality beer bar girls, but sometimes you can get lucky.
        There was a few mongers with their girlfriends in my hotel in White sands, I saw other mongers there that I had seen in Pattaya. But yes its much more a place to take a girl with you rather than find one there. Beautiful island though. Wish I had spent a couple of days chilling lonely beach but often I dont get on with the traveller types too narcissistic for me, at least the males. I have one more story to tell from Kai Bai beach. I do recommend a visit to Koh Chang though just to chill and enjoy the beaches.

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  • Malaysia Part 5 – the Professional
    I wanted a Mainland girl while in Kuala Lumpur.  A hot model Mainland girl. I’ve been chasing a hot Chinese girl for two years. I’ve yet to catch up with Sir Paul in […]

    • So still a hot mainlander girl on your todo list?
      Thanks for the mention on Macau. Is the Lisboa racetrack still going? really was one of the mongering wonders of the world. Beautiful chinese girls, top quality and with you being of Asian descent Mr Q, you would have had alot more options.

      That Viet girl looks cute, is that a full bush I can make out?

      What was the total damage of a session in Skyriver?

      • Mr.Q replied 1 month ago

        Oh…I didn’t mention the cost in my post. MYR 338 ($85 USD) for viets and MYR 238 ($60) for all others. Every Asian WG I have ever tasted has a bush.

        I’ve been to Macau a few times but have never participated in the hobby there but I’m sure the race track is still going on. I saw the race track years ago… and it was very tempting.

        I’m so behind on my stories and such.. I’ve been to 3 other countries since Malaysia and I’m about to repeat one of the countries I’ve yet to write about… I tried looking for the Mainlander AGAIN in Dubai… but the Mainlanders there are not even close to the quality found in China.

        • Im behind on my trip reports too Mr Q, putting together a quality report takes alot of time and not least participation, these are first class first hand reports
          I can only thank you for keeping up the good work for our benefit.

          I love the bush. Would travel 1000 of miles for the bush. Im fucking a mixed race Indian girl here who would have a fantastic bush if she grew it. But she tells me she makes money online cams and everyone wants shaved pussy. Pedos!

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