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  • My last day and night mongering in Pattaya before heading to Koh Chang in the morning via a minibus pickup from my apartment.  I really fancy exploring a few more blowjob bars in Pattaya maybe the Bliss Lounge […]

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  • Another lazy day in Pattaya, was getting over my abstinence now and pussy were beginning to flow what with the threesome last night with two African streetwalkers.  Tonight I would try something different and […]

    • My experiences mirror your exactly. Jomtien is a total waste as far as mongering goes. I used to stay there at Vie Talay 5 condo because I liked having a sea view, nice pool, and being away from the hecticness of Pattaya. I became very familiar with the staff there and it kind of became my home away form home for awhile.

      When I stayed in Jomtien I don’t think I ever even met a girl at the bars there that I found attractive. Most of the bars are empty and the ones that aren’t only have girls that are old and fuggly. And that gogo is really atrocious. Though the one time I was there it was pretty busy with customers. WTF ????

      I did, however, take plenty of girls form Pattaya and bring them back to Jomtien with me. Or I’d arrange for girls I met to come ans stay with me and have a night out in Jomtien. I remember some really lovely sunset dinners on Dongtang beach (just liek in your photos). You can get a nice simple Thai dishes from the same guys that rent out the beach chairs. The beer bars at Rompho could also be fun with their live music as long as you brought your own girl. I never had problems getting girls to go back to Jomtien with me. And some of my regulars preferred the more laid back atmosphere and the quiet dinners and romantic walks along the beach we would take to the madness of Pattaya.

      Jomtien also has some of the better Farang restaurants in the area: like Bruno’s and Rich Man Poor Man.

      I stopped staying in Jomtien about 3 years ago when I discovered that there are also condo complexes in Pattaya that offer the same privacy and laid back atmosphere but are closer to the action. I may consider staying in Jomtien again some day as its really only a 10 minute Baht bus ride to WS. But I’ve given up all hopes of ever finding an attractive girl there.

    • IMHO, best club in the area.

    • Kinaree is like a hybrid between an FKK and Soi 6. Nice surroundings and very comfortable ambiance. No entrance fee, you pay for the girl and room (I think it’s like 1500 total — can’t recall now)and food /drinks separately.. You can also hang out and buy the girls lady drinks and they will stroke your cock through your shorts.

      They have a good Saturday-Sunday buffet where the price of the buffet 450 baht gets deducted if you spend enough on drinks (1100). It gets very crowded on those days and its difficult to find a seat much less a girl. The food is pretty good and it may actually be the best buffet in Pattaya (which really is not saying all that much).

      I’ve only been twice, mostly just to hang out with buddies who were going. I am not a fan of the place: Firstly it’s an afternoon place and I am usually busy with my LT from the night before at this time. 2) it is very dark in there and difficult to tell what girls actually look like. 3) the quality of the girls is not all that great. Though my buddies that go there have found gems there on occasion (they showed me pics of nice girls).

      You seem pretty picky (like me) so I don’t think you’d like it. But it’s worth a look!

      For me Soi 6 is better as there are more girls to choose form and you can get a good look at what you are getting. Also Kinaree is a little out of the way 15-20 minute by mototaxi…

      • Thanks Uncle, always good to know, sounds like quality in Kinaree is not guaranteed. Something that is almost guaranteed when you walk into a German FKK. Still may be worth a look next time I am in Pattaya

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  • Ok, I had managed a blowjob last night down soi 6 after a 4 day dry period mongering in Pattaya.  But I really wanted sex and not necessarily with a Thai girl.  I really wanted that cute Ebony girl I had an e […]

    • I am happy you finally got some satisfaction, my friend!

      Those African girls look like fun. But I am still into Thais.

      The venues you mentioned in this post are all past their prime (except maybe Peppermint). I mean: Secrets, Silver Star, Action Street? C’mon now!!

      The action is still there but it has moved on: For low key WS gogos its WIldcats instead of Secrets. On Soi 7 its Shooters instead of Silver Star. For beer bars it’s Lisa Bar (north of Soi 6, just past where they are building the new Terminal 21) instead of Action Street.

      Yes prices have gone way up since 10 years ago. But that’s due to a little thing that I believe economists call inflation. Ever heard of it? LOL (just teasing)

      And, being the broken record that I am, I still insist you should try the discos. Actually I think the best African girls I have seen have been in Insomnia/Ibar. You can find African girls like the ones you stumbled on on 2nd road there pretty easily. No need to be shy. It’s a lot simpler to hook up in Patts discos then back home — trust me. Most of the time just go up and ask and many will be ready to go ASAP. This is much more the case for the African girls. You can be in and out of the disco with your playmate for the evening in less than an hour. 2k LT is still the median price (maybe even lower for African ladies).

      If its really black girls that you are after Africa ha to have Thailand beat. I’em sure price and selection are better there. I still haven’t really seen an African girl in Thailand that got my motor revving. Or Cuba! I just came back form 10 days in Havana and the Mulatta ladies there were gorgeous and fun in bed.

      Thanks for the well written and honest reports.I look forward to hearing more about how your trip to Pattaya ends.


      • PS; I particularly like how one is playing with the other one’s pussy as the other one sucks you off. Nicely done!

        To (mis) quote Shakespeare: “the stuff that dreams are made of!” LOL

        • Uncle thats not a picture I took, just one to give you an idea. The two African girls sat on the sofa restricted to registered members only is the actual two Africans I had a threesome with

    • I like Robins Nest as a restaurant, but have never stayed there. I usually pick the LK Metro, just down the street a little. Its convenient for the whole LK Metro, 2nd and 3rd street area.

      I don’t bother with any of the Agogo’s or Walking Street any more. It’s clear that Walking Street is rapidly becoming a tourist area, and not ‘our’ kind of tourism either. IMHO all the action in Pattaya is moving to around the 3rd road and to the East and North of 3rd road.

      The last time I was in Pattaya (Sept 2017) I spent most of my time in the ‘clubs’ : M-Club, Kinnaree (Jontium), 007 and the like. Kinnaree had the best selection of ladies, but it’s a way to travel to get there. I know you don’t like it, but the Buffalo Bar always comes through for me as well.

      Anyway, all I am trying to say is that Pattaya isn’t what it was. Everything that was there is still there, but you have to look in different places. It’s clear that by opening up the other airport the Thai government wants to expand the tourism aspect of Pattaya, most likely to include casinos for the Chinese and ‘hi rollers’ of SE Asia. That’s fine. Our kind of tourism will never stop, just relocate.

      However, I do think that going to Patts to look for Africans is, err, misguided ! 🙂

      • I just done a post on Jomtien, would have tried Kinnaree had i know about it. But definately looks like the model for hooking up with quality girls is changing
        My first visit to the Buffalo bar was good, barfined a cutie long time from there. Recently went back and seemed the Buffalo bar had gone downhill only fuglies inside

        I not goto Pattaya looking for africans but it was africans I mostly met in the end, finding them heavy on Tinder, more on that later. My point is Pattaya is a much better place to go out eating drinking, but do prefer a good looking curvy ebony over a skinny asian, although thats a blast from the past, most asians now around Pattaya are bordering on obese

    • Thanks Scruf, for the links, dont mind as long as they are monger related. Its what the internet is all about.
      I think its only a matter of time before soi 6 has to move its operation, i noticed the builders moving in right next door

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