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  • First Night in Kiev
    Thinking of dinner I decided to celebrate the first night of my holiday in Kiev with a bit of style and have dinner in Vapiano, in the Arena City complex.

    Vapiano, Arena City
    For those who […]

    • That girl in Vapiano sounds like a right bitch, sure she was not Russian?
      50 euros for two hours is an excellent rate, of course that means each?

      I like the sound of Kiev, just walking around and meeting local girl next door types and taking back to your hotel for a good fucking. Was this a one off, or is this quite easy?

      Sounds like fun.

      • Maybe she was Russian but probably Ukraine as basically they are the same race. 50 Euros plus the 200 sweetener for the hotel security was the total price. No it was not a one off, more to come and more about this in my brief Kiev summary.

    • I am surprised that mongering in Ukraine is so easy. I saw that documentary “Ukraine Is Not A Brothel”. I had the impression that mongering in Ukraine was risky.

      • Hello Ben,
        In Kiev I would not say the mongering was easy but it was definitely not risky due to I suppose the subtle way I was approached on the street. When I tried to make eye contact I was often ignored and the two times I took the ladies back to the hotel, all non pro looking, I was approached by them first. There is some more of my report to come and then you can make your own mind up.

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  • Monger Matt Conquers Central Asia and Eastern Europe
    All work and no play is enough to drive anyone mad. After being very ill with that very nasty flu virus thing over the Christmas period leaving me weak and […]

    • Matt, really looking forward to reading these reports especially on Baku and the gypsy girls by the laybys in Bulgaria. When i first went to Golden Sands in Bulgaria a monger I was sat next to on the plane back to the UK told me about the gypsy girls lining the sides of the road all the way to sunny beach. I love gypsy girls too.

      I am very interested in how you found that multi trip deal? did you just put Kiev, Baku and Sofia into skyscanner and set dates and it worked out the rest or did it somehow suggest these places to you?

      Thanks for sharing

      • Mathew replied 1 week ago

        Regarding booking Multi City flights online with the likes of Skyscanner and Kayak you may have to change the dates or make adjustments as to the order of the cities you are flying to otherwise the result may come up blank as no flights found or just as bad the itinerary may include a much longer and expensive flight routing putting up the price a lot just because an airline may not be scheduled to fly that route that day.

        Planning the flights I knew what I wanted and I stuck with the order of the cities I wanted to fly in and out of, entering the respective airports but initially I was very flexible with the dates. What I had forgotten at the time was that Kiev has two working airports, one nearer the city for the charter and low cost airlines and with flights to Baku so had I entered ‘ Kiev any Airport’ I would have probably got more choice and maybe an even better deal. To even go that extra mile, something again I didn’t think to do, is research the airport first with WikipediA to find out which airlines use the airport and then look up their current schedule as typing in just one wrong day can ruin an otherwise perfect made to measure itinerary.

        Just a last word here, I found exactly the same thing can happen when trying to book a nice hotel online, for example, say you typed in 10 nights and for only one of those 10 nights the hotel was full the result will say ‘No Rooms Left On This Site For The Dates You Entered’ , end of matter, not we have availability for 9 of those 10 nights but for X or Y date you will have to find an alternative hotel. This is still a major flaw with booking some travel online, especially the Multi City flights and really answers the question why people still use travel agents.

    • This looks to be a very interesting adventure. 271 GBP for a 7 hr flight to Baku wih a multicity sounds like a great price.

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  • Germany – Part 3 of 3 One Night in Munich
    After finishing with Kaira in Munich’s Leirekasten bordello, I went downstairs with a smile to take in the scene a bit more before heading back.  The fun atmosphere wa […]

    • It’s always like this with Eastern European women, they know how pretty they are and how desired they are! After Reading this I think that I take down Múnich from my mongering destination, mongering in places like Ámsterdam, Brussels, Germany, Denmark etc is all about the hustle! Sometimes I look up escorts in northern european cities I see like an extra rate for changing postions, kissing according to sympathy…and I can’t help to shake my head – here in Madrid an indepdendent Eastern european escort might charge you extra from cim and bbbj, but not for chaning positions! The other day this russian whore charged me 30€ extra for a cim, but I think that once she had 5 day worth of cum in her mouth she regreted it! XD

    • I for sure would like to visit Munich sometime with a return to Germany. I have experienced both the Laufhaus setup and the FKK and can tell you that the Laufhaus was a sideline compared to the FKK. More likely to get the PSE and GFE in an FKK and the mechanical experience in a Bordello. I guess you need to do more interview up front and less just go with the flow when you have an experience like the No no no girl. She looks hot, like a superstar but often choosing the superstar results in the starfish performance. Good report but you have still missed the best of mongering in Germany by not experiencing your first FKK

      • I’m really behind and I did go back to Germany for two FKK visits several months later. I even went back to Lierekasten and yes and even chose a starfish and knowing exactly what I was walking into =)

        However the previous girl Kaira… She was an absolute gem… Which are rare in these bordellos

        • Ok, look forward to reading your FKK reports. It was a few years ago now I did a few FKKS, although an entrance fee, sex with the girls was 50e for 30 mins. and often that would include BBBJ and DFK, raising it to 100e would often include CIM or anal. In fact some of the best looking girls I have been with and some of the best sex was in FKKs. Goldentime in Vienna though was my favorite. But like all other areas of mongering I am reading the experience is not what it was.

          With the superstar starfish experience, I have had one or two girls in the past hold there hands between their legs, this was because they wanted to avoid deep penetration, which would fit in with the limited service she was offering you once paid up and in her room. This is why mongers have developed the interview and prefer to not pay up front, i know the latter is just not going to happen in some parts of the world.

          Thanks for the honest report.

          I think I have almost developed a 6th sense for filtering out these girls regardless of their looks

    • “She laid on her back and offered herself to me, but covered her shaved pussy, blocking the view. No view of the pussy?”

      This would have made me worried about STDs, ie. herpes sores, warts, etc.

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    Lots of new posts coming soon from myself with reports from 3 new destinations . Also lots of new guest posts from Mr Q and Monger Matt. Stay tuned folks

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