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  • So here I am, mongering in Chisinau Moldova all on my lonesome.  I was not expecting mongering in Chisinau to be easy despite all the reports of beautiful women in Moldova.  The cat had long been let out of the b […]

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    Dream Holiday Asia a good resource for mongers who love Asian girls and Asia. Here is a very detailed report on Cebu in the Philippines, My next trip to Asia will surely include Cebu in the Philippines, could be just right for me

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  • Vietnam Part 0 – Prequel (Asian Massage Parlour)
    I had known that Asian massage parlors (AMP) in the US could offer happy endings.  How prevalent this was I did not know.  For a decade I lived near a no man’ […]

    • Since this is so close to home, I’ve left out specifics of the names of places and the establishments. I can only say, it is near Little Saigon and not exactly Little Saigon. Also checking Rubmaps recently, most of the massage parlours in that plaza had closed.

      I also recently found this excellent massage parlours guide. I’m no expert like this guy on Reddit. I’m merely sharing my experiences.

      Massage Parlor Guide from Hookers

    • Thanks for the report on AMPs in USA Mr.Q it sounds very similar the the same kind of setup in the UK. There are also massage parlours in industrial areas as well as shopping. In the UK they are all mature Chinese women almost exclusively. Its funny because in Germany most the FKKs are in Industrial areas, great way to relieve work related stress.

      I think you would be extremely unlucky to get busted by the police, wrong time wrong place kind of thing, with a raid going on, there is always a risk. I was in Philadelphia 10 years ago and visited about 3 Asian massage places, and all the girls were Korean, they were working out of houses though. they were not old not young around late twenties.

      • I had a feeling the East coast parlours were different but then again, that was 10 years ago, things may have changed.

        In the UK they have London SoHo walkups which are legal, but are the massage parlours with extra services legal?

        • Yes it is legal with some restrictions, you wont get busted in London in a massage parlour or soho walk up, but cant run a brothel etc
          But even with all the options I rarely monger in the UK or London, or even go for a massage, its not great
          I prefer to use online semi pro girls like craigslist seeking arrangement etc. Chatting to a real cute 21 yo only last night – turns out she lives 2 minutes walk away

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    thanks for having the guts to do what we all wish we could do. thanks.

    • Thanks Alex, not sure its guts, too much time on my hands maybe. grass is always greener on the other side as they say 🙂 to be honest I am losing my enthusiasm for mongering and travel. But travelled alot lately

      • Hang in there, man. You need a break. You need a vacation. Go to a middle class town, in middle America and rent a room at a local hotel. Eat your meals at the local café and go sight seeing. After about a week you will go insane. You will ask yourself, what the “F” am I doing here. It will be so boring that you will realize why you chose to…[Read more]

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    Cute Thai girl with shaved thai pussy met out on a Tuk Tuk Patrol –

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    Subscribers should resume receiving new posts by emails when Jetpack do a new release of their software. They have confirmed this is a known bug with their last release. Please subscribe with your email in the left hand side sidebar to be notified of new posts on MongerPlanet

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    I was going to spend 3 months in Asia over winter starting off in Thailand Bangkok and Pattaya, but due to the fall in the pound and lack of motivation I have cancelled this plan.

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