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  • I have travelled far and wide around the world over the last ten years since being a repeat visitor to Thailand.  I have been searching high and low for the worlds best mongering, the worlds best sex destination. […]

    • I had been to Bangkok,Pattaya, Hongkong, Macau, Frankfurt for mongering.My best experience was Macau. second best was Bangkok.
      Frankfurk FKK was good but not the best.In 50 Euro service in mechanical suck and fuck 30 mins.I visited 5 main FKKs in Frankfurt and banged 20 European chicks in 5 days in all FKKs .
      Macau Saunas I got the best experience having variety of options, good choice and excellent service. But don’t go in day time.

      • Thanks Raju for your comment and recommendations. I have also done Macua, good but not my best experiences. Also done FKK in Frankfurt also good but not the best. The day I spent in Goldentime FKK was exceptional though. Another two places nearly to make it onto this best mongering list was Wan Chai in Hong Kong and the hostess bars of Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, both also good but just not the best of the best. I want to explore Manila more and then maybe head onto Cebu

    • Thanks Zeletic, glad you liked my worlds best mongering compilation. Of course its subjective.
      The point is I would really like to hear what your best mongering experiences are? just a sentence or paragraph?

      I may do a second compilation soon, I have mongered in Bulgaria, Romania and Odessa in Ukraine. Odessa was an exceptional threesome, was going to mention that but over 8 years ago now. Had a good experience in Bucharest with a gypsy girl, but most Romanian girls I have fucked have been playing away from home. Some memorable Romanian girls are Vienna, even a brothel in Milton Keynes UK, the globe Fkk in Switzerland. Bulgaria not much to say, nothing exceptional did Varna and Sofia. Best Bulgarian girl I ever fucked was a beautiful 19 yo in Amsterdam red light district. Another good experience with a Bulgarian beauty was one I mentioned in the post in the Goldentime FKK vienna. Eastern Europe as a mongering destination is not that good. Although you will meet many eastern european girls playing away from home working as escorts in London or walking around naked in one of many German Fkks. Point is you could have an exceptional sex session anywhere, even when generally the place is not that good.

      Never been to Albania, Russia or Serbia.

      Although I said I would never visit eastern europe again for a mongering vacation, I am planning a trip to the Balkans covering Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia, at least, but not expecting the mongering to be great there?

      So again I would love to hear all your best mongering experiences, please leave a comment

    • Thanks Raj, interesting to hear these stories, those prices are out of my range, but if you got it and those are the prices. I would love to have a good fuckfest with lots of hot horny Indian girls. 🙂 I did do Barcelona on a stag weekend and actually had a good experience with a Nigerian street walker early in the morning after a nightclub.

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  • This is the way I do all my mongering reports, by the way, in the style of a travelogue, just like the material I like to read. Like it or loathe it this is the way I do it. What you can’t fault is my passion f […]

  • Monger Matt’s Mexican Adventure ……Final Part
    Day of Departure
    It was quite a bonus that with my flight not leaving until that evening I still had the best part of the day to enjoy Mexico City, extended if you l […]

    • That is risky Matt, I know what its like wanting to snap a sneaky candid photo, that what pushed me into the realms of secret photography, but got into more trouble with that. lol. Great photos though really sets the scene. A photo paints a thousand words!

      • Mathew replied 1 week ago

        By the way, what problems if any have you encountered while secretly using a camera? Very curious as you normally get great pictures.

        • When my photos are good it is because I was not taking them secretly. I got chased once in Amsterdam redlight district for taking photos.
          Obviously the expert now on secret filming is Mr Q. No doubt you have read stickmans latest post on secret filming in Bangkok

          Hidden Video In Bangkok Bars

          I did something similar in Hong Kong and there was a big backlash! I just dont do it anymore. I will always now try and get permission to take photos, even paying the girls a tip to take a photo that is always a sweetner for them an offer they find hard to refuse. The last time I did some secret filming now was in Filis street brothels Athens
          Photography and candid street pics like what you have taken can be addictive especially when you are trying to tell a story.

          • Bangkok 112 and 69 videos may even get me returning to Thailand now. Just spent the last hour going down memory lane, fu.k how Pattaya has changed it’s almost now like the best modern and sophisticated westernised​ parts of Bangkok now with a beach in front of it.

            • Yeah I feel like a return to Asia. Rather than travelling down the roads less known. Just some good old fashioned Asian mongering, drinking and lazing around
              Bangkok, Pattaya, Phnom Penh, Manila and Angeles 🙂 but maybe try a few new destinations too like Vietnam even Hua Hin and Chiang Mai

    • Mathew replied 1 week ago

      I saw that one just as a little nudge, a reminder perhaps to never, never let your guard down especially in such an allegedly dangerous city. Just because you return to a place several times doesn’t necessarily make it safer. Lesson learnt.

    • Randomly, to fill in that totally blank sheet or canvass in my SE Asia mind, the End might be Sihanoukville for the first time, with a trip big time down memory lane to Phnom P and for the Start on the way to whatever Hub in Asia I was flying to, stop off for 3 or 4 days somewhere new and exotic. Somewhere with easily available Indian pussy could well fit the bill. For the middle part of the trip though, work is still in progress.

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