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  • Happy new Year mongers! It’s customary for my first post to be a review of mongering of the year gone by, to give a summary of the best and worst mongering experiences that happened during 2016.  I did a […]

    • Great summary. I’ve been absent for a while as I have a lovely black gf and I am trying to stay on the straight and narrow but I am very tempted to try Seeking Arrangement. Did you find it relatively easy to get responses from girls?

      • Hi Adam, when I say something needs to change it might mean, I need to divert my resources and energy to getting a regular girlfriend, but the horrible reality of that is that it means a woman around my same age usually with a load of baggage. If you join seeking arrangement I think its going to be pretty typical to meet a couple of local girls pretty quick, of course they are wanting to maximise their income whereas you are trying to minimise your outgoings. So you need to come to arrangement on that. I had one ask for £1000 had to explain to her that sex is just never worth that much! I mean if I fucked her and then never wanted sex for another year it might be worth it, she eventually came down to £200 but I never got to meet her again, circumstances, these girls dont chase you. It makes me laugh they often say I am not an escort or prostitute, its hard for me to see it otherwise? They want their money and after the deed they want to go. Seeking Arrangement is not cheap but can be exciting and you will fuck some nice babes and there will be many that could have been

        • I will let you know how I get on. Did you come across any scams? I’ve also noticed some girls that are in their 40s, good luck to them because they are up against girls half their age. I guess some of the younger girls really have unrealistic expectations but at the same time are either broke students or in low paid jobs so perhaps it is a case of reminding them of how long they would have to work for £100-200!

          • No scams on seeking arrangement, yes there are a few deluded muttons on there, but they are a minority, just ignore them, there are many young beauties looking for a regular sugar daddy I noticed the price has gone up to join £60 1 month, almost too expensive now, considering you will be forking out £150 per meet on average, some will want more and some you will want bad, some wont drop below 300, the most I ever paid was 200 and she was not like her photos in person, more miss than hit and dries up, but then you get the odd new girl come online

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  • Ramblings
    One. Paying a woman for sex is exciting because it’s illicit. Two. “I want you now. Give it to me”. That makes me feel powerful. Three. Sex with no emotional attachment is selfish, greedy and satis […]

    • reminds me of my first visit to the infamous Fugi building in Hong Kong, they were doing the building work then, looks very posh now from the outside. I think the general consensus was you were not to look at other punters, I was also into secret filming then. It does make you wonder so much secret filming goes on there, that anyone with a bag could be considered suspicious. Karma and all that, be careful. I would not say one of those Chinese whores is ugly, the one in the middle, opening the door with no panties on and little tidy hairy pussy turns me on, wish these places were not 6000 miles away. Oh to work in Hong Kong, I guess the novelty would soon wear off

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    Happy new year mongers. Been a bit quiet lately and 2017 may be a quiet year for me. Got some guest posts coming and will do a mongering review of 2016.

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