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  • Bangkok to Pattaya
    Taxi picks me up from my hotel in Bangkok and I return to Pattaya after nearly 3 years absence.  This time around I had gone for an apartment View Talay on second road right next door to […]

    • I agree 100% on your comment about quantity over quality in Patts. I spend a lot o time there an I often go through dry spells where I can’t find a girl I like for days on end.

      You can pretty much give up on the Cheap Charlie beer bars as far as finding girls. If you avoid them you don’t have to deal with the loud foul mouthed riffraff at all while in Patts. Soi 7 is pretty dreadful too. Though sometimes you can spot a gem. Beer bars are generally a waste of time, though I met a really cute girls at Drinking Street last trip with whom I developed a nice GFE connection. But she was the only girl I ever saw there that I would even consider taking.

      There can be some nice girls at Gogos. Btu I am always afraid of spending all that money an ending up with a subpar non GFE experience. I find the whole Gogo experience just too structured and commercial.

      For me the best options are 1) Soi 6 – where if you do enough sifting through the dross at least 2 or 3 gems can usually be found and 2) Discos like Ibar and Lucifer. I can almost always find a cute girl there for GFE. But you have to be willing to put some work in and stay out late.

      Internet sites like Thai Friendly and Badoo are useful, but they too take a lot of time and you can’t really inspect the goods beforehand. The girls are genius at finding ways to enhance fotos and even hide their shortcomings in video chat.

      To be honest I don’t know why I even bother with other options. Most of the time its because friends drag me to these other places.

      Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the report and I look forward to reading more!

      • Thanks Uncle V, appreciate your well informed comment and reminds me that MongerPlanet is read by some veterans.

        I remember being in one of the Flipper hotels either soi 7 and soi 8 waiking out and within 10-20 yards barfining a beer bar girl, her staying all night, fucking my brains out and for 1000 baht. It was so easy.

        I have alot more reports to share, been busy lately with life stuff. So stay tuned.

        Pattaya still has its draw, its still so laid back, so much to discover, so many bars, gogos, restaurants, massage, hotels etc etc

    • Hi everyone this would be my 1st SEX trip to Bangkok. I have taxen time to read each post on this site & other’s online. If I’m correct it sounds like it does not matter on what month I choose. If there are better months can someone tell me? Is there anything wrong with China Eastern Airlines because I can get a R/T from Chicago,IL with 1 long stopover for $515.00 in March / April too. Thanks

      • Generally girls are available all months but march april can be extremely hot, June to October can be humid and extremely wet. The high season in Pattaya is really from November to February but prices can almost double for accommodation. Its also reported that more girls work in the high season. But generally if your not too bothered by the weather then you are better off in low season due to less competition and cheaper prices, still plenty of girls working in the gogos and beer bars, if your fussy your problem will be finding a quality bar girl. A decade ago this was never an issue, I used to get so excited thinking about all the Thai cuties I was going to have sex with and in my bed all night for next too nothing.

    • Yes some of the best looking Thai girls I saw in Bangkok were freelancers in the Thermae, reminded me of the sideliners in Nataree. Another place I saw a few fit young Thai girls were in the Kings group gogos in Patpong, suppose to be making a comeback. As another monger commented you might find better quality in the discos late at night. Try online too, Tinder etc. Pattaya was almost non existent for good looking Thai girls at least in the bars and gogos. Its just not true anymore that the better looking girls work in the gogos. They employ anyone who is willing to get up on stage it would seem.

      You would think at least one gogo would only employ good looking girls to gain a reputation.

      Maybe in peak season you will fair better. But would seem for the young girls now there are alot better ways of making some money.

      Problem is a girl fresh from the farm working in the bar will be snapped up by some John falling in love sending her home and being her sponsor

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    Still cant decide where to visit xmas week, its really hard to find a place, for alot of the check boxes to be ticked, good weather, cheap flights, accommodation, accessible girls, good quality pussy, not too far away 6 hours or under

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    For Tuk Tuk Patrol reality monger porn fans going to be updating this gallery regular when new promo material released

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    Alot of visitors to MongerPlanet like the reality monger porn so I am going to be updated this Trike Patrol gallery regulary

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    Locally been trying to hook up with some sugar babes, but not happening, craigslist and seeking arrangement are not baring any fruit. Another good reason for a mongering trip this xmas

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    I got a set of posts coming up next from my last and recent trip to Thailand where I returned to Pattaya leaving Bangkok

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    Dont really fancy returning to a place I have been before although Gambia for a week is attractive. Considering Casablanca in Morroco, although problems with accomodation in this country. Casablanca not exactly hot either this time of year, but here is a good mongering resource -…[Read more]

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    Where to go christmas week? Canaries looks good, done gran canaria was considering tenerife? Pasion is coming up repeatedly to contact freelancers with alot more miss than hit

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