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  • Continuing My Three Country Mongering Odyssey in Baku Azerbaijan
    Baku Midweek Report – Baku Back Alley
    Job Sorted
    About halfway through the week now and have basically just about found my feet in regards to […]

    • What steps did you take or usually take to guard your mobile phone in situations like this back alley?

      Any chance of the your mobile phone pic GPS location data showing where this is on Khagani Street? On Google maps this street is about 9-10 blocks long.

    • What steps did you take or usually take to guard your mobile phone in situations like this back alley?
      Any chance of the your mobile phone pic GPS location data showing where this is on Khagani Street? On Google maps this street is about 9-10 blocks long.

    • yeah great travelogue Matt. Seems you had a very similar experience to me, but better. Do like alfresco blowjobs

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    Vivastreet and Adultwork are now targeted by MPs

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  • Malaysia Part 6 of 7 – Mainlander Time?
    At around 1:30am I finally got around to leaving my apartment to visit Skyriver again.   Arriving just past 2am, I was ready for Mainlander time. I pressed the button, g […]

    • Good observation Mr Q about there being no interactions with line ups and fish bowls etc. That why many mongers like the bar and gogo scene in Thailand where the ‘interview’ can eliminate many prospective girls.

      Just because we pay for sex, no need to dehumanise it. We temporarly pay for many things, why not a girlfriend experience, just means you are getting more out of enjoying the moment.

      • I’m about a bit behind on my stories. I’ve had about dozen encounters since this and the ones I have fished from a bowl have been really hit or miss. The ones I have talked too and carefully chosen have all been spectacular.

    • You are coming across as a typical mean old cheap charlie

    • Richard if you want to share your viewpoint with the world of mongering, then like Mr Q do a guest post. This blogs gets 1000s of visitors a day because of honest reporting by the likes of Mr Q, Monger Matt etc.

      Many people have become friendly with their hairdressers, given them tips for a good job etc. I suspect some have even dated, married their hairdresser. In typical cheap charlie style you are comparing chalk with cheese. Of course the girlfriend experience is fantasy, thats the whole point, but you need to be able to walk away from it after with little emotional attachment. Maybe its you who really needs a girlfriend. The right girlfriend does not come easy and not without its own costs.

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  • Continuing My Three Country Mongering Odyssey.
    Azerbaijan Central Asia.
     All Roads Lead to Fountains Square – My first evening in Baku.
    Recently arrived in Baku, but with not a lot of enthusiasm I started to un […]

    • Good detailed report of Baku Matt. quite the adventurer you are. It kind of reminds me of my time in Riga Latvia where the only options though were Russian Milfs in the hotel nightclub. What are the options for taking back young twenty something’s with hot bodies? 🙂

      I am kind of looking at booking up a trip within the next month or so, and am having that in two minds about it. One options is Bahrain then onto Sri Lanka,just for something different. Both would suggest once was really good, but not so now.

      • Good question and I quite agree the younger the better and the hotter the body the better and early to mid twenties is a great age to sample and test drive. But I can’t say this enough, especially on this forum that not everyone liked (or likes) to have their picture taken which for me is not even a priority anyway and most of the time the thought never even crossed my mind to start taking pictures especially when I am in such a blissful state of mind. My writing and reports which I do try to put a bit of extra effort into to get right and often rewrite several times before I’m satisfied with its content is my best and only way of conveying, sharing the experience as well as giving factual information.

        Bodywise you asked what are the options? Well without a doubt the answer is yes. In that respect my Kiev report pertaining to my first night answered that question and you may be glad to hear that in Baku I will give another yes, and from Bulgaria too another yes with the young Gypsy ladies by the roadside with those reports to follow. Just my pennies worth about Bahrain, never been to the town as such but if it is anything like Dubai you will get the usual young and old Thais and the not so young and old from Europe, Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation going for the man with the fattest wallet, ie Arab Middle Eastern men that’s why they are over there working illegally. Sri Lanka interesting, but what is the appeal? What facts do you have.

        • I was getting the impression you took the Russian Milf as that was your best option on your first night? Its not that your saying I fucked a beautiful young babe, but sorry gents no photos?
          Just curious if too good to be true, i mean if there was alot of talent on the street, why the Russian Milf? Of course, Blonde Russian milfs might be your thing 🙂 Just curious, not criticising

          I was looking into Sri Lanka, like the idea of it, exotic, miles of beaches etc, but mongering not look that good, and these impressions are usually right. Flights to Sri Lanka were via Bahrain so looked into that with a stopover there
          Yes lots of Thais, but all nationalities, like Ethiopian, Chinese, Russian, Morocco, Arab Syrian etc, I like the idea of that, and even brothel hotels where once in your room you get a knock on the door with 5 girls waiting outside. But again crackdowns –

          • Actually one item that has been on my wish list is Goa for the exotic beaches and Panjim the state capital. Flying into Dabolim Goa airport (GOI) doesn’t seem to have too many stop off options and I wouldn’t really fancy getting there on a Thompson Charter flight from the UK. Maybe a bit more research is needed.

    • Sorry, with the Bulgarian Gypsy women, as young and sexually appealing as they were I didn’t want to take them back because maybe it would have been too much hassle.

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  • I take the early morning metro from my apartment in Lisbon to the airport.  Herded like cattle I board the flight and manage to take an exit seat.  At least now I have forgotten about work and hoped for some g […]

    • Wow! That was truly an adventure. The same thing happened to a friend of mine. He said that the girl kept trying to pull his pants down a little more again and again. He thought it was weird. Later, he realized that she was pickpocketing him. He wanted to go back and confront her but, fortunately, the cab driver told him that she likely had friends and it wasn’t a good idea.

      • Thanks Ben, it surely was an adventure, but not one I would repeat.
        I wrote it to engage, but also warn any other mongers going out that way, dont let these bitches rob you. In the heat of a a really good street ‘bbbj’ you are not thinking straight.
        I would avoid these streetwalkers altogether, but if you cant help yourself, just let them unzip you not loosen your trousers. shit happens.

        I approached one of the hustlers in the street about it a day or two later, that I just wanted the camera back and would give him some cash if he could get it back. He told me he knew of it, the girls traded it in for some weed
        Took me to a place, said wait on the street and he would go in and get it, but give him cash up front. lol! When you are in a hole, dont keep digging! told him where to go, knew then I would not see it again.

    • loved the Bob Mugabe quote by the way.
      Good report, had me smiling at times in that our cocks really do take away all our logic and reasonable thought process sometimes. Throughout history just how many times has Men’s dicks got we the main bread winners and we the males otherwise often carrying all the worlds resposibilities on both shoulders into trouble, President Bill Clinton was one of many good examples of this. 🙂

      In a similar situation in Baku I caught one girl red handed and had to prise the money out of her hand, but yes there is something thrilling about this raw mode of mongering but nowadays, especially with CCTV, you really do have to be careful. I too have a respectable 9 to 5 job in the boring but unfortunately Real World.

      Nice clear professional pictures you have taken, more like something out of Conde` Nast Traveler magazine, now you’re just showing off aren’t you or showing off your new Camera.
      M Matt

      • Thanks Matt, its good we have a platform to tell our confessions, hence the importance of remaining anonymous.
        Those pics were taken with my canon compact, it really old now, but I knew just how to use it. You notice how the pics get worse as from then on just using a cheap smart phone to snap some pics.
        I backed up photos each day, so those sunset ones luckily I had already taken copies of. I lost a day and nights worth of that night.
        To take notes now I just use google calendar, which is working well for me as can update anywhere.

        • Great report dude! Yea, it’s a bit more out of the plain sight on Cape Verde and from what I understand in Africa in general.

          Did you try to talk to the Hotel staff about them hooking you up? A male hotel staff maybe? They must be used to men come to their country for mongering. A Portuguese friend of mine said that Cape Verde is one of the goto mongering destinations for the Portuguese hobbyists. Prostitution is legal on Cape Verde so I’m not sure if you would’ve had problems from the LE too.

          When I asked about the clubs in the city a young female receptionist in the hotel Porto Grande pointed me to a strip joint that I quickly found out closed up just a month earlier. Such places apparently don’t do well on Cape Verde. I didn’t stay in that hotel though and by then was pretty occupied with my Carnival experiences to follow up with her again.

          I didn’t get a chance to talk about Sal in my 2016 report but an apparent goto place there 2 years ago was the 2nd floor of Pub Calema, which opens at night. Apparently it always has some chicks who’d ask you to buy them drinks and I suspect would go places with you if the price is right. The later it is the more choices you get.
          But… after 1am or so I had one of my most incredible experiences on Cape Verde as women began filing in in huge numbers. The procession lasted for 15-20 minutes. My jaw literally dropped. I was literally pinching myself. Never seen anything like this anywhere before. One after another, nonstop. Soon they were all mingling with each other and the guys. At this point the women/men ratio was probably 4-5:1if not more. Apparently discotheque Pirata closed and they all were moving to Calema.

          I didn’t do anything beyond that on Sal but you also may want to consult taxi drivers or hotel staff if you want to get some quality in that regard there.

          • Hey Onza, good to hear from you. I got to the point where I felt I needed a fixer, but I dont like taxi drivers. All the hotel staff in Mindel were gorgeous young girls, one extra friendly. But no not ask anyone there. I tried your fixers number while there but number was dead so must have moved on. Sal was alot better for me with all the gorgeous Nigerian girls and yes entered Calema and met a girl in the bar below. never made it to the pirates disco. I got another report coming from Mindelo where I met a girl online.

      • I’ve never really thought about safety until I read your comment about the “Stan’s” and this BJ account. It could have ended worse.

        • Mr Q, with your secret filming it could end very bad for you one day 🙁
          But if your think adventure is dangerous, then routine is lethal! monger on!

          • When I said safety, I meant the general safety of the country. Most if the places I’ve been too are relatively safe. The “Stans” are a different beast as is parts if Central America and so forth.

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