Leierkasten laufhaus

Leierkasten Laufhaus Return

Return to Germany – Part 4, Return to Leierkasten

During my one night in Germany, I had a blast at Leierkasten and I intended to return.  As for Laufhauses, Leierkasten is not the only choice. Nearby was another popular laufhaus called Vitalia.

I originally planned to do a one two combo at Vitalia and concluding at Leierkasten in a few days, but coming off the FKK high, I simply could not wait. I had planned the day sightseeing but when I woke up in the morning, I really wanted another round. With heavy balls in mind I prepared for a possible afternoon trip to Leierkasten.

Leierkasten laufhaus

Taking a Chance

At 4:30 PM in the afternoon on a Sunday I made my way to the infamous red building. Entering the front door, it was completely dead. The bar would not open until 6 pm and a lone maintenance worker was painting the staircase. Perhaps there would be some girls on the 2nd floor but there wasn’t a single working girl. I knew I was taking a chance but zero working girls was completely unexpected.

laufhaus empty hallways
empty hallways

I made my way up to the third floor and luckily there were some working girls. Two of them. “You want to have some fun?”. Sorry… no. Not really my type. I was quite horny but there was nothing for me. Calling my losses I left the building and went outside. I looked at Leierkasten website and saw the petite blonde Giulia from my last visit was still working there. So I went back in. I located her room but she was not there. I went up to the 3rd floor again and two more girls appeared. I don’t think they came in but rather woke up from sleeping in their rooms. Still dismal. I peeked into an open room and eyed a blonde readying herself in the bathroom. She was decent but not ready for customers yet. Seeing the situation not readily improved, I left the building and walked over to the bus stop to sort through my options. I had appointments that night in another city and contemplated cutting this short. On a whim I decided to just go in again.

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This time two more two girls appeared on the second floor. A very sleepy tall Moldovan and a fair skinned brunette. The brunette was nice but she was completely consumed in setting up a SIM card with her friend from a room down the hall. I went upstairs once more and there was another girl or two available now. The earlier blonde that was readying herself had shut her door. I saw one man enter another girls room and he seemed to be a regular. I then eyed a very fair blonde. She was not super skinny or petite but she had full B. She looked a little older but was pleasing to my eyes. Her attitude… well… wasn’t the greatest.. but I was just so damn horny.
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You Get What You Pay For

I just wanted CBJ and straight sex and for that it was 50 Euro for 20 mins. Standard pricing in Munich for what they call “puff”. I wasn’t particularly too fond of her but I just needed a quick release.

Clothes off and she was the palest girl I had ever had. Her boobs drooped and as did her tummy. Her profile says 28, but Kassandra said she was 32 but she might have just as well been 42. She went straight to CBJ and I touched her boobs once or twice. Pretty standard suck and we straight to sex. Missionary and then to doggie. A couple minutes in, she said I had to come in the next 5 minutes. That was a mood killer but I managed to explode before her mouth was able to warn me again.

Kassandra’s profile
Kassandra’s profile

Like I said, I started off not too fond but I was horny as heck and needed the quick relief. Mission accomplished.

With this mediocre experience and seemingly lack of talent at Leierkasten, I knew I didn’t need to return to this place. Granted there might be better talent at night but the base of girls is vastly different from the FKK. Those FKK girls can make a lot of money very quickly and this has a Darwin effect. The beauties and the motivated float to the top and others sink to Laufhauses.

4 thoughts on “Leierkasten Laufhaus Return”

  1. Yes thats how I remember the laufhaus, you can get lucky, had a memorable time with a Turkish girl in Hamburg, Romanian in Frankfurt and slovakian I think in Vienna. But the far better quality girls worked in the FKKs. You use to have something similar in Thailand with Gogos and beer bars although that seems to have been turned on its head in recent years at least for the 2nd tier gogos. probably still true for the top gogos. Not come across like a good experience. teaches us to improve our game.

  2. I didn’t mention but the girls at these laufhaus are aggressive. Kind of annoying sometimes… cause it’s all the se story. Just come on baby… come into my room. Over and over again. It’s not like the FKK where you can really talk to those girls first.

    But sometimes you find some that are kind of fun… And it’s now a fun game to play.

    1. I had high expectations when I visited the Globe FKK in Zurich, suppose to be one of the best. was very disappointed, eve some washed out alcoholics working there. Some people had sex in the lounge area there, not really my thing. I enjoy walking up and down the laufhauses checking out the talent. you can uncover a gem.

  3. Cool post. Laufhauses are mostly drug addicts I think.

    FKK has the best options. Can see what you get in advance. Guaranteed service or you don’t pay. Someone to hear your complaints. I also love getting my big cock sucked in front of all the other hookers LOL!

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