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FKK Sunshine Munich Round 2

Return to Germany – Part 3, FKK Virgin continued (Round 2)

The great thing about a FKK is that there is no shame. Every guy is there to fuck. Every woman in the FKK is there to let you fuck them. Every woman is naked. Every man is naked. No one cares if you’re short or if your dick is small, we’re all there for the same reason. As long as you’re not utterly disgusting and you are decent, you’ll get laid. The girls just want your money.


I might sound like a broken record, but looking back I realize I was near delirious inside of Sushine FKK.  I can’t fathom how I only slept 6 hours total over 2 days including a 11 hour transcontinental flight with serious jet lag. Germany was cold and I was not used to 0 degree weather which further weakened me. My ATM card wasn’t working and I only had 250 Euro in my pocket. My phone wasn’t quite working either, but somehow I was horny as hell and made it to the FKK.

Waiting for the Next Round

After Alexa, I ate a snack at the buffet and went back to the lounge to have a drink. The FKK had gotten so busy at a point there wasn’t a single girl left on the floor. I kept waiting for Sophie to appear and she did, but only to be snapped up by someone else again. I spent some more time talking to various girls and observing the scene. Eventually Sophie made it back to the lounge and sat next to a black haired girl with milky fair skin but full of tattoos. She really stood out. All the light skinned girls really stand out at the FKK. Most of the girls are fully tanned with not a tan line in sight.

lounge fkk sunshine munich
Lounge (website pic)

Being Impolite

I smiled at the duo and they invited me over. I lept at that opportunity, planting myself right between the two beauties, taking them into my arms. With a topless girl under each of my arms I could only grin. They wanted me for a threesome… but I was in no mood for one. In my condition this would only be a waste, an act of futility for a two minute explosion. I joked and played with the duo for a bit but they wanted me to choose a girl if I weren’t to take them both. In ordinary circumstances it’s never polite to choose between two girls but this was business. The choice was clear and it was Sophie with her sweet cheery personality, beautiful smile and gorgeous body. With that Sophie went to fetch a key.

Upstairs Again

Sophie and I ended up in the same room as with my earlier session with Alexa. In the room Sophie was a doll, oh so very sweet and utterly charming. We had yet to discuss money and this was the time. My funds were limited as my ATM card stopped working. She asked if I could part with 90€ and I agreed.

We began with fondling and body licking. Her soft full C-cup breasts were such a delight. Her ass was fuller than Alexa and a bit more plush all over her body. What I liked best about Sophie was her innocent looks. She looked like the sweet young thing next door… except for being in heels and her boobs pouring out of her open cup sheer lingerie top.

Her BBBJ was more than welcome. We eventually moved on to the deed and she would look at you with such innocence as I thrusted. In the middle of a passionate doggy, I slipped out by accident and nearly put it in her butt. We got onto the topic of anal, but I knew tonight would not be the night. A few positions later it was explosion time.

She left to clean up and soon returned. We relaxed and chatted for a while. I didn’t really get that much into her past as I just enjoyed being with her so I deposed my usual probing questions.

fkk sunshine nudes

I walked out that night on a huge high and even managed to catch the very last tram of the night back to my hotel instead of a pricey taxi. I smiled the whole way. FKKs are amazing and I knew I had to go back.

By Mr Q.

5 thoughts on “FKK Sunshine Munich Round 2”

  1. Interesting Mr Q, I assume your secret camera this time is a watch? Seems the prices have shot up, used to be 50 euros a pop with a girls inside an FKK. After paying anything to 70-90 euros entry. Sex was always good with these girls. I had two pops in the Goldentime FKK and my cock felt it the next day. I spent the whole day in there just relaxing. Nothing better to do. What nationality were these girls. I am hearing many are now mostly from Romania

    1. When I first went into FKKs in Frankfurt and Berlin way back now end of 2011, if I remember rightly, the majority of girls were not Romanian, they were from all over Europe with a few Asians and or Africans, latinas etc obviously travelling and working. Moldovian girls working away from home turned my head a few times, in FKKs and on the streets Vienna and Zurich. So much so I took a trip to the capital of Moldova and it was mostly disappointing. As the poorest country in Europe most of the beauties were playing away from home. Is often the case, even if you visit Romania.

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