fkk sunshine munich fucking room

FKK Sunshine Quickie

Return to Germany – Part 2, FKK Virgin continued (Round 1)

I walked into the locker room of FKK Sunshine in Munich,  to see gorgeous naked girls just prancing about and I fucking drooled. I hadn’t even paid them yet and they were already naked. I couldn’t wait to start fucking the eye candy.

Busy Sunday

FKK Sunshine was packed.  Naked women in heels walked in and out.  Some guys sat with girls and some girls just sat around scouting the room for customers.

People relaxed, drank and laughed. Music pumped but it wasn’t deafening, it was just right. I sat down and took it in to make sense of the action. There were Asians from Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. There were German, Italians, English and other Europeans. It looked like the UN where everybody came to fuck and be merry.

I started eyeing my prospects. The first girl I eyed was a super petite bony Hungarian. She had large eyes, big cheek bones, a famished tanned body and flat baggy tits. She danced around, smiled big and was having a good time. I spoke to her but her breath was foul from smoking too much. It was a complete turn off. I fancied her friend, a Moldovan named Hara. She had a smoking hot body, 5’4” in height, long legs, and full B-cups. Her face had another particular look which attracted me. She wanted my business but I wasn’t quite ready yet, so I left it at that.

As horny as I was, I decided to take a tour around the FKK. There was a porn room or what they call a “kino”, an extremely modest buffet, sauna, hot tub, massage room, outdoor patio, smoking room, kitchen, and a couple of casino machines. Upstairs were the private rooms which the girls led the guys up and down.

There were girls of all shapes and sizes.. blondes, brunettes, dark haired girls, super tall ones, fake boobs, skinny, medium, a black girl and even a plump one. There seemed to be about 20+ girls working that night.

I came back for Hara but she seemed no longer interested in me. Perhaps her eyes were set on a better suitor. Walking around and chatting more, I came across a brunette with streaky highlights named Alexa. She seemed great but she wasn’t really my target. My eyes streamed towards another brunette with a sweet smile, a full B cup if not a small C, and a plush cheeks. She wore a sheer spandex top that barely covered her boobs which occasionally spilled out. She was quite popular and seemed to always be pulled to the side or talking with someone and was always smiling. Being new to the FKK scene I was timid and just let things be and decided to wait for the right moment to approach her. After realising she had gone upstairs with another customer and then later again with another one, my patience was running out. I’d been here almost an hour and I’d still had yet to taste the candy.


Having only slept 6 hours total during the last 2 days including a 11 hr flight into Munich, I walked into FKK Sunshine immensely jaded. This wasn’t ideal and not a position I favoured. I wanted to walk in strong and energetic, ready for the women who would serve my pleasure. A lot of planning, research, and preparation was invested into this night and it had to end in success, but I wandered around the FKK in a quasi-delirious state.


With Sophie not available, I finally noticed Alexa was free and I approached her. Her body was amazing, tall and slender at the waist but full enough at all the right places. With her arms around my waist and her bare breasts pressing onto my bare body, we talked about having a “date”. She asked what I wanted and being my first time. I just wanted regular BJ and sex. She wanted 90€ and I only wanted to pay the going rate of 60. Being as horny as I was, I knew this would be a real quickie for me and I reiterated that trying to get a discount. After a bit of back and forth we settled on 80. It was a seller’s market that night with girls being snapped up left and right. With the deal in hand Alexa went to get a key for a room and led me upstairs.

Nervous Quickie

The room was clean, modern and nice. A king sized bed stood in the middle and Alexa laid clean sheets over it. Music beamed into the room from the speakers. A nice touch bringing the club feel from below and drowning out moans and background noise. Porn played on the TV but I didn’t care for this distraction. A sitting chair, a dresser, nightstand, nice wood floors and soft club like ambient lighting… this place was very well done.

fkk sunshine munich fucking room
My room( website pic)

Being my first FKK and not knowing what to expect, I was nervous yet again. She laid on me to calm and soothe. Her soft body, warm embrace and sweet voice helped so much. She went to covered BJ and I very quickly had her go on top. I’m not sure if I even managed more than 1 position but I’m sure I exploded within 2 minutes. I was so horny, anxious and so weakened from exhaustion, everything was a blur.
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The explosion relieved me of so much built up tension, I was finally relaxed and could let my guard down. Alexa left the room to clean off and shower. Returning shortly, we had some minor chit chat but I was ready to get out of here. I remember I asked about one of her tattoos and she asked about my watch, but that’s about all I could remember.

Chit chat done, we went downstairs to the locker room, I retrieved my wallet and paid her 80€. A cheek to cheek kiss and she was off. I went to the showers to clean up and I felt as if I was almost ready for Round 2. Surely there was plenty more eye candy to taste.

To be continued…

By Mr Q.

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