FKK Sunshine Munich

FKK Sunshine Munich Germany

FKK Virgin Return To Germany Part 1

I am Naive

The first time you visit an FKK in Germany is amazing. Every girl is walking around naked and you can fuck any one of them. Yes… I repeat, any one of them! It’s not a game or fantasy you walked into, but reality beyond wildest dreams. When a gorgeous topless girl sits down next to you and her tits are already pointing at your face, you don’t have to slap yourself to do a reality check, it’s real. Grab them if you don’t believe yourself!

Remember in high school when you spent seemingly a lifetime trying to have sex with a single girl it never happened? When you walk into a FKK you can just choose anyone you want and she will suck your dick, open her legs and you can pound her until you drop dead. This is absolutely mind blowing if you think about it.

No Intention

Germany was a place I had no intentions of ever visiting, but I ended up there and had a fabulous episode of One Night Germany at Leierkasten laufhaus. I left fulfilled, happy even if I would have never returned to Germany, but fortune can grace even those who aren’t seeking it. Half a year later in the middle of winter, I found myself in Germany once again.


Germany is famous for its FKK sauna clubs and it was about time for me to graduate from a laufhaus and move on. Despite yearning to move on, the options are sparse in Munich. Munich isn’t a monger’s destination and doesn’t even have a red light district. As for FKKs, there are exactly four options and none of them too appealing.

FKK Relax and Sudfass Oase never have any positive reviews and are far from the city center. FKK Sunshine has mixed reviews and is near the city center. Munich’s only famous FKK is called Colosseum which is actually located in the city of Augsburg some 80 km away. Augsburg was too far away so FKK Sunshine near the city center was the natural choice for me.

FKK Sunshine, Getting There

I arrived in Munich on a Saturday, rested a bit, went to a brauhaus for German pork and beer, and then set out for Sunshine FKK, near Westendstrasse station. It’s located in an area of car dealerships, auto repair shops and office buildings a block off the main road. It’s surroundings were safe and clean.

fkk sunshine munich outside
safe surroundings fkk sunshine Munich

I arrive at 11:30 pm press the ringer and I’m buzzed in to FKK Sunshine.  A big guy at the front takes my 50 euro, hands me a key for the locker, two towels and rubber sandals while barely looking up.

FKK Sunshine Munich
FKK Sunshine

Runway Show

I enter the locker room to the right and I’m immediately smacked by two things, naked men and young naked women. I get my bearings, find my locker, focus on the women and just keep on drooling from all the tits and asses parading by. Some girls were coming in with their man to collect money but some would pass on through. I later would learn that the girls need to pass the locker room onto the front desk and back to get room keys. On a busy night like this Sunday, the locker room doubles as a runway show.

fkk sunshine lobby lockers
Lobby and Lockers

I wasn’t given any instructions so I followed the flow. Pack your things away, lock the locker, leave your towel on the bench and just walk into the shower. Come back towel off with the small towel, wrap the large towel around your waist. Enter main lounge, which I call the “arena” and drool at all the naked girls.

To be continued…

By Mr Q

7 thoughts on “FKK Sunshine Munich Germany”

    1. Hi I realize I have never ben to 1 of these clubs. I want to go really bad. As a rule I have & I almost always go to completely nude clubs. I think most people would agree Topless & Nude Clubs are not the same. With that said You Wrote That Every Lady Walking Around NAKED & then you say Topless. Are the ladies naked, topless or both?? ( please clarify ) Thanks

        1. Ok I take it back. I went back and reviewed my records. they are indeed naked. However… This is my caveat some will tie a towel around their waist, some will be completed nude, and some will have a garter or something.

          1. Its important to point out to any FKK virgin, the men dont have to go naked. You get a robe to wear and sandals. These come in all sizes so should find ones that fit. If you want to go into the sauna and pool etc, then you would be expected to remove your robe. Its quite liberating.

            1. The way I realize it now vs my first visits to FKK, nudism at spas and hot springs are commonplace and expected, even with mixed sexes. It’s just very German and European. At first I was timid but in the end I don’t really care. I’ve always been quite open and accepting so it doesn’t really bother me anymore. These ppl are strangers anyways. Who cares if they see you. You will never see them again.

              My neighbors probably wish I closed my blinds more to often.

              The next time I’m in Munich I’m hoping to visit Therme Erding hot spring by the airport….

      1. Iv been to a few FKK clubs and the vast majority of women are totally naked. The whole concept of FKK is nudist. Its more like they are using this as a cover for running a high end brothel. Its an amazing experience, beautiful teens fully naked from all over Europe I remember my first time in an FKK at the Palace in Frankfurt. Personally I would prefer if they wore a little lingerie, leave a little for the imagination and for the privacy of the rooms.

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