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Quarantined In New York

It was my fourth month of quarantine living in New York, and I was no longer satisfied with what the internet and my little apartment could give me.  Staying in the city that never sleeps loses some of its magic when quarantined.  So, that night, I decided to see if I could order some good old fashioned take-out.

Looking for Take Out

I like the Asian girls, I really can’t help myself when it comes to that orange chicken, but with the coronav irus scare still going, it was nigh impossible to find a decent source of Asian.

asian outcall
Wanting an Asian outcall

So I started hitting my sources for some chocolate instead. I don’t mind hispanic chicks, in fact I almost preferred them. But in my experiences the ones in New York tended to have a bit more lip and sass, and nothing kills the mood faster then a girl who has the sass to try and renegotiate while you’re in the middle of things. Luckily in New York, that’s not much of a filter, and so I ended up finding a lot of choices, but I had to choose quickly. It was already late, and some of these take-out orders take a lot longer to get there, and I didn’t want to fight horniness and sleepiness at the same time.


I had a few sites that I liked, but because of the quarantine a lot of them didn’t have any updates. The only one was a website called Cityxguide, which generally has girls that are African and american/Hispanic.

cityxguide new york
cityxguide new york

After setting the filter for the borough, I started my search. The profiles more or less tell you what you are in for. If an ad has a lot of sass, or asks things that are unreasonable (100 dollar surcharge for Uber) then you know that girl is gonna be just as stingy in bed.  At the same time a girl who posts “No Limits” will often post “No Greek” right after; it always pays to read things to the end, I guess.

Found a Stray Kat

The annoying part of the process is calling up the girls and seeing if they live up to their advertisements. Some girls will promise the world, then tell you a list so long you swear they should just say no sex and be done with it. After a few calls I narrowed it down to two girls that talked the talk. One was a petite girl, and the other was a black milf.

black milf ass spreading
like black milfs

I liked milfs, but not when they charge like they have the body of an 18 year old, so I called back the girl; her stage name was Kitten, she came from Philly, and she was gonna be at my place in 20 minutes.

Thirty Minutes Later

She appeared at my door wearing an outfit like she was dipping out to the drug store, but I was cool with it. In New York if you want quality you have to pay for it, and I was not looking to take her out to the country club, anyways. I took her up to my room, and we started to chat. She was a nice enough girl, but with the way she was going, I could tell that she was not gonna shut up, and I didnt want to be pissed off if she turned out to be a clock watcher, so I pushed her down on her knees, took off my pants, and she knew the rest. She was freaky, too. Her oral was nothing to be impressed about, but when she said “choke me” I had a feeling. In these cases you have to ask a lot of questions, but it seemed she was all good for the hardcore stuff so I didn’t complain.


After two hours, we left our mutual ways. She seemed to have her pimp pick her up, but I got what I wanted, so I went to bed satisfied and ready for the next day.

By Allen

9 thoughts on “Quarantined In New York”

  1. Thanks Allen for this snapshot on sleepless and horny in New York during quarantine. CityXGuide sure has a lot of options, nothing in London though, I guess not caught on over the pond but looks like a great resource in the USA. Hope nanny not get to take it down.

  2. Interesting… I tried CityXguide but it’s currently down right now…. but it looks almost like a Craigslist, Backpage site from the screenshot?

    Any verification from the girl?

    From my understanding, there’s a lot more escorting going on in NYC vs. the burbs as it’s much easier to incall a girl due to urban setting.. is that a good assumption? or does it go both ways, incall and outcall are both more prevalent in urban setting vs. suburban? anyways, I’d like to here more about the US scene and what sites you’ve used.

    Here in the burbs.. I’ve dabbled in a few incalls, but that really scares the shit out of me cause of sting operations, so I have avoided any of those girls operating out of less than stellar hotels. I have a couple of memoirs I haven’t sent to Mr. MongerPlanet yet…. lately I’ve been playing with Instagram and Privatedelights and EROS and with some escort agencies.

    1. Mr Q, it reminded me a lot of craigslist and backpage, unfortunately in the UK there does not seem to be an alternative that has sprung up. Im assuming though that is just because I have not found any new sources, people always want sex and money and no lock down quarantined is going to stop us feeling horny. CityXGuide has nothing happening in the UK from what I have seen. Would love to hear about your experiences on Instagram etc? We really need a much better version of Craigslist, should be possible.

      CityXGuide is currently down for me too, was up the other day. Says its under a hacker attack. should be back up later 🙂

      1. no wonder CityXGuide didn’t work yesterday. It got seized by the FEDS!

        I wrote some pieces about my adventures but I haven’t sent them to you yet as I haven’t concluded my adventures, but the longer I wait the more they get dated as the scene is moving quickly.

        The problem in the US is the passage of SETSA/FOESTA. A set of laws that basically criminalizes any website facilitating prostitution as the law is meant to deter trafficking. This is in theory great, but there are many working girls that are not being trafficked and this has become a complete nightmare for both working girls and clients. This law has a domino effect of shutting down sites with legit girls, even high end ones and even affecting discussion boards. The discussion boards and high end sites are being affected in two ways by the domino effect. One is that payment processors are refusing to process transactions anymore because giants like Visa and don’t care for these websites/boards because they represent .00000000000000000001% of their business. Why would VISA want to get implemented in Secondly, many successful sites are either global or their owners don’t want to get arrested if they are US based, so they just shut down the site or if they are not US based, they just block US users.

        Coupled with stings in numerous stories like this, “hobbying” can be an absolute nightmare. Most reputable working girls will “verify” via some way or another.

        Personally, it scares the shit out of me to go to an incall at a hotel/motel cause it might be a bust as in the above article.

        The urban setting is different from what little I know… NYC is still a hotbed for services with a lot less risk than in the suburbs.

        In my opinion to basically play it safe in the US, you gotta spend $$$. $300 gets you a happy ending massage from a reputable source. FS will cost you $500. that’s why I don’t really give a shit about how much I spend when I’m away from home, it can’t be more than what it costs here even when you include the cost of a plane ticket. there are cheaper options here, but with cheaper you take on more risk IMHO. I couldn’t even imagine the cost of a lawyer if I get caught plus the fines, plus the time I would have to take off from work for court and community service.

        Of all the countries I’ve been to, there are only a handful where the hobby is not legal. they are usually super religious states or communist governments…. so it’s disappointing when the hobby is not legal here.

        1. Thanks for this IronQQQ, very informative and worrying. How much longer before they come after MongerPlanet? Coincidence that this has occured with CityXGuide just as done an article. 🙁
          When I think back the hobby was better without the internet and mobile phones. I noticed SingleMansParadise has been down a few weeks now. Im surprised International Sex Guide is still up and running. Would love to get those reports of yours up before doomsday. But I guess its more when it it linked to some form of money making due to human trafficking.

    1. She looks like hardcore pro to me, really not my type at all.
      I had an bad experience once on whatsapp, that mongers should be aware of. I contacted a whore on adultwork. Initially she just texted back, I wanted to chat on the phone first just to check she was Ok with what I wanted, I like there to be a connection on phone before committing, can tell a lot from a voice, attitude etc. Completely took the wrong end of the stick and accused me of being a timewaster, wanting dirty chat etc. Not realising it, she then used my number to look me up on whatsapp, took a screen shot of my photo I had up then started to share photo and number on a punters forum, I then got a couple of text messages from punters saying I gave the hobby a bad name. The best response was silence. A whore has a short attention span.

      So if using your main number to contact whores, be careful they can cross reference this with other apps. I understand why some semi-pros use apps like Kik where no number is used only a handle think that is true with Snapchat too.

      99% of the time there is not a problem contacting whores with your main number, its a drag to keep switching on and off reveal your number, and some wont respond if hide number. Not going to pay for separate phone and sim for only contacting whores.

      Anyone has any simple solutions for staying anonymous when calling whores, would like to hear them

    2. They say you can’t polish a turd. Well you can actually, what a turn off!
      Honestly, I would rather ram a dirty gypsy women from behind, outdoors in the countryside any day.

  3. Everything is illegal in New York. Best bet is just stay in your room and wank and wait on death to arrive.

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