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Mongering Lviv or Kiev


Regarding the problem I had with sending text messages in Lviv, a problem I have never experienced before when abroad even in the Ukraine, the following morning before leaving for the airport I found a large general mobile showroom shop just up the road close to the hotel.

Dont Ask Dont Get

Just out of curiosity more than anything as it was too late now to put right the inconvenience that this had caused me, in answer to my query I was told that the package I had purchased did not include the facility to send out texts, all I needed to have done was purchase an add on which costs as little as 20 Ukraine. Why I was not told this at the time I don’t know, what you don’t ask for you don’t get and what you don’t know you should know I suppose.

No Text, No Threesome

So yet again when I thought there could possibly not be anymore, yet another lesson to be learnt and that latest little fuck up I think by not being able to strike while the iron was hot probably messed up the only chance I may have had on this trip of having a threesome back at the hotel something I had anticipated and was so looking forward to, but definitely as well, had blocked any way of me having the other pleasure of hearing that sound of a call girl tapping on my hotel room door.

Other than that little inconvenience, you can’t change a situation which you can’t change, more laid back than usual I took in this trip to Lviv with an open mind for I no longer go away just to monger, my choice and wishes now are firstly to escape the pressures of work and general boredom to try any new destination where hopefully it is nice and warm or you will at least see the sun and blue sky for a good part of the day.

Where I believe there are mongering opportunities as well has the final say in where I go and when the extra add-ons become hard-ons all the better if the prices turn out to be cheaper than back home.

Lviv like Baku?

As well trying somewhere different in the Ukraine the main reason that made me choose Lviv in the end was the fact that it has so many pubs and bars all within easy walking distance and again this is where being quite widely travelled can have a quite negative effect as well, part of me was thinking of the same set up as in Baku where practically all of these places also in close proximity to one another had freelancers popping up everywhere often leaving me spoilt for choice and maybe I was expecting or hoping Lviv to be the same as Baku in that respect.

But if only things were that easy, it was not the same. Baku is I think unique and at a guess there is no other place in the world like it, and it is a lot further to travel to 🙁 😕.

Lviv or Kiev?

And just like in Kiev when I found walking down Khreshchatyk Street walkway or just sitting on one of the benches there I would be spotted in the crowd and approached by freelancers who looked no different from any other girl in the street, I expected Lviv to be similar.

Khreshchatyk Street Kiev
Khreshchatyk Street Kiev

True, my best ever time in Kiev was during the summertime which made me wonder would things have moved a bit quicker and would I have had the same level of success on those benches along Lviv’s Svobody Avenue had I made this trip much earlier in the summer, who knows, but my gut feeling? Probably not.

Lviv is a city full of young people for young people visited by mainly young normal tourists of both sexes from all over Europe and beyond, most in their early twenties to around their mid thirties all who seemed to be having the time of their lives whether in groups or as couples in the pubs bars and restaurants making me think was I the only Lone Ranger in town looking for P4P and on this trip especially I was more self conscious than ever looking a lot older than all the other younger people around me.

But when I did have some success on this trip I am happy to confirm that things are still a lot cheaper in the Ukraine 🙂 🙂 than in most of the other countries I have visited.

So did Lviv cut it for me? For the cost of the flight, experiencing a new interesting destination and feeling I was getting More Bang for my Buck for my money, yes it did ten times over and above all I felt quite safe walking the streets especially at night. My only disappointment was what I thought high prices for the hotels in the Centre and as for the one-off high price type of places like the strip club, just like any other cities in the world look hard enough and I am sure you will find similar places.

So comparing Lviv to Kiev; out of the two cities I found the food and drink in Lviv to be marginally more expensive than the capital with the exception of a nice cup of coffee still costing around 1 Euro and the metered taxi I took back to the airport arranged through the hotel cost me 160 Ukraine just under £5 and coming from a local person, if you want to know, the most expensive city in the Ukraine is still Odessa.

cheap taxis ukraine
The Ukraine I found still gives you a sense of actually being abroad rather than just in Europe and getting a taxi is still very cheap

Out of the two then which am I most likely to return to? Without a doubt it would have to be the Capital, Kiev.  As nice and as pleasing to the eye as Lviv is and its closer to the UK, but for me though it just didn’t have the same thrill of a big city and the raunchiness of Kiev.

Kiev Ukraine
Where my heart is, Kiev

Lviv Mongering References

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By Captain Matt.

4 thoughts on “Mongering Lviv or Kiev”

  1. Nice trip report Matt, Sure would like to take in Kiev. I have done Odessa before, my first trip to the Ukraine and had a wonderful threesome. Have you ever been to Odessa?

    I know that feeling of self consciousness,like your the only monger in town, lol

  2. Probably due to holidaying a lot on the Bulgarian side of Black Sea I have never really thought about Odessa. I did though enjoy your report at the time and the account of that threesome you had a perfect combination I thought of a blonde and her slightly darker black haired friend.
    Kiev City too has a bit of apres-Beach along its riverbanks in the hot Summertime, something I may sample on my next visit.

  3. those Ukrainian girls in VIP Lviv!!!! Eastern Europe seems fairly developed and it’s low cost… sounds like a winning combination for travel.

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