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Clinica Tangara Sao Paulo Brazil

Brazil Part 5 – Sao Paulo, a Wintery Session

I didn’t want to try anything in Sao Paulo. Sal Paolo, is an utterly massive city and a complete mess of traffic. Every few blocks looked unsafe. In Sao Paulo, luxury condos behind barbed wire and electric fences are never a step or two away from the decrepit and penniless.

Graffiti is everywhere. One would think a 15 or 20 story building is a deterrent because of the height? Well no… the taller building, the bigger the canvas! This was a huge drastic change from sleepy Curitiba.

san paulo graffiti
san paulo graffiti

Bigger is not Always Better

Searching for Acompanhantes, there were too many sites and too many neighbourhoods to contend with in this massive city. It was a complete turn off. Brothel clubs called “termas” such as the famous Club Millennium, Centauros (Justin Bieber scandal), and 4×4 Whiskey are well known places for P4P but were of no interest to me. There were a couple of popular massage parlours but again I wasn’t too interested with all the numerous options in this giant sprawling city.

The genetic makeup of the city was different too. There were many more negras, indigenous people, and dark latin Morenas, a contrast to the fair skinned European looking girls in Curitiba.

As Sao Paolo seemed to have many more turn offs than turn ons, I went about my normal business without much of an eye for P4P. However during my final hours in Sao Paulo, I read a report about a popular massage brothel called Clinica Tangara. There were reports of 20-30 girls to choose, brancas and petite girls included. This peaked my interest and I was immediately off to take a look before I had to depart Brazil.

The Villa

I found myself in the hip neighbourhood of Villa Mariana. Standing in front of a large granite stone walled villa with a blue door, I buzzed and was let in. Walking through the courtyard there were two buildings. On the right, girls could be seen through the windows but the building to the left looked like a lobby entrance.

sao paulo villa
the Villa

Walking in I was greeted by a nice 30 year old Papasan who spoke English and explained how things work here. Soon enough he summoned the line up and oh boy it was certainly something.

The first girl came in, introduced herself and gave me a cheek to cheek kiss. The cheek to cheek still caught me off guard despite having already been in Brazil for 2 weeks. Before I knew it, the next one came in and did the same. And then the next one and the next until seemingly 15 girls came and went, each giving me a cheek to cheek. After introducing herself to me, each girl would loiter for a second or two before walking out.

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Papasan came back and asked if I liked anybody and I said, I forgot her name but she had braces on her teeth. She was a cute Branca with a big smile, braces and straight hair. He said he knew who it was and a minute later he came back with the smiling, glowing, innocent looking Marcelli. I ok’ed the fee of R$150 ($35 USD) for one hour and Marcelli went to get her belongings and came back shortly.

We made a quick stop at the counter to log in, then a stop at the hallway laundry for shrink wrapped towels and sheets, a few more steps and soon enough we arrived at the room at the end of the hall.

Clinica Tangara hallway
down the hall

Marcelli was 24,adorable with a sweet innocence. It was precisely that quality that caught my eye. There were other girls that were sexier with bigger boobs and sexy latin looks but ultimately it was a sweet 24 year old innocence with sparkling braces that drew me.

A Cold Day

It was a cold day in Sao Paulo. The seasons are opposite on this side of the world and it was only 12 C degrees (53 F) outside. A little electric heater ran inside the room and a cold Marcelli was bundled up in a knee length coat just like most of the girls in the parade. In Korea they sit in heated rooms in the cold winter, so they can still wear cocktail dresses and mini skirts, showing off their bodies. Brazil on the other hand is not typically this cold so fully heated rooms are not the norm.

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As Marcelli undressed I soon learned the pitfalls of winter mongering. The girls can hide their body under their coats and Marcelli had a lot to hide. She revealed a cute SpongeBob Starfish T-shirt to which she giggled oozing more of her sweet innocence. Then off came the t-shirt and panties and there it was, fat thighs, bulging tummy, tattoos, and another C-section, all hidden by her coat.

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There was no turning back and the only thing I could do was soldier on. She showered first followed by me. When I returned she was naked and huddled up in a ball in front of the heater. Absolutely adorable.

She angled the heater towards me to share the warmth and we chatted. She suggested a massage to ease the tension and while it was a pretty crap massage, it really did help. Soon afterwards we moved on to the real activities. There was kissing of the body and BBBJ. The BBBJ was pretty good and with her sweet innocent face with braces beamed at me while sucking my cock. I grinned cheek to cheek at this lovely sight. The condom then came on and she wanted me to do her doggy style. With that I got behind her gigantic chubby butt.

It was an OK session. Though there was an explosion, it wasn’t a victory. Her physical attributes didn’t turn me on. I was borderline just wanting to check out the place,  but might as well have a release while I was there.  As for chatting with her and gazing into her innocent face, I enjoyed that more than anything else

We showered, got dressed and I slipped her R$50 ($8.50 USD) for her company and walked out with her. We stopped at the front desk and the total bill came up to be only R$100 ($17 USD) since it was less than an hour.

I sat around the lobby a bit and soon enough more customers arrived outside. A lineup was formed outdoors this time. I wanted to see the lineup once more paying great attention to their bodies beneath winter coats. Some of the girls introduced themselves to me and gave me cheek to cheek not knowing I had just finished. Surprisingly, my girl Marcelli came back out in the lineup and waved to me, a little embarrassed; being done with me only 5 minutes ago, she was now parading again.
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Lineup completed and with that I left Clinica Tangara.

My Takeaway

Brazil was definitely an interesting place to visit. Transport was easy, people were friendly, and the food was very good. Sanitation was as good as any Western country. Access to modern banking and technology is easy and the culture is interesting.

The downside of Brazil is safety, language, and cost. Curitiba is one of the safest places in Brazil but still nowhere close to the US or East Asia…. Sao Paulo, forget about it. As an obvious tourist, I was constantly on my toes in Sao Paolo.

Brazil is relatively pricey. Supermarkets, restaurants, clothes and hotels aren’t cheap. However I’d say that P4P and Uber are cheap. Language can get frustrating. I can speak and/or read a handful of languages, Eastern and Western, but most people in Brazil don’t understand any of my languages. If you do know Spanish, Portuguese can come to you rather quickly… but for me, Portuguese drove me mad.

For the most part, women for hire are easily accessible due to legal status and the women can be quite attractive. Perhaps it’s easier to hire working girls in Sao Paulo in the evenings than on the weekends, but I didn’t try anything beyond Clinica Tangara. Brazil was not bad at all though I just wish it would have ended on a higher note.

After Tangara, I headed back to the hotel and packed. I would leave Brazil a few hours later after a truly wonderful visit. With that I bid Brasil “tchau tchau” and farewell.

by Mr. Q

8 thoughts on “Clinica Tangara Sao Paulo Brazil”

  1. That was always the problem with the beer bar girls in Thailand, the cloths. In the gogos of days long gone you got a good look at that body first as they danced in bikinis if the gogo was a little prudish 🙂 In the beers bars at least you got to chat with the girls non committal, ask if they had any children, they were always honest( not realising you were really asking if there belly was all stretched)
    Surprised you not head down to Rio Janerio, I had a great time there in the Termas and Balcony bar, if you like FKK you will like Termas. Same problem in Balcony looked nice with cloths on but not so good naked back at hotel, in the Termas the girls were flawless, again walking around in lingerie at most

    1. I had been in Brazil for quite a bit and I ran out of time. If I wear to ever return to Brazil I would like to visit some more of the Southern cities, rent a car and drive around.

      1. If tourism is an objective I wouldn’t go South – I’d go North. South might be more developed and better structured for mongering but North is where Brazilian culture and most of Brazilian beauty is.

        Salvador de Bahia is definitely one of the most beautiful city of all Americas and culturally richer then anything else in Brazil, yes, even including Rio.
        Mongering-wise, well, it’s a Brazilian center of African culture so there are a lot of black chicks around of varied hotness if that’s your thing but it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of hot blondes too. Sure you’d find more of them in Curitiba, and I did love Curitiba as a city too but with all things being equal it’s a no contest between the two in favor of Salvador. And oh yea, can’t forget that it’s the best food in Brazil by a mile. Whatever you weren’t impressed with gourmet wise in Rio or San Paolo don’t let it stop you from giving it another shot in Salvador – it’s apples and oranges. I was rather cool about fejoada in Rio but wiped my plate clean of it in Salvador.

        Joao Pessoa is a beautiful little jewel with awesome beaches and nice (mostly lol) good-natured programmas, many quite hot, walking the main strip, at least that’s the way it was when I was there.
        If you have time take a leisurely drive from Salvador to Joao Pessoa stopping along the way at various points of interests. Ask questions here or on ISG to get more up to date info. People are really warm up North and a bit less street wise, especially in less touristy places. I remember I saw many nice looking programmas walking in Maceio. Stopped there for couple of days and had great time with my “tour guide”… what’s her name lol. Recefe is a bit rougher but good mongering on the tourist strip. Adjacent Olinda needs (needs!) to be visited for tourist reasons, and then take a longer route along the coast to Joao Pessoa. Check out couple of nude beaches along the way. Stay in Joao Pessoa. Enjoy. 🙂
        Turn your car in and fly to Fortaleza. You can bypass Natal unless you like to feel constant high winds. lol What you can also do for greater diversion is to fly from Recefe to Fernando de Noronha (FDN). Chill 3 days there, like really chill. If you can chill more – do so but I hear your FDN hotel tax doubles on the 4th day in order to facilitate your ass getting off the island so another person can come to enjoy that little Brazilian paradise. Maybe you can luck out an see the freaking dolphins playing in the harbor too. Many say they always come there, but I never met a tourist who actually saw them lmao. From FDN see if you can fly directly to Fortaleza. Great mongering! I also heard nice things about Macapa in that regard but never got that far.

        As for me… today Trump stopped all air travel to Brazil due to the darn virus so I know I ain’t going nowhere. Also no matter where you go now they put you in 2 weeks quarantine if you actually manage to get there. I don’t know about you guys but I’d be careful about this. First Policia Federal would encourage you to break your quarantine and enjoy yourself, only to bust your ass and take you for some sweet cash so you wouldn’t have to do time for breaking the quarantine. lol Those Brazilians can be tricky baby when they get the smell of some gringo cash, and the Brazilian cops are only human, and the grossly underpaid humans with some power at that too. 🙂

        1. Wow, thanks for all this info HobbyForever, good reading in time of worldwide lockdown. Definately sold north Brazil to me.
          I do wonder when I will travel again. Unfortunately for me, struck when I was looking for new work, so funds are short too now.

  2. Not sure about Whiskey and Club Millennium is an awesome place in Sao Paolo but Centauros and 4×4 are Rio bars, with the later specializing in blondes, at least that’s the way it was when I was there which was some years back.

    In Sao Paolo I visited Millennium and had some good luck with the street scene on Rua Augusta. However my top experience came from summoning to my hotel room one Luana Martinelli, a hot blonde who did some porn that you can still easily find on the web.

    I suspect she no longer practices, and anyway she is more than 10 years older now than she was then too, but that sure was a great experience and I think we hit it off pretty well too. Her looks and her voice and her enthusiasm and versatility were top rate. And oh – that voice of hers – those tinker-bells still ring in my ears from time to time when I go to sleep. lol

    1. Yes I remember 4×4 and Centauros being in Rio, also the Justin Beber story mentions Rio De Janerio. I had a session in 4×4, not visit Centauros, both were top tier Termas at the time which is nearly 10 years for me now too. I did have full reports up at the time, but that was the old mongerplanet. Rio and many of the Termas were popular with Afro American sex tourists. At the time Rio was getting ready to host olympics and world cup and had recently torn down the Help disco, so missed that. At the time the Termas were being targeted too. Hopefully things are returning to normal now, maybe a return of the Help disco??? There was a lot of fear about the violence in Brazil, but I not see anything in Rio, I always remember the lonely planet quote ‘ the real crime would be not to visit’ that set it in motion for me and they were totally right. Fantastic city

    2. Thanks for setting me straight! I looked into going to Rio for a few days and that probably how I got the places mixed up.

      1. Another mongers favorite at least back then was Fortaleza , being by the coast, lots of freelancers available apparently. But thats if your more into a vacation that includes beaches etc.
        I never fancied Sao Paulo for exactly like you stated too huge and sprawling, good if passing through on business or something.

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