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Sunday Girl in Lviv

Breakfast in Lviv

Slept like a log waking up very refreshed just in time for breakfast which despite them starting to clear away when I arrived I found they still had a good selection of food left, but above all I was spared being with the annoying crowds of the other guests. Of note from the juice bar I tried for the first time a local Ukrainian juice concoction called Kompot and the coffee too was very good.

Morning Walk

Having not received any messages on my phone my immediate plan was to take a walk again at my leisure and just take it from there with my route again taking me past the benches lining Svobody Avenue where I sat down and lingered for sometime hoping for some eye contact and maybe a smile from the more appealing women who strolled past.

Again it was a lovely sunny morning and when I eventually moved on I found myself once more in Rynok Square which being Sunday was very busy and there I noticed a local tourist guide giving free walking tours in English which I thought from a tourist point of view was a very nice touch.

lviv walking tours
free walking tours

My first port of call was the tourist information centre where I got myself a free city map be it with most of the street names only in the Ukrainian Cyrillic script. The map also had a handy section showing another smaller map of the Lviv tram and trolley bus network.

Clock Tower from Hell

Whilst browsing through the what’s on leaflets a particular view from the top of the clock tower right on the Square open to the public caught my eye and on me enquiring further I misunderstood the girl when she told me the lift would take me up, what she meant was the lift would only take me up to the part of the building where you entered the base of the tower.

lviv clock tower
The 213 feet or 65 metres high Clock Tower which I renamed the Tower of death

Unable to find the lift I walked up to the 4th floor part and paying the entrance fee of 40 Ukraine and then realising there wasn’t a lift to the top I started to climb the first of a further 306 steps basically nearly passing out in the process. Being possibly one of the busiest times and busiest day of the week I was constantly stopping on those steep narrow stairs to give way to the people coming down and likewise I did not want to hold up those behind me so if you are claustrophobic in any way or just unfit forget it.

I estimated I had not even got half way up when I found myself absolutely knackered, at times gasping for breath, stopping whenever I could to let those behind me who were obviously a lot fitter than myself to pass. On eventually reaching the top which seemed to take forever and fresh air at last I could hardly move with the amount of people up there and with the dazzling sun being so low on the horizon I had to squint to see the view, and of course then run the gauntlet of first having to queue just to enter the stairs again to make the descent. Proud with myself that I persevered and didn’t give up half way up, yet disappointed at finding how unfit I have let myself become, for me that was a hellish experience for which I will give it a 0 out of 10.

Tourist Train

Deciding to give one of those free walking tours a miss and to help with my recovery, I opted for the easy option of taking the tour on the small tourist train which cost 110 Ukraine plus another 20 (60p) for a small new earpiece for me to keep to plug into the audio guide again in English covering the history of Lviv which I found very interesting as we rattled through the cobbled streets.

lviv tourist train
Little tourist train tour highly recommended

Also for any new kid in town I find going on these little tours is a great way to get your bearings and you often see places which you didn’t know even existed, there might be a strip club on the street or a girlie bar, you never know. Yes 10 out of 10 for that little tourist train tour.

EuroHotel Rooftop Bar

With the tourist stuff now finished for the day, and now feeling fully recovered after that last ordeal, just out of curiosity and to see another part of the town I decided to check out the EuroHotel on Tershakovtsiv Street which for it’s not so central location was otherwise right at the top of my original choice of places to stay.

Again quite a hike to get to and situated in what I thought was a non descriptive residential area, the hotel itself turned out to be very nice. Quite modern inside with a lounge bar restaurant on the top floor giving great views of Lviv, what I liked most about the hotel was the stylish roof top bar and restaurant terrace done out in wooden decking. Thinking about having a spot of lunch there I picked a table and comfortable chair in the sunniest spot I could find and took in the view of the city ironically seeing as well in the distance the Tower of death.

lviv city view rooftop bar
The lovely view showing the Clock Tower,circled,which I conquered earlier

Ordering a bloody Mary cocktail first while I looked over the menu which did not seem expensive, I ordered smoked salmon as a starter followed with a cheese and mushroom spaghetti Cannelloni.

Text Message

Enjoying just relaxing and feeling the warm sun above on my face I think I was on to my second Corona beer when I got a text message from one of the women from the night before asking if I wanted to meet them ‘Darling’ with the message ending with (3 kisses) xxx to which I replied inviting them to join me for drinks giving the name of the hotel to which I got no reply which I thought was strange.

Still waiting for their reply as the terrace started to fill up with Lviv’s beautiful people I then noticed a message on my phone informing me that my message had not been sent and when I tried again to resend it I got the same message. Maybe there was a temporary network problem, no signal perhaps but still it shouldn’t happen, it wasn’t New Years Eve. After I tried ringing the number which after a crackly breaking up message in either Russian or Ukrainian, I presumed, went straight to voice mail, finally getting the bill and pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it was considering the amount of drinks I had, as well as the food, I then headed back into the Centre taking a much quicker route I thought without using Google maps to navigate.

Sunday afternoon Svobody Avenue was packed out with people, all out enjoying the sunshine. Feeling my legs getting tired again and seeing every bench taken I found a space on one the low walls to sit, close to the impressive black stone carved Taras Shevchenko Monument in front the road leading up to the Fashion Club.

lviv svobody square sunday
Svobody Avenue walkway packed out with people

I was now at a bit of a loss of what to do next, it was too early to go back to the hotel, I didn’t really fancy sitting in a bar and I had had more than enough cups of coffee.

Gods Of Mongering Intervention

Shit I thought, and I’ve got another full day here to go. I think I was even contemplating whether or not to try that massage place I passed the previous night which was close to the Dublin pub and not too far away when the Gods of Mongering with such excellent timing fixed it for me big time.

I just happened to glance up and noticed a girl probably in her late twenties standing around close to where I was sitting who kept looking over and when we made eye contact she then came over and I suppose not sure of my nationality said something I think in Polish before saying hello and after shaking my hand and introducing herself as Marlena told me my face looked familiar and had we ever met before? I was loving it already :-)🙂, she was giving me exactly the same old spiel as some of the working girls in Kiev. Was I here on business ? Followed by that magic phrase was I alone? And then to rouse my cock further inside my pants, would I like some company, to which I nodded and smiled with approval.

Talking Business

Not bad looking either, wearing jeans and a black leather jacket, I made space for Marlena to sit down next to me while we got down to talking business. To come back to the hotel for 2 hours, she had never been to my hotel but she said it should be OK, and give me a good time, which she guaranteed, we agreed to disagree that my thank you present to her would be up to me, a prior arrangement I never agree to with any working girl which anyone who has ever been to Thailand will fully understand. Speaking now almost directly into my ear I heard 3,000 Ukraine, Okay? Which I knew was around 100 Euros from changing money the previous day. No problem I said.

Linking arms while walking to the hotel down a very packed Svobody walkway Marlena who was almost as tall as me told me she was 30 years old obviously keeping herself in great shape which I straight away complimented her on meaning every word I said. A Kiev girl herself, she had come by train to visit her father who was in hospital before returning to Kiev later that evening. Half Polish and half Ukrainian she spent most of the winters in Poland and Europe and the summer always in the Ukraine. Nodding politely I didn’t ask too many questions and told her very little about myself, I didn’t want to know her business, how many men’s she’s fucked I just wanted to enjoy the girl friend experience and God her ass looked so good in those Jeans, so good in fact as we were walking along my hand slipped and pressed the camera button by mistake.

lviv jeans ass
Bought to you live from Lviv

A few doors down from the hotel we stopped at a convenience store to replenish the mini bar in my room and asking her to just grab anything she needed she selected a small box of chocolates and some shampoo and whatever she asked the shop assistant for who had a quick look herself on the shelf, they did not have. Feeling a little apprehensive of us both entering the hotel, the security man on the door seemed to be already preoccupied with a large new arrival of a school trip of some description and the lobby area looked hectic and was very busy. Showing him her ID they exchanged a few words and feeling I had to do the same I showed him my key card and told him she was a guest in which he dismissed us with a nod while flicking one hand away from him in a sort of polite way, still, someone who you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Girlfriend Experience

The first thing I did when we entered the room after putting her ‘Taxi’ money to one side next to her handbag was put on again that Russian pop music channel and using two very small glasses on top of the mini bar I opened a bottle of beer which we shared offering her Vodka as well if she wanted it. ‘Cheers’ I said as our glasses touched and ‘Ura’ she said in Ukraine our glasses touching again followed by ‘Stowlat’ and what sounded like ‘Cheez’ also in Polish.

Showering first and it was a very quick shower barely wetting my hair in the process, when she got up to do the same I went into proactive directors mode, it was my movie and I was calling all the shots. What I asked her to do first was just undress to her bra and panties, so I can see your lovely figure I said, to which starting to unfasten her jeans she was very happy to oblige but no pictures of my face she said and no Nudie pictures for this money you give me as I stood there starkers leaning over her with the phone camera and getting a semi hard-on at the same time. Groping her bra and feeling her tits underneath before feeling her ass through her panties, yes sensually sexually this was all going to plan and the plan was to relax and not be rushed in any way.Lviv freelancer pantiesLviv freelancer bra
Me sitting on the edge of the bed with a glass of beer in my hand with Marlena behind me massaging my neck and shoulders and running her fingers through my hair as we watched the girls in bikinis and other sexy outfits dancing away in some exotic tropical country to the techno and disco music beat on the television, I was also aware that the clock was ticking, 2 hours is 2 hours, so saving the very last bit until last it was now condom-time and time for her to get her kit off ending that sheer blissful experience as she ended up leaning against the wall while I played my dick on her and fucked her, and fucked her and fucked her from behind.

Experience wise, value for money and the girlfriend experience the Ukraine had excelled its self once again to which I awarded this optional add-on from my days sightseeing a second 10 out of 10 that day.

Coming up included in the final instalment I compare Lviv to Kiev.

By Captain Matt.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Girl in Lviv”

  1. Nice Story Matt. Nice day out in Lviv finished off with some great sex, no problems. Does not really get any better than that, or cant expect much more. Great rack on that Uktraine girl, must be her Polish Jeans 😉 Polish girls have bigger tits on average, hope you had a good grab and suck on them?

  2. Yes there is nothing in this world like a great pair of tits infront of a willing women to grope and feel and a good foreplay experience for me now is a must. I didn’t suck them in this instance but I got my tongue around them.

  3. hello matt
    always good to read from you. As I said in one of the last reports, lviv is still on my list. therefore many thanks for your report.
    So far I have not yet been able to take girls off the street. I have to get even better there. hope if corona is over I can travel again soon.
    I’m looking forward to your next report. i love the women in east europe 🙂

    1. Hello Rob,
      In my final travelogue report I will be comparing the Kiev street scene to what I found in Lviv. Whatever city you decide though make sure it’s during the warmer hotter summer months because as we know but may forget at the time when we see a really cheap flight and hotel deal, eastern Europe in general can be pretty bleak in wintertime as well as being freezing cold.

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