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Gatas Curitibanas Massage

Brazil Part 4 of 6 – Massage Parlour

The other night, Cacau sent me a link to a website of her massage parlour called “Gatas Curitibanas”. I had come across that a few days earlier but I had thought it was yet another one of many numerous escort listing sites.

Turns out it was actually the website for a massage parlour that Cacau worked at. Upon closer inspection I saw the address in very small print on the bottom and a Google Street view pic. It just looked like a regular house on a street.

Curitiba massage brazil
Old unassuming house

Unplanned Visit

I didn’t really have plans to take another girl having ended on a high note with Lorena. I spent Sunday sightseeing and ended up at nice mall called Shopping Mueller in the area where this massage parlour was. Being curious, I thought I would just stop by to see if it was open. The website said it was open but I was highly sceptical as the city is largely closed on Sundays except for malls and some restaurants. I found the massage parlour just two blocks from the mall in a hip and trendy area with coffee shops, bar, and craft burgers.

The front gate of this unassuming building was open. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. Girls could be heard inside. A young short wide girl with curly hair opened the door and let me into the parlour. Inside it was an old quaint wooden house with antique tables, couches and lamps. I asked if it was a massage or what but she didn’t understand. She couldn’t communicate and went off giggling looking for someone else. I could hear girls running around and giggling and then a taller young skinny gorgeous petite blonde appeared.

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Both of these girls didn’t look older than 19. The curly brown hair girl was wide framed and had an elastic top with open sides that showed her tattoos and side boobs. The blonde girl had cute clear braces, flat chested, skinny, tall and giggly as ever. She was carrying a towel and seemingly about to head upstairs to service a customer. I tried talking to them but they didn’t know Spanish or English so it was translator time. I wanted to find out the cost and what time they close. R$180 ($45 USD) and they close at 4am! I couldn’t believe it. It was Sunday too. I doubted these two girls would be there until 4am so using my improving but still inadequate Portuguese I tried to get that info but it didn’t work. I did manage to get their names, Eloise and Alice. The girls giggled more and they let me out, I gave skinny Alice a light touch on the arm and told her I’d be back later for her.

I was now very peaked but exhausted at 4pm. I found myself a cafe, had a late lunch and went back to my hotel for some rest. I wanted that little blonde white girl Alice and if not her, even the wider curly haired girl Eloise would do.

Not What I Expected

I headed back over to Gatas Curitibanas at 9:00pm that night knowing it was late. I wanted to leave earlier but I just didn’t feel that great. When I arrived I was surprised to see Eloise still there. She remembered me and I said, “Told you I would be back.” She was running around talking on her phone and went into the back to grab someone. I sat down in the parlour and looked at the books with pics of the girls that work there.

the Book
the Book

A few minutes later, a full figured blonde girl came out. She introduced herself as Bruna and she was one of the girls that Cacau had recommended the other night.  She went back to get something and came back with a Morena and just as she did that, the young Eloise slipped out the front door to go home.
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Bruna explained that Jennifer is the only girl here. I couldn’t tell her age other than in the 20s. She had a nice body, decent face, and cute little bangs over her forehead. I said “yes”. Jennifer disappeared for a minute and came back with sheets, towels and escorted me upstairs.
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The Unveiling

I explored the upstairs of this old creaky house as Jennifer went back downstairs. Three rooms and a bathroom. One room had a massage table and all three had beds… everything was old.. dirt old. Returning she cherily chatted and undressed to reveal a little flab and a C-section. Uhhh…. I’m not a young man anymore and most girls my age would look far worse, but uhhh… a big C-section scar. This was not really doing it for me.
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With the bed prepared she suggested a massage to ease me and it was a pretty shitty stereotypical massage with Kung Fu chops included. Things moved to kisses and I refused lips as usual. She was a very very nice gal and my Portuguese was getting better and she did understand some Spanish so we had good communication. I played with her breasts and then to BJ. I requested a condom and things moved to doggie. She didn’t smell so great and I quickly lost interest and the explosion was not going to happen. I said, “tenho nervouso”, I’m nervous… thank you but I’m done. We chatted for a while and this girl was really nice and genuine. I felt if we could have been great friends if not for the circumstances of us meeting like this. I showered, cleaned up and gave her a small R$20 tip and she thanked me.

What really got me was how casually Jennifer did what she did. It was a way for her to support herself and be thankful for the money. I hailed an Uber and left. It was not the way I wanted to end my stay in Brazil. I really wanted another Branca but it just didn’t work out. It ended kind of shitty just like the way Malaysia ended for me. I had a fabulous time in my nearly 2 weeks in Curitiba, basking in Brazilian culture, food and meeting new friends, but it was time to move on.

By Mr. Q

4 thoughts on “Gatas Curitibanas Massage”

  1. Interesting story Mr Q. Something that resonates with all seasoned mongers, we need a tag for it ‘bad experience’ I mean like we had PSE and GFE? also a tag for when the girl strips and C scar flabby belly, it is such a turn off, the worst is a smelly arse in the doggy position, enough to put you off sex for life.
    Often goes that way though, after one or two good experiences and bad one is more likely to follow. you often feel committed once its got this far. At this stage Im hoping she will do BBBJ and CIM.

  2. hahaha.. not the first smelly arse in both mongering and with girlfriends. Too bad that Pakistani girl in Dubai had one too!

    1. Im racking my brains, but cant recall every having had a smelly pussy or ass, or girl come to that in Thailand, Asia. They tend to be much more hygienic in that area. If ever you bring an Asian girl back from the bar or the gogo she will insist on showering first, coming back into the dimly lit bedroom wrapped in a white bath towel, To remove it and there is this wonderful natural hairy asian pussy waiting to be fucked. At least sometimes. Iv had smelly pussies in Cuba, smelly arses at home.

  3. You have had me racking my brains now. Amazingly come to think of it I have no recollections of anything that untoward even during my alfresco adventures in Bulgaria and unless I have totally blanked it out of my mind I think I have been lucky in that respect. If my memory serves me right apart from some stinky smelly rooms there has been one or two very bad BO armpits in Spain and the Dominican Republic.

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