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Saturday Night Lviv Ukraine

Saturday Night in Lviv

Saturday night and I’m sitting in my hotel room in downtown Lviv getting effectively high on good shit quality Ukraine vodka (mixed as a chaser with apple juice) complimenting the beers well, a good tip introduced to me once in Bulgaria.

Hitting the Town

Caught some sleep earlier in the hotel but with having little sleep the night before due to all the travelling etc, combined with all the walking, independent sightseeing I did earlier, I felt even more tired when I awoke but still feeling that buzz of just arriving in a new place in a new city, instead of calling it a night as any sensible person aching all over like me would have done, aching legs aside I was now slowly coming back to life with great expectations for the evening ahead.

For a bit of background music and to put me in the mood before going out, on the television in the room I found a Russian channel showing non stop sexy pop videos making me feel even more horny whenever one of the girls strutting her stuff showed some resemblance to that same massage girl whose lovely round firm naked tits I felt and stroked that afternoon prior to jerking me off. Maybe she was the same girl☺️.

Hitting the town once more, Lviv after dark seemed to have a different atmosphere, a different feel about the place. Still busy even after 10 at night but not as crowded, the drop in night time temperature though was very noticeable.

Old Town Bars Pubs and Nightclubs

As it turned out the hotel was conveniently close to where most of ‘Old’ Lviv’s bars and nightlife is situated which starts on the streets leading away to the right, from the Opera House end of Svobody Avenue, and includes the many narrow streets joining them, running parallel to Svobody.

Selecting first Lesi Ukrainky St the first cobble stoned street sloping off to the right in front of the Opera House, just walking and looking. I took a look inside the first pub which caught my eye the White Lion which was lovely inside but mainly full of diners with nothing else of note to look at and just based on the name a little further up the street, the Good Friend pub turned out to be in an old cavern basement crowded with only young people making me feel a bit out of place and thinking then maybe to try the local craft beer another time with less queuing at the bar. Still, these places seemed very nice just oozing with character and for anyone who just likes pubs and bars which also happens to do excellent food by the look of things, then Lviv is for you, but regarding mongering, well it was still early days.

white lion pub lviv
The White Lion, impressive building both inside and outside

Once outside again and passing even more bars, just before the street came to an end at the top part of Lesi Ukrainky I came across another Erotic Massage place which was open 24 hours, places which Lviv definitely seemed not to have a shortage of.

erotic massage lviv ukraine
Massage place on Lesi Ukrainky St

Leaving no stone unturned in my search for mongering hedonism I crossed over to Virmenska St which was very similar to Lesi Ukrainky and thinking it was now time for a beer walked down to my next port of call, the Dublin pub.

Virmenska St lviv ukraine
leaving no stone unturned

For a Saturday night, surprisingly it was not that busy inside and women wise for me it was very disappointing, a pint of Guinness was expensive, but nothing new there, when has a pint of Guinness never been expensive when abroad in any Irish Pub? Settling instead for a local beer which was still pricey I left my place at the bar where nothing much was happening and found an alcove table all to myself finding myself staring at the hideous green paint on the walls, anything I suppose to make the place look authentic.

Fashion Club

Moving on, I found myself back on Rynok Square which in parts was crowded and in other parts looked deserted where I just randomly carried on walking, now with no set plan.

lviv sexy girls streetwalker
Yes I know, crappy attempt of mine to capture those girls lovely behinds wearing jeans. Not knowing it at the time that yellow tent like building turned out to be the entrance to the Fashion Club, Lviv’s premier nightspot and a known spot too for high class freelancers.

Again, it was mostly young people gathered outside the Club and joining them by the entrance I tried to get a feel of the place trying to see how crowded it was inside and on first impressions it looked expensive. Two women with their backs to me standing inside caught my eye because they were dressed so sexy and all the girls I saw walking in were attractive, in fact very attractive indeed but the fact of the matter was they were already taken. Now I knew where the place was and still being a great believer of being in the right place at the right time can often bring pleasant mongering surprises, I just knew I would be returning to this street again.

White Rabbit Strip Club

Continuing deeper into Lviv’s amazing night time maze of narrow streets and alleyways I found myself being cajoled inside a strip club on Halytska Street by an attractive girl at the door who worked for the establishment. Not really being into these type of places I thought why not as there was not much else going on so in I went. Top heavy with security and doormen crowding the reception area I paid the entrance fee of 250 Ukraine which included 1 complimentary drink and as I had my wrist stamped with an ink mark should I need to go out and return again I was told firmly not to take any pictures inside.

Greeting me as I walked in a tall beautiful blonde, probably one of only the two people (including the girl at the door) who were not available for sex in that establishment, usual shit, who could have been Gwen Stefani’s younger Ukraine twin sister who I couldn’t stop staring at whenever she walked by ushered me to my table and leaning over no doubt making sure that I got a good view of her tits sticking out of her top she passed me a menu and over the loud din of the music started explaining to me that they had private dancers available and I think there were private rooms for hire too but most of what she was saying I couldn’t hear. My complimentary drink which for a moment I forgot about because it took so long to arrive consisted of a small shot of vodka flavoured with some fruit of some description in the smallest shot glass vial I have ever seen and as Gwen Stefani’s twin leaned over to pass me my drink I got up and shouting in her ear I told her how beautiful she was and she said ‘Thank You’ and I got a lovely smile in return.

lviv gwen stefanis naughty sister
naughty lookalike

Inside the place was crowded with all the customers being male, young and old, and crushed between them and me was the odd female hostesses most of who were topless and the young hostess who latched on to me who was also topless with very small tits which for me were the wrong shape was as hardcore as they came, thankfully moving on after a while when she realised she was not going to get an expensive lady drink out of me. Not seeing the wood for trees to begin as I was too busy concentrating on trying to read the menu assisted by a small light on the table, when I looked up and had a good look around the room I then saw 2 girls on a podium just average looking strutting their stuff while one of them slowly removed items of her clothing.

So back to the menu, which the more I read it (and even I, I think was not one hundred percent sober at the time ) the more it occurred to me that unless you owned an oil rich country it was an evening potentially ruined just waiting to happen, more so for those in groups getting merrily drunk and of course letting their guard down. The room was very dark remember, and using only a small light on the table to try and read the menu, tea for 200 Ukraine was listed next to various lady drinks costing 550 Ukraine next to Champagne costing 18,500 (over 650 US dollars). This is why I am always wary of strip clubs, true I’ve been in a lot worse places before but when I find myself not being able to relax and suspicious of anyone even just trying to talk to me, well I think what’s the point.

lviv white rabbit strip club
The White Rabbit, I have been in a lot worse places.

Fashion Club Freelancers

Still quite early for a Saturday night but definitely now ready for bed I left the strip club and on the way back to the hotel I stopped for a moment, again joining the people who were milling around outside the Fashion Club entrance which was rocking inside by the looks of things. I was just about to move on when two women in about their mid thirties came over to say hello and seeing I was on my own asked me in broken English if I wanted some company which made me smile and invited me to join them in the club. Explaining or trying to explain that I was feeling tired and was now going back to my hotel to sleep but we can meet tomorrow perhaps, the other women asked for my number and which hotel I was staying at and beckoning me to hand my phone to her she somehow took the number and they said they will text me the next day and both blowing me a kiss they then went inside.

fashion club freelancers lviv ukraine
Entrance to the Fashion Club

Walking back to the hotel towards the Opera House, the rows of benches along Svobody Avenue seemed empty but for the odd group of people eating their takeaways from McDonalds across the road which was still open, I arrived back at the hotel just after midnight. Pleased that I finally got approached, be it in the final hour by those two women, I was feeling much more optimistic now about what pleasures the daytime or night time might bring to me the next day.

By Captain Matt.

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