pasion tenerife mongering

Pasion Tenerife

From Malaga on the Spanish mainland took the two hour flight to north Tenerife on the Canary Islands. I would be spending a few weeks in Tenerife, just exploring the island and always keeping an open mind to any mongering options available.

Tenerife Mongering

I have visited the Canary Islands recently Gran Canaria, that was more for some winter sun rather than mongering.  Still, reports were that mongering was better on Gran Canaria than Tenerife but I would try my luck.  The best way to start with a new destination is to read a few pages in on the Tenerife thread on the international sex guide.   This can become tedious, sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

Sex Contact websites

One of the best sources for mongering in Tenerife and probably a lot of Spain is the Pasion portal, this is all you need on your travels.

There are others with some differences but I found these second rate compared to PasionCanary69, GuiaSex, IslaSex.

pasion portal tenerife
select woman contacts

Some of these web sex portals for Tenerife not work so well on my mobile device, Pasion excluded.  It seems some websites are more about the website rather than being a medium to connect you with what you really want! Pussy!  One issue with Pasion was could select Tenerife as a category but not the specific town you are in.  What you need to do to see the options available is enter part of the town as the search term; e.g.  ‘puerto’.

I tried a few dating apps while travelling around Tenerife but no luck with Tinder, Badoo etc.  Not work here like Pasion does.

WhatsApp, Internet

Many of the girls advertising on Pasion etc are contactable via Whatsapp.  Whatsapp makes life a lot easier as can use google translate if there is a language problem, but requires internet connection.  My mobile phone operator back home in the UK provided the same access and charges for data and calls across Europe as it does home so I was not dependent on hotel Wifi, which was generally poor throughout Tenerife.

Pasion is not just about escorts and sex, it reminded me a bit of the Craigslist of old, so you can get some amateur girls on there also.   The thing is with contacts of this kind, one day they are there, the next they are gone.  So not going to be providing specific links or addresses, it is the general modus operandi one needs to grasp. What follows is my mongering experiences on Tenerife predominately using Pasion for contacts.

La Laguna Mongering

La Laguna is a cool city in Tenerife to hang out for a few nights.  Its a student town so lots of pretty Spanish girls around. La Laguna is  ‘cool’ literally with a milder climate, it is where the Spanish first settled due to its proximity to water, essential for survival as is sex.

Asian Student

A day or two in I am getting horny and noticed on the above sex portals for Tenerife there are more than a few options in La Laguna.  One was an Asian girl claiming to be a student.

pasion tenerife asian pussy
Hairy asian pussy available in la laguna tenerife

God I wanted to bury my cock in that hairy Asian pussy.  I wanted her to keep those red crutchless panties on too.  I contacted her on whatsapp, she responded with an address.  Using google maps was about a 40 minute walk, too far and not quite worked out the  local buses yet.

La Laguna Brothel

There was another option much closer to my hotel,  5 minute walk, a brothel with half a dozen working girls so decided to pay a visit.  Again communicated via Whatsapp and they sent an address.  Arrived, rang the bell and a maid led me in.

la laguna brothel tenerife
inside the bedroom of the la laguna brothel

In the bedroom a few girls introduced themselves to me.  Not stunning, a little hardcore, pro like, but one had huge tits, a local Spanish girl so chose her for 60 euros 30 minutes.   A good session with her, did the business.  Very similar setup to what is available in Gran Canaria.

Mongering Puerto de La Cruz

From the La Laguna I made my way to the northern coastal city of Puerto de La Cruz of Tenerife.  I did visit a few smaller towns along the coast but they not seem to have any local mongering options.  It all happens in the big towns and cities.

Budget Accommodation

Budget hotels and apartments can range from anything from 20 Euros a night to 60 euros, I found all mine on YMMV and you get what you pay for.  The beds are mostly uncomfortable, two singles pushed together which seems to be the norm.  Puerto de La Cruz has more of a tourist feel to it, but more German, nothing like the south of the island, its pretty laid back.  Most seem guest friendly or there is not a problem with a girl visiting you at your hotel.

Colombian Latina

A few days in and I back on the portals.  Good thing is with Pasion is that there are a few regulars and a few newbies each day, so need to check regular.  Many of the girls escorting are on a working holiday. So it was with one Colombian beauty I met who was travelling around the Canary Islands and Spain, funding her expenses with some P4P.

pasion tenerife colombian escort
Colombian girl on Pasion

You look at the photos on Pasion and think well they must be heavily photoshopped.  Again made the deal on Whatsapp and she provided the address of an apartment complex only  minutes from my hotel.  I had to wait 5 minutes outside the apartment before she turned up and wow! She was well worth the wait.  One of those rare occasions where she looked better for real.  Beautiful face and great shape!  I knew I was going to have a great time, her personality was hot too.

tenerife pasion latina girl
great body too on this latina

The going rate was 70 euros for 30 minutes.  It was the best 30 minutes I have spent in a long time.  Lovely comfortable apartment for one.  She kissed to and really passionate.   As you can  imagine, had a  great session with this latina found on Tenerife Pasion.   This was beginning to really work out for me and never came to Tenerife for mongering.  With this latina one day she was there the next she was gone.  Had moved onto one of the other islands I remember.  Would have enjoyed another session or two with her without breaking the bank either.

The Black Gobbler of Puerto de la Cruz

Another option in town was with a big black girl promising great blowjob with cim.   Some of the translations from Pasion are not always clear and some of them ,  still dont know what they mean like Morbid’ etc.  I spent a few days communicating with this black girl via whatsapp, timing was a problem but determined to try her out.

black girl blowjob tenerife
the gobbler of puerto de la cruz

Managed to pin her down one afternoon and again she sent me her address.  She was a local, been living there 15 years but originally from Africa.  She was a big black girl, young only in her early twenties, happy go lucky type, nice clean apartment.   Her blowjob skills were exceptional, licking and sucking like her life depended on it.  Took the lot in her mouth.

50 euros for 30 minutes but bet you would not last that long, just sheer pleasure.  So good in fact,  I saw her 3 times while in Tenerife, started to notice a pattern to her sucking and licking skills but great when you needed a release.  Now she contacted me a few times after I had left Puerto de la Cruz and I believe not only because she wanted another 50 euros, that she was horny.  She genuinely enjoyed sucking cock and having guys explode in her mouth.

Tract Infection

I have to admit though I did catch a mild tract infection that I assume was due to these wonderful blowjobs.  You know because your piss is a little cloudy and there is a  pungent smell.  But cleared up within a few days so nothing serious.  After unprotected oral sex BBBJ, you immediately want to have a piss and clear the tract and wash the area with anti bacterial soap.  I was not following my own advice, you care less as you get older, and occasionally need an abrupt reminder.

Brazilian MILF

I did have another mongering experience from Pasion in Puerto de la Cruz and this time not go so well.  Was with a Brazilian MILF.  Her pictures up on Pasion not match the reality, her apartment was messy and she smelt a bit.  I should have bailed out once meeting her but gave the situation the benefit of the doubt.

Playa De Las Americas

My final destination in travelling Tenerife was Playa de las Americas.  The place I was trying to avoid being a tourist trap for mostly drunker groups of Brits and such like or so I thought.  I needed to experience it though before flying back to London from south Tenerife.

Getting Around

The food and drink around Tenerife was mostly good quality and a good price too.  I was getting around by bus and the operator Titsa covers the complete island.  Can get from the north of Tenerife to the south in under 2 hours for under 10 euros.  Hiring a car is very cheap too but then you got parking to worry about and for Brits driving on the wrong side of the road.

I did spend a few days in Los Gigantes and a day in Santa Cruz but not indulge in any mongering, not because there were not any options there, just took a break, got back on budget and save myself.

Veronicas  Strip Clubs

The main nightlife in Playa De Las Americas is concentrated along the strip called Veronicas.  Late at night you will get hassled by touts outside the bars, best to be polite and keep going.

veronicas tenerife
main strip veronicas

There are many strip clubs around Veronicas too, but I not have a good feeling about them and not try any.  Its possible to meet drunken tourists here but not my scene, what I saw was mostly  groups of guys, couples and retired people in Playa de las Americas.

strip club tenerife
outside a strip club near Veronicas

The thing is with the strip clubs around Veronicas they know most horny guys are just going to get drunk and not get laid.  The strip clubs are there to mop them up after they stumble out of the clubs alone and take their money giving very little in return.

I did notice a few streetwalkers after about 9pm standing beside a park along Av. Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta so worth checking out if you are in town.

Pasion Cute African Girls

While in Playa de la Americas I was checking Pasion daily and there were a few options.   One morning there was a hot black girl on, assuming her profile to be real.  Due to to the heat decided to arrange an incall with her to my hotel.  So sat there and waited for her to arrive.

Arrive she did but got completely loss in the labyrinth of hotel buildings, corridors and lifts.  Eventually I had to go down to reception and meet her, not part of the plan to remain discrete.  Sure enough she was dressed up to the eyeballs like a tart.

pasion tenerife black tart
black tart

As I escorted her out of reception noticed another cute black girl sat in reception also tarty looking.  When in the hotel room, told me it was her friend, she was waiting for her.  It was her friend in the pasion advert so a bit bait and switch but I was OK with the deal. She tells me next time I can come to her apartment and we can have a threesome.   I not think at the time to get her friend sat in reception to come up to my hotel room, even if she just watched. She got down to some great BBBJ sat on the bed with me stood in front of her.  She tells me she loves being filmed and photographed so had to oblige.Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this content To view this explicit content, you must be registered and logged in. Good session, again one of those wet pussies where I wish I had a bigger cock!  I did contact her a day or two later and she tells me her friend had left Tenerife now, gone onto Madrid.  So never had that threesome.  Strike while the iron is hot!

Wrapping it up

So that wraps up my mongering experience in Tenerife made possible by Pasion.  Pasion is a great resource for meeting pros, semi pro girls throughout the Canary Islands and mainland Spain. Mongering was not the primary reason for visiting but via Pasion had some excellent experiences.   If there are any other options, or your experiences, would love to hear about them in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Pasion Tenerife”

  1. On this subject I remember as well the golden age of Gumtree online when I used to have a field day with some the home visiting massage girls. Being of all nationalities, most of them straight off the plane or coach from Europe most of these girls showed pictures showing their faces as well and the newer the girls were the cheaper their prices were and some were exceptionally cheap. Also in all the adverts they had to state in so many words that they Do Not do sex…Please do not ask me for extras, etc, etc, which was usually always the opposite. Using my own rough statistics in that around 50/50 – 50% of the time of me getting an automatic happy ending without even having to ask, and or 60/40 – 40% in favour of the girl being naked too when massaging me and 70/30 – 30% in favour of full sex being available too, the big thrill also for me as well as being in my own comfort zone at home was that a lot of the girls were so innocent looking, you know what they say about the quiet ones! Girl next door types, and depending on the final outcome of any of the above depended on how I conducted myself and how good my salesmanship talking skills were of getting what I wanted. Now in London you would be lucky if they could be even bothered to leave Zone 1 to come and visit you. How I miss those days.

    For some reason I never hit it off with Craiglist even when it was allegedly good too, maybe I was just unlucky but I always seemed to get replies from either nutcases or time wasters.

    Just had a look myself at the Spanish Pasion portal, excellent site I thought doing a good service to all and making me think again about some future winter sun perhaps to Gran Canaria where a site like Pasion might come in most useful. Only having been to G C myself how do you compare Tenerife to the two islands? Which did you find was the nicest part of Tenerife the north or south and which resort if any did you like the most or did you find the smaller towns much nicer places to stay? Captain Matt

    1. I use to use gumtree for casual dating, black girls mostly and first of all no payment was expected. Then one would only come and stay the night for £100, that was the turning point. But Gumtree dating was a good source of pussy. Unfortunately the dating section got shutdown. Craigslist there were a lot of noise to signal ratio but again a good source of black pussy. Often could go on in the morning, post an ad, have a visitor for the afternoon or night, small payments expected by then. Needed to live near London or another big city for it to work, If you were after white pussy eastern Europeans etc then maybe not work so well. Then craigslist got shutdown too. So where are they all now? Iv used some sugar daddy sites too, some limited success, but can waste a lot of time on spoilt bitches, that want 300 for just getting out of bed, sent to them. The other extreme are some prostitutes who would usually charge 50 for a session now asking 150-300 ppm. If you just want a quick release and thrill then best to use the adult commercial sections.

      As for Canaries preferred Tenerife, but spent more time there, more relaxed, better weather, and some excellent mongering due to Pasion which I not use in Gran Canaria but could have at the time had I been in the know. I preferred the north, than the south, would not return to the south, too many drunken brits, puke on the pavement etc. Los Gigantes had a lot of Russians which I really dont like. For Los Cristianos can take ferries to other islands.

    1. Had some good mongering experiences in Tenerife through Pasion. The Latina would have been right down your street, its hard for me not to give her 10. I regret not bringing the black girls friend up to join us, would have been so easy, could have just said she cant stay in reception while she waits for you.

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