Scandulo Guadalhorce Malaga

Malaga Costa Del Sol Spain

Work had dried up, not much to do, really fancied some winter sunshine, not too hot though, not to far. Starting off in Malaga on the Costa Del Sol in Spain.  Always wanted to pay a visit along the Costa Del Sol.

Gatwick Happy Beginning

Booked a direct flight to Malaga from Gatwick, not too early though, around 9:30AM.  Still, decided to stay in a hotel close by the night before, to avoid any hassles. Checked the local massage scene near Gatwick and there was a Chinese Massage nearby.  These are easy to find in any major UK town via the adult section of Friday Ad or the massage section of Gumtree.  Typical maturer type Chinese woman, few extra pounds but an excellent massage and a very good happy ending or beginning shall we say, total price 60 pounds for 1 hour. Good start and then some beers and food and a good nights sleep.

Malaga Sex Vacation

Primarily I dont go on sex vacations anymore. But I am still a single man with two big testicles. I have never masturbated in a hotel room while travelling, and dont want to start now, not in Malaga.  P4P is no cheaper abroad anymore and I can find girls more local on sugar daddy dating sites and local classifieds for escorts massages etc.

So on the side was hoping to enjoy the holiday more by indulging in some P4P.  So needed to check the mongering scene in Malaga online. I dont particularly enjoy the research aspect of mongering in a new location either on the internet, but something that needs to be done.  Checking the Malaga section on the international sex guide gives a good overview only a few pages in.

Erotic Massage

For the first day or two in Malaga I did the usual tourist stuff, for winter it sure was warm touching 20+ Celsius in the day then cooling down in the night where a fleece was required.  Sure enough I started to get horny and initially decided on an erotic massage going on a few recommendations.  The Tantra center in Plaza de la Merced came highly recommended with lots of good reviews on Google so thought I would give it a try.

malaga erotic massage
location of erotic massage was somewhere up there?

Working out where the entrance was for the erotic massage was more difficult than expected and more effort than I was willing to put in.  I also hate ringing a bell surrounded by busy outside restaurants, cafes, more discretion please. No erotic massage today.

Early Morning Brothel Visit

The next morning in Malaga I am up early and horny!  There are suppose to be 24 hour brothels in Malaga so thought I would try one out not too far away from my hotel.  I could not locate the metro and ended up walking to Avenida de Velazquez 24 where there are a few brothels in Malaga.   It was still dark when I found the location of Ventura Rodriguez 51.  They know something about discretion where the outside is made to look like an office facade and you can just push the door into an entrance area shielded from the street where you ring the bell.  I first guess I must be in the right location where someone had sprayed a large erect penis on the wall!

amateur teen latina
nothing like the latina I fucked

I was ushered into a dark comfortable room with a shower and no smells of previous punters.  A selection of girls then presented themselves to me, four in total.  The quality was not fantastic but one a latina was passable and chose her for 30 minutes costing 50 euros.  Good fuck with her actually, she had a big latina ass and slapped it good fucking her doggy, she was exclaiming ‘Terrifico!’


Later I managed to work out the metro then took a train to Torremelinos.   Had a nice day out in Torremelinos and had I planned the trip better should have travelled the coast of costa del sol a bit more stopping for a few days here and there before travelling onto the Canary Islands.

torremelinos beach costa del sol
empty beaches of torremelinos

Torremelinos is a bit tacky compared to Malaga lots more tourists especially Brits.   In the evening took the train back to Malaga with a plan to stop off somewhere I wanted to visit.

Scandalo Guadalhorce

I got off the train at the industrial site of Guadalhorce and walked about  20-30 minutes in the dark to the top end nightclub new Scandalo.  Now the dark empty streets of Guadalhorce is a tolerated red light area of Malaga at night.  Where curb crawlers and streetwalkers negotiate dirty deeds.   I not see any streetwalkers around Guadalhorce until I reached the entrance of Scandalo.   Was an attractive African girl with huge tits who wanted 20 euros for a suck and fuck.   Unfortunately she was insisting on the fact that the suck would be covered.  It was a bit early for the streetwalkers, best time after about 9:30pm.

Scandulo Guadalhorce Malaga
outside the entrance to Scandulo Guadalhorce

Next to Scandalo is the hotel Malaga Nostrum and some mongers visiting Malaga choose to stay here.  But you are in the heart of a large industrial area with nothing else to do.  The setup here is similar to that in Germany where often you will find the FKK clubs in industrial areas.

Inside Scandalo

Entrance to Scandalo is free a small beer will set you back around 10 euros though.  I had read not much point in visiting Scandalo until after midnight  for the best pick of girls, but that was too late for me.  Scandalo is open from late afternoon.  There was a good 15 girls working when I arrived in Scandalo, compared to the quality in the brothel in Malaga was a big improvement.  I had a slim friendly Polish girl join me first,  the cheapest ladydrink will set you back 30 euros so that was not happening.  Sex in one of the short time rooms and they were asking 120 euros for 30 minutes.  This is negotiable but still not going to get much change out of 100 euros.  I was just window shopping having relieved myself earlier in the morning in the Malaga brothel.  There were girls from Colombia, Brazil, eastern Europe, a good selection.  Different circumstances I would have been spoilt for choice well outside of prime time.  I like this setup where you can relax at a bar and interact with beautiful women and attached short time rooms, reminded me of Maxim bar in Vienna.

Guadalhorce Streetwalkers

I had a couple of beers in Scandalo, enjoyed interacting with the women and the ambience of the club, would have visited this club more if I was staying in Malaga.  Now I had to head back to the train station and make my way back to my hotel in Malaga.  There are waiting taxis outside Scandalo but I wanted to explore the red light district of Guadalhorce.   It seems every street in Guadalhorce has one or two streetwalkers working them.  Most are African girls some cute but not all.  There were a few Spanish girls too mostly drug addicts, English was a problem with some.  Going rate was 20 euros for suck and fuck but kind of expected you to have a car.  If not they will improvise taking you behind a parked lorry or something.

ebony milf BBBJ
What I wanted

BBBJ was off limits with all of them even when I doubled the going rate to 40 euros.  There was one street with lady boys and they were willing to do BBBJ for 40 euros.  If your desperate.  lol.

Wrapping it up

I woke up the next morning relieved I had not partaken in BBBJ with one of those African streetwalkers from Guadalhorce.  More because of their sensible precautions rather than mine, what a few beers can do.  That was my mongering experience in Malaga  Costa Del Sol, Spain,  Where I stopped off for a few days only before continuing my journey to north Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

13 thoughts on “Malaga Costa Del Sol Spain”

  1. I’ve been waiting for your Spain experience for a long time! I will have to finally award you your MBE – you went to what we call in Spain a “Puticlub” been to a few, but just drank, never fucked. 50€ for 30 mins is about the standard price in Spain, you could even get cim as well, however I reduced my mongering time with the 50 euros whores, unless I really feel like it ir they are stunners; I’ve been paying from 100€ up lately, you get a lot of prettier women. I fucked a colombian whore (working in Malaga) completely for free here in Madrid, I even came inside her. She didn’t get pregnant though, I might be sterile as I came inside women before (paying for it and for free) and no one hit me up with the baby drama.

    1. Yes been a long time coming my trip to costa del sol. I was really heading to Tenerife for some winter sun but liked the idea of exploring some of the costa del sol for a few days then flying into north tenerife direct rather than the tourist infested south. I enjoyed my time on the costa del sol and would like to spend some more time there. Winter is fantastic weather for me. Would not want to be there though during the summer. When you say Puticlub, you mean Scandalo? I enjoy that kind of setup, shame the prices are so expensive though, although no scams. But compared to FKK in Germany at least your not paying a huge entrance fee. Think I prefer the girls with their cloths on too, leave it to the imagination.

      As for getting girls pregnant its more about timing, you want a regular girlfriend for that, routine sex, not advised to get a whore pregnant, do not bring unwanted children into this world. The thing is with mongering if it widely available then these men who want quick easy sex can get it, rather than flirting with married women and breaking up families.

      Iv fucked a few girls without a condom who I have met locally on dating apps etc. They not take much persuasion, like they prefer without too. Sometimes I can have a problem getting an erection fumbling around with a condom, it ruins the natural flow of sex. They have assured me though that they were on the pill. But there are some girls who secretly want a baby with no consideration to the father other than his gene contribution.

      1. Yes, Scandalo is puticlub indeed, any sex club that isn’t a swingers club in Spain is a puticlub, I’d advice to go in the earlier hours, on sundays to Wednesdays when there aren’t many mongers; last two times I was in a puticlub it was in VIVES a vary famous one in Madrid, the first night it was on a Tuesday and whores were throwing themselves at us, the other time was on Sunday, ended up there with a drunken irishman I met at pub watching soccer. My advice is to go for the friendlier girls that greet you, they usually work better and feel some type of attraction towards you, whores have eyes too, even if it’s their job, whores can freely choose who they want to fuck in clubs and warehouses. In the puticlub always negotiate UPFRONT, tell her everything you want before making the agreement to pay. The whorehouses we call it casaputas, make sure you take a good look how the girl greets you, did she give you the two kisses, did she tell you her name, was she smiling – if she’s not into you at all, most likely the madame will tell you she has an appointment soon, or that she just got a service and needs some rest. I love mongering in Spain, you don’t pay entrance fees at the puticlub, and you have the same or even quaility women than the FKKs. I’m thinking of visiting La Jonquera but it’s overrun with french mongers. My modus operandi is calling a escort or or going to an upscale whorehouse, paying like 150€ an hour, the women there are much better.
        If you come to Madrid I will show you places. 😉

        1. There has been times that the women weren’t into me at all, they didn’t greet me with the two kisses, they didn’t tell me their name, or the madame told me shit like she just got a service and needs some rest, her client “paid extra” so she would take another hour of work and then rest….even when I told them I’m gonna be there for XYZ time – the client paid extra is usually because the girl you called for the appointment isn’t their or had to “leave for emergency” she wasn’t into you (they have a camera outside and see you coming into the house in many whorehouse, specially the upscale ones and the ones that operate in townhouses) in my particular case “the client paid extra” once they found out I’m black, I speak Spanish with a Madrid accent so they can’t tell I’m a foreigner by origin. In these two particular houses I had this problem, even though I scheduled the girl at a given time, but I knew they were lying because they need at least 30 mins to an hour of conformation, they wouldn’t have a girl fucking ten minutes before you arrived. Anyways, all those bullshit lies to later find out no girl works with black men, that’s why I always ask them if they work with black guys on the phone.

          1. I would not get hung up about one or two whores that are not into black men, many more are. I love black women, always my favorite. I really recommend you dont get attached to whores in anyway whatsoever. If you feel yourself becoming attached then time to switch. If your feeling yourself needing to attach and get some emotional involvement then time to change your game and seek out a regular girlfriend. While your still young. Once you hit 40, women instinctively switch off.

            1. I don’t get that comment re 40
              Lots of women Love older guys. I’m in my 40s and regularly fucking 4-5 different chicks at a time. All from tinder

              1. Interesting James. Are we talking about the same thing. Im talking normal dating and not P4P. If I was in Colombia on Tinder then I too would be fucking 5 girls at a time from Tinder young enough to be daughters. But at home nothing. So in some places with P4P Tinder is great age is no barrier. But regular dating in England, nothing. I was stating I noticed one I turned 40 women were less interested in me as a potential partner, natural selection and all that. But would be interested if you could elaborate if you mean P4P or regular dating? and where you are?
                I wish tinder had a P4P checkbox. I have recently been on a sugar dating site, I now have 3 beautiful local young ladies in the early twenties really interested in me, but they are going to want £200 PPM. Although the current corona virus situation means we should remain isolated a lot of young ladies working travel hotels etc are struggling to pay their bills.

  2. Hi
    Nice opening report from Sunny Spain with a few interesting comments underneath.
    I couldn’t agree with you more regarding paying for it being no cheaper abroad now which left me thinking on my last trip away why not just stay at home and pay a little bit extra to have a few stunners coming to me, at my leisure, in the comfort of my own home without all that hassle of travelling, airport queues and often getting very little sleep along the way. I thought why do I do this and of course it is to get away from the daily grind and oppression of work, to totally switch off for a long weekend or 3 weeks in a totally different environment and as there are now fewer and even fewer exceptions to the fact that P4P is no cheaper abroad anymore makes me more determined than ever to find those exceptions when travelling.
    AfroMonger made some good points too, alot of it making sense now. And if it is any consolation to any Monger out there who has occasionally had the cold shoulder or experienced terrible customer service, recently on my last couple of trips away when I have chosen the girl from a line up, well let’s just say she hasn’t exactly looked across at me overjoyed at the fact.
    So back to Malaga Town which seems to have some nice mongering opportunities both day and night, and I like idea of the street walkers too which is the good old Spain I remember, look forward to the next instalments, terrifico viva Espana !

    1. And to get some winter sun where its not too hot. Yes more change of environment now. But wish I could afford to stay in top of the range hotels.
      Mongering is not the primary reason for travel anymore, but it most places you will be able to dip your pecker. I travelled a lot less the last year since my last asian escape. looks like we will all be travelling a lot less from now. Thanks to China, you know I hate them anyway for what they done to Sihanoukville.

  3. hmm… Espana seems muy interesante…. perhaps I should pay a visit there next time I’m in Europe.

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