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Curitiba Whatsapp Persistence Pays Off

Brazil Part 3 of 6 – Why is this so difficult?

Browsing websites in Curitiba, I wondered if the girls really looked as good as their pictures. Many have gorgeous professional pictures that are fabulous. They usually show “everything* except for the blurred out face.

After a Long Day

It’s 7:00 PM on a Saturday night and I’m just returning to my hotel and I’m exhausted. I knew it would be challenging to find a girl this late on Saturday but I needed it.

lorena profile curibita
Lorena too good to be true?

I also wanted her to come to me as I had a nice hotel and control of the location. I thought it was foolish of me to go to Alicia’s place at 9:30pm the other night as I had no idea of the security.

I messaged whatever girls I had previously bookmarked. Since it was getting late, I asked these girls if they were now working and if they were working tomorrow (Sunday).

Angel and Cris threesome
Angel has no reply. Cris only works Saturday 1 – 6 pm

Message after message, all the bookmarked girls came up with zero replies. I started to look for new girls, girls who weren’t on my wish list. I looked for girls who worked Sat, hoping they were still on shift. I got a few replies, but most were done for the day and not working on Sun. Eventually I got 2 promising replies. I found a Morena named Cacau and after 30 mins of back and forth, she was willing to visit me. I went to get ready and after coming out of the shower she said she could no longer come and instead asked me to visit where she works. She sent me a link and it was some kind of massage house. F**k! I wasted all that time and effort.

One Last Try

I was pretty damn tired of the hunt via Whatsapp.  I said well, one more try and went back to the other girl that responded and continued the chat. She was working tonight and tomorrow but I thought it best to take advantage of the moment. With that she agreed to come over at 8:30pm. With tattoos and a tan, I couldn’t tell if she was a Morena or Branca from her pictures.The tattoos kind of intimidated me but I thought now or never. She then sends me a voice message to which I couldn’t decipher. With no reply from me, she calls me on Whatsapp and I didn’t pickup. I replied back in text, “No falo muito Portuguese. OK?” She eventually agrees and I wait.

8:30pm passes and I msg her, “are you coming?” Sim sim (Yes yes)… she replies. At 8:50pm she says she’s finally coming and will be there in 10 mins and asks for the room number. I purposely gave her one wrong digit. Additionally my room card only lets me onto my floor via the elevator and nowhere else. At 9:15pm she arrives, msgs me and I said wait 3 minutes downstairs. Somehow, a minute later she somehow got up the elevator to the correct floor and rang my room. How did she manage that? She explained I gave her the wrong room number. I looked at the number outside and acted surprised and apologized. She bought it, but just after that, it was time for money. R$300 ($90 USD) I forked over.

lorena profile whatsapp
Whatsapp Lorena… I only speak English and Spanish
lorenas profile brazil
Lorena’s gorgeous profile


Lorena, aged 20, was cute. She was a Branca with pale white skin and dark shoulder length hair. She wore a white knit top, tight jeans and heeled boots. Without boots she was about 5’6”. She looked German Italian and was a strong minded girl, but yet she knew how to make a man feel charmed.

She undressed revealing B to C sized breasts, rose colored nipples and bikini tan lines. As I would find out later, she also had a beautiful shaved rose colored pussy.

She started off on top of me, kissing around my face but never my lips. I think she was a smoker but it didn’t bother me. She looked at me seductively and I loved it. Her attention and little touches really wowed me.

Things progressed to a BBBJ and I thought about a condom but I just let it continue without it as I didn’t want to break the mood. I played with her soft full breasts and teased her beautiful rose colored nipples.

Soon it was time for the deed and she got on top. After that I turned her over to see her pussy. She was beautiful down there, trimmed up top and bare in between. I wouldn’t have minded tasting her and it crossed my mind but I wanted to be inside of her even more. I went inside while sucking on her breasts and she moaned softly. Things got intense very quickly and soon I exploded.

I took off my own condom (the girls in Brazil never clean up for you) while she went to the bathroom. We spent the next 10-15 minutes chatting in bed. My Portuguese had improved over the last few days but we still used a little bit of Google translate as she spoke no English and did not understand Spanish. Then it was time to clean up and I asked her for a photo. She let me take pics of her without her face but my impromptu photography left me with unflattering pics. She inspected them on my phone and approved.

branca bedroom curibita
photo approved

My Early Demise?

She dressed in the sitting area by the bed while I cleaned up in the bathroom. When she was nearly done I came back over and sat down. She spoke to me in a suspicious tone which worried me. I didn’t know what she was saying and eventually I just handed her the translator. “Who is this for?”, was the translation. I said “just me”. This wasn’t enough to satisfy her. Some more back and forth and her eyes go straight to my camera.

I surrendered, turned on the screen, showed her the recording and deleted it. She said “Obrigado” (thank you). She called someone and I was afraid it was her handler but in the end I think it was for a ride. Not being mad, she gave me a last cheek to cheek kiss and left. It was a stunning end to an unbelievable encounter. With all that happened throughout the day, I showered, put on some nice clothes and went out for a really nice meal to cap the night.

After note:

She was a great gal and we had a great time together. Spunky, determined yet carefree and she knew how to charm a man. There was one point we were both naked in bed and our conversation came out to something like,

Mr. Q: “I don’t speak Portuguese”

Lorena: “I don’t understand English!”,

and she throws her hands in the air and lets out a huge smile and laughingly says something to the effect, “hey it’s no problem!”. I still see her listed in the websites today, but if I returned to Curitiba would she see me again?

by Mr. Q

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7 thoughts on “Curitiba Whatsapp Persistence Pays Off”

  1. Nice girl Mr Q, persistence paid off, many a time been in a hotel room trying to find a live one, what with internet connection problems, you start thinking would be a lot easier if I had a regular girlfriend when feeling horny. I guess the double in price compared to the incall is that this was an out call?

      1. The girls look scrumptious but keep in mind they have professional photogs and Photoshop. You can see the pro vs actual pics of Lorena. The photog took some liberties to tame her waist and what not, but still… The real Lorena was no disappointment.

    1. It’s been a while, but i seem to recall 300 reais was her posted rate on her page back then. To any extent, that was not a price that bothered me, so I just let it be.

      These days with Coronavirus and what not… things are very different. I see a lot of girls unavailable right now.

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