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Tinder In Calls Pattaya Bar Girls

After two nights back in Bangkok, I return to Pattaya for the third time during this extended trip to Asia.    I was staying in Pattaya for at least a week and from there I would decide if to continue to travel around Asia, maybe the Philippines or return home.

Bangkok to Pattaya

Took the bus to Pattaya from Ekamai in Bangkok.  At the bus station in Pattaya got on a baht bus where they would take each individual to their hotel or nearby.

ekamai bus station bangkok
waiting for the bus to Pattaya

I gave him a 100 baht and should have got some change but not press the point.  Generally its 60 baht.  On the road my suitcase nearly flew out of the back of the baht bus.

Sawasdee Siam Hotel Soi Buakhao

I was staying at the Sawasdee Siam hotel at the corner of Soi Buakhao.  Iv stayed here before, its cheap, budget accommodation, comfortable,  good pool, problem is full of Russians, this stay was no exception.

sawasdee siam pool pattaya
the nice pool at sawasdee siam

Its girl friendly and had many Tinder visitors here before. Soi Buakhao is in the centre of the mongering action in Pattaya, but not the best place for some peace and quiet during downtime and wanting to relax.  Lots of bars nearby staying open until dawn.

Soi Buakhao Bar Crawl

Out that first night in Pattaya, something to eat at the Devonshire, good western food not too pricey, lots of restaurants to choose from on the little sois off of Soi Buakhao.

oasis gogo soi baukhao
soi Buakhao

Just stayed local, not want to walk far in the heat and humidity. Watched a few fuglies in Oasis Agogo.  Have one beer at 65B a girl  joins me and she is quite sweet.  I touch one of her tattoos and they are just transfers.  She scared to have real ones, so just puts on transfers to fit in,  lol.

Fugly Agogo

I check out a few gogos around Soi LK Metro.  Not much happening mostly fuglies in Kiss and Touch.  In Destiny I get chatting to Brian the manager who use to run Kittens back in 2005 and Living Dolls, he is really friendly and have a good chat with him.  He is convinced mobile phones and the internet(smart phones) is why most of the best girls have left the sex industry.   Many gogos now he tells me want 2000 baht just for the barfine.  Cheapest around 800 baht.

Beer Bar Joy

Later I head back down to the Joy beer bar where I had last barfined in Pattaya.  The bar girls don’t remember me.

mixed race bar girl pattaya
mixed race bar girl

There is a new bar girl working there mixed race,  half Kenyan, half Thai, cute. Considering barfining her, if not tonight then for sure another night.  Bafine was 400 baht and will do short time for 1000 baht.

pattaya ladyboy blowob
pattaya ladyboy

Get chatting to an old tall skinny Ozzie guy on a liquid diet, lives with two ladyboys.  His advice was to keep an open mind, only in Pattaya.  If your into Ladyboys or curious there are lots of exclusive ladyboy bars all along Soi Buakhauo.

Madagascan Streetwalker

Decide to call it a night and walk back to Sawasdee Siam hotel from the Joy Beer bar alone.  The hotel is not far only 2 minutes and notice a curvy cute African streetwalker.  I make small talk with her and she is up for a session back at the hotel.

Walk of Envy

There are Russians sat outside the hotel restaurant playing cards etc and in her sexy little outfit makes them well jealous.  Never understood taking your wife or girlfriend on holiday to Pattaya.  Bit like Travis taking his date to a porn cinema in Taxi Driver.   Still its not an ideal situation bringing girls back from the street or the bar to the Sawasdee Siam, bit like the walk of shame, not quite shame, just uncomfortable.  Room visits via Tinder is the better option if want to remain discrete, envious of mongers who just don’t give a shit and enjoy every moment like it is there last.

madagascan streetwalker pattaya
madagascan streetwalker pattaya

Oh well have to give her a good seeing to back in the hotel room just for them.  Agreed to 1000 baht short time.  Great BBBJ.  3 different positions on the bed.  She was a little older in the harsh light of the hotel room and body a little saggy in places when naked, but cant complain for 1000 baht.

Relax Pattaya Beach

The next morning in Pattaya do some admin, setup a new sim for just 8 days as will either be in the Philippines or back home within a week.  I also do some more research on condom sizes and purchase some comfort fit rather than featherlite.  Much better fit.

relax pattaya beach
relaxing on pattaya beach

During the day I would mostly try and relax on Pattaya beach, can be difficult with all the comings and goings.  Also did a lot of sea swimming.  Got chatting to a retired expat on the beach one day.  He has a condo in Pattaya and also one in Sri Lanka, he recommends visit Galle,  Without explicitly saying so girls were available there.  Anyone have any experience travelling in Sri Lanka?  Leave a comment below.

Tinder In Call

Back in the hotel Im feeling horny and get active on Tinder as fancy an in call rather than hitting the bars and streets.  There is a sexy young Thai girl although more petite than young in her early twenties up for a visit.

tinder pattaya thai young
Tinder Thai petite

After much negotiation settle on 1200 baht short time in my hotel room. so wait for her to arrive.  This is a lot cheaper than short time from the beer bars.  The least this will set you back is 2000 baht after barfines and drinks etc.

She arrives late, with her blowjob utility bag which I intend to put to good use.  She is cute, tiny and hot.  Shower then strips off, shaved pussy and her tummy a bit fucked up.   But she sucks my cock real good, licking even slapping my erection.  I want to explode.  Decide to fuck her with a pillow over her head, as she is making a lot of noise.  Good session, mongering in Pattaya is still good.  I wish Tinder worked like this back home, rather than paying exploitative joining fees with Seeking Arrangements etc.

Flight Back Home Booked

In Pattaya spending about 1500 baht a day on food and drink.  Spent 4K the last few days just on sex.   Wednesdays in Pattaya the beach is closed for holiday, dont understand that, remembered the pool on top of Mikes Plaza, but closed down now, someone tells me shut over 3 years ago now.

Buddhist monk mike plaza pattaya
mikes shopping plaza where you can buy your own Buddhist monk

So was going to be spending the day by the pool in Sawasdee Siam with all the Russians.  That day in Pattaya decided had enough of all this sun, sex, sand and beer and booked my flight home in a few days.  I need to remember when I pissed off in the office wishing that I was here, that I get pissed off here too, I am doing something wrong.   One problem was had unfinished financial affairs back home, like tax for one which reared their ugly head while on the road in Asia.  If your going to do an extended trip with no definite return date, make sure you have tied up all loose ends especially financial back home.  Sods law and all that, they will return to haunt you.

Second Road Beer Bar

The next evening in Pattaya walk down to second road and there is a really good rock band playing in one of the beer bars so stop there for a while.  The rock band are Filipino with a female singer that took requests from the customers. Amazes me how they can just do a great cover of any song requested.

Filipino rock band beer bar pattaya
great filipino rock band playing in beer bar on second road

So im sat at the back enjoying the entertainment, its wet outside raining hard, flooded.  I feel something hit my lap, look down and there is a rat looking up at me, then he jumps off me to an old couple sat the table beside me, the woman jumps up and runs out screaming.   Mamasan comes over to me, asking whats wrong?  Tell her about the rat, and she just laughs and walks off.  Only in Pattaya.

Price drop short time

To compensate a very pleasant looking bar girl joins me and decide to buy her a ladydrink.  She will do short time, she wants short time, wants 2000 baht, barfine is 500 baht.  I would not mind but not really horny as just had two good nights mongering in Pattaya.  She drops to 1500 baht, tempting but still just enjoying the moment with her and the live music.  She then drops to 1000 baht, now that is an offer I cannot refuse.   She wants to meet discreetly outside the beer bar and goes off to get her things after clearing my bill.

pattaya beer bar girl
cute bar girl from beer bar second road

That tight red dress really does it for me, those Russians outside the Sawasdee Siam are going to be so jealous with my latest catch, bringing a different hot girl back every night.   In the hotel, up for a good session, but not really horny.  We have a little cuddle on the bed and this gets me turned on and we have some good sex.   Another good night mongering in Pattaya, without trying to hard, or spending too much money and some entertainment in between.   This beer bar became a regular for me for my remaining few nights in Pattaya.

Soi 6 Hairy Pussy

A day later in Pattaya after spending a few hours on the beach, decided to check out Soi 6.   Soi 6,  late afternoon can get really busy with available girls for short time.  Most of the bars have short time rooms in the back and the prices are good for a quickie.  I was feeling horny so was well up for a quickie with a bar girl along Soi 6, just needed to find one that ticked the boxes from all the 100s available.  The first bar I come to along soi 6 from the beach road end and there are some nice Thai bar girls outside.  Decide to walk the whole stretch of Soi 6 but not see anything better so head back down to the first bar.  Lucky the nice girls were still there.

soi 6 bar inside pattaya
inside the bar along soi 6

I choose a tall pretty Thai girl stood outside with large spectacles on.  Sit inside the bar with her for a while and have a beer then take her up to the room.  Total damage was 1300 baht including short time room.   We shower together and she has one of those lovely Thai hairy pussies, she gets down and gives some great BBBJ.

hairy thai pussy
hairy thai pussy

Get down to fuck and a little dry, could have done with some gel.  I started to think maybe she used to be a he, a ladyboy.  Not with a nice pussy like that surely.  I asked if she had any children, just one.  She had a huge tattoo on her back which cost her 10000 baht.

African In Call Tinder

My last day and night in Pattaya book taxi to airport for 1100 baht outside hotel.  Horny, chat to an African girl on Tinder, not many on there this time, wish there were more.    She up for a room visit and will be there in 15 minutes.  When she arrives, realised I have had her before a year or two back in Pattaya that time a threesome with her friend.

african freelancer pattaya tinder
African freelancer on tinder

She not remember me, she tell me she has fucked so many guys.  She enjoys her job.   Great BBBJ, good fuck, very wet, needed a bigger cock.

Pattaya still the best

So thats it, my final week mongering in Pattaya was a good one.   Pattaya still hard to beat in Asia with Tinder and the beer bars being your best bet.

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  1. Hello Monger
    It would be good during these times to put a date on your articles. thanks man
    where you at now.?

    1. I want to go the other way, as these posts are timeless, the when is not important anymore. I would like to remove the dates from the url but stuck with it now. Please read reply to later comment.

  2. When were you in Pattaya? All the bars, gogos and clubs are currently closed due to CoronaVirus. All the girls are Now Freelanching and NO Bar Fines. Unfortunately, many have left Pattaya. The dating apps is where it’s at now.

    1. This happened sometime ago. Im not at liberty to say exactly when, but obviously not right now. I do now have the time to catch up and do more posting. The when is not important, its the how and what. I have to remind some of you Im not put on this world to report in realtime to you. Its just my story, take from it what you will. Also while I am on the subject I get some trolls leaving comments that do not get published. I do intermix my posts with some porn and affiliate links to set the context, more where I could not take photos myself. The majority of my visitors enjoy the porn and I make a little money from it. It costs 100s$ to keep this site up and running and thats not even putting a price on my valuable time. Please understand if you want sites like this to remain up and running…

      1. This is by far the best mongering blog out there, many others don’t update info or post every 6 months – been reading the blog since 2011! SEA is a good destination which is why you keep coming back, I would really love to hit Manina or Phnom Pehn – will you be back in eastern Europe?

        1. Thanks Afro, good your still out there mongering and following, monger on. Would be good to have some new reports from you in the future, and anyone else out there or just leave some info in the comments. appreciate it. Iv actually got a new story coming from Malaga and Tenerife

          As far as eastern europe is concerned, never say never. I like Matts reports on Ukraine and would not mind visiting there, the fkks of Germany is still attractive. I also want to do a tour through the Balkans, not primarily mongering there though, just the trip, the challenge and try my luck and skills

  3. Hi
    Great Post and glad Pattaya worked out well.
    Can you recall the name of that Place in Second Road that had the good rock band?

    1. Thanks Jakey,glad you enjoyed the post. World beer bar comes to mind but not entirely sure. The beer bar is on second road the same side as the sois that lead up to Soi Buakhao. If coming down from soi Buakhao you head towards walking street direction and its there right on the road. Its a big one and quite popular but always seats. The band was excellent and drew me back each night.

    1. Yeah she may have been the first Thai I have taken off Tinder while in Thailand, I usually use it for African girls as have a preference for girls with a big Ass! lol. There are quite a few Thais on tinder but hard to tell which are ladyboys, but the ladyboys usually declare they are ladyboys in their profile. A few Russian girls on there too, but they are never going to settle on 1000-1500 baht for an incall to your hotel room. Its convenient and efficient when you dont feel like a bar crawl trying to find that elusive bar girl. Just wish it worked like this at home. Is completely the opposite back home, never get a bite, never met anyone off Tinder at home.

  4. The prices cited are too good to be true! Mongering in Bangkok sets you back 1800baht at least at soapy massages; is the price difference that big?

    1. The prices are correct, its generally a lot cheaper finding freelancer on Tinder and there are still some bargains to be found in some of the beer bars around Pattaya. If you want to pay 2000 barfine, 5000 shorttime there are plenty of Gogos. The girls are also cuter and less pro than those sat in the soapy fishbowls at least in Pattaya. What soapy massages are you talking about in Bangkok? As 1800 is pretty cheap for Bangkok soapy?

      1. I was referring to these:


        The prices cited are accurate; I visited this joint a couple of times last year. But its just fuck and go.


        This one comes with the air beds and nurul gel treatment but a tad more expensive

        Seems like I should give tinder a try but it seems alot of effort compared to entering a fuck joint or soapy massage establishment haha. Not the mention the possibility of too much photoshop or a different girl altogether!

        1. Thanks for the info David. So these are outcall?, they come to your hotel room? There is little effort in using Tinder, in fact I use Tinder when I am feeling very lazy and want a girl to visit me in the hotel room rather than trawl the beers bars. Again, its another string for your bow. It has got me laid many times, shame it not work at home. Highly recommend you become familiar with Tinder and its free. As for photoshopped images you are much more likely to see that on pro websites rather than personal profiles on Tinder. I have rarely been dissapointed by a girl visiting me off Tinder, in fact many times been above expectations. Some will use a false photo rather than photoshopped to protect their identity as many are semi pro. But again was not dissapointed once they arrived. They know the score. Suck it and see.

          1. They have outcall options with an additional 200baht if im not wrong. Last call for outcalls is 10pm cos the girl has to leave at 12pm. However, im not sure how you select the girls cos the site does not update on that; maybe they’ll send you photos to choose from. The higher priced establishments do update their selection everyday though, like:


            Alright, I’ll try tindr next time Im there; thanks for the recommendation! Btw, you just swipe when you want it or in the afternoon to make arrangements for the night?

  5. The thing is with Tinder it changes with your location. I used it this weekend at home and there are scammers and fake profiles. I think with any dating app or site there is always some of this. But in places like Thailand and Columbia the majority of profiles were genuine and it not take much effort. Yes you just swipe, when you see one you like on Tinder you hit the like. If she likes you back and many do in Thailand, then its a match! then you have an option to message her. Just say hi, how ru? to start the conversation then get down to business. Thats all there is to it. It might take a few minutes to agree on a price, I often get some sympathy telling them I am a traveller on a budget. Generally can get for 1200, never over 1500 some for 1000.

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