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Black on Tinder in Bangkok

Flight from Saigon back to Bangkok went OK, bit of panic, as plane was full. Taxi to Park hotel down soi 7 opposite the beer garden 400B including tip.  Back in Bangkok for a few days then heading back to Pattaya for a week, then who knows where, maybe back home.

Park Hotel Soi 7

Iv stayed in the Park Hotel down Soi 7 a few times before going back as far as 2003.  Must have been a more luxurious hotel for the GIs back in the 60s and 70s for R&R during the Vietnam war.  Its cheap budget today, my room was huge as was the bed, but tatty and a bit smelly.   Still it would do.

park hotel pool bangkok
park hotel pool

It has a pool good for swimming and a few loungers, although I would not swallow the water, sitting out on the loungers in the daytime constantly being bothered by flying insects of one kind or another, makes it hard to relax.  Included a cooked breakfast in the morning that was not bad, coffee was good.

Bangkok Sausage Fest

So my first night back in Bangkok I cross the road into the Beer Garden also down soi 7.   Its quite busy,  not so much with freelancers but more a sausage fest.

Bangkok sex diary
Bangkok freelancer

I have one beer then move on into the hot sweaty Bangkok night.  Lots of people, the streets are busy, pushing and shoving, lots of Arabs.

Magic Girl

I returned to the Magic bar down Soi 7,1.  That cute girl I not barfine my first stay in Bangkok a few months back now was working, so now was my second chance to take her.  She not remember me,  that not matter, I was about to barfine her and take into the back, one of the short time rooms, when one of her regulars came in looking for her and she gave him priority.  Looks like it was going to be one of those nights in Bangkok.

Thermae Heaving

I head to the thermae to check out the freelancers there, inside its heaving, another sausage fest, too many people for me, you cant move.  Trying to move along the Sukhumvit, is winding me up, just too many people.

Nana Fuglies

I try a few ground floor Gogos in the Nana, just fuglies, definately going to be one of those empty nights back in Bangkok.

bangkok blowjob milf
bangkok blowjob

Had enough of the Nana so walk around to Kasalong, just a few fuglies sat outside.  Just not happening tonight.

Soi 7 African hardcore

I head back to the hotel, I know when Im beaten, may as well rest up, tomorrow is another day.  Looks like there is an attractive black girl on the corner of soi 7, although close up she looks a little hardcore, like on drugs or something,

black milf blowjob
black milf blowjob

I slap her big black ass, to only realise she is with someone, oops.  Not happening tonight in Bangkok, just a sausage fest.

Kinky Massage Soi 22

Next morning in Bangkok, have a flick through Tinder, not much happening there, thinking I need a night off the streets, maybe a call in.  After trying to relax by the pool, take a walk down the Sukhumvit, need some condoms and gel which I get from the familymart.  I read an article online about condom size to try and get the right ones.  Too small a condom really detracts from the enjoyment of sex, there are a lot of options on the shelfs.

soi 22 back alley massage
massage alley soi 22

I then take a walk up soi 22 checking out the massage places, down the little back allies.  This is a routine I have repeated countless times now in Bangkok, its losing its novelty.   There is a lot of competition for a massage down these allies along soi 22, so prices are not bad and they are trying to be inventive with the kinds of massage now available to you.  Enquire in one about a kinky massage which included a glory hole.  Not feel like taking the risk with parting with my money, stick with what I knew, was horny though, been a while.

African Girls on Tinder

Chill out back at the hotel, was about to go out that evening and try the sky bar in the Radisson Blu hotel when a few black girls were active on Tinder.

Elizabeth african tinder bangkok
Elizabeth on Tinder Bangkok
African girls on tinder bangkok
Lina of Tinder Bangkok

Not all the profiles on Tinder are genuine, Iv found this out multiple times with the African girls on Tinder in both Bangkok and Pattaya.  Although often the girls that have turned up at my hotel room have all been fine, never been disappointed, often they are just protecting their identity.  Elizabeth had many photos on her Tinder profile and you could see they were all the same girl, whereas Lina had a couple up and obviously a different girl, such a dead giveaway.

big ass african bangkok
that big black ass

So Elizabeth it was and she had a huge African ass.  We agree 1500 bath online and I wait for her to knock on my hotel room.  When she turns up, she is the girl in the profile.  Starts off with some good BBBJ and then really good doggy on the bed slapping that huge ass as I ride her out of the wild east.  Really good sex, feel relieved and refreshed, ready to face another night on the mean streets of Bangkok.

Soi Cowboy No Barfine

I spend my last night in Bangkok down Soi Cowboy, couple of Gogos mostly fuglies.  Pressure was off though to barfine.  One cute girls sits with me.

soi cowboy bullshit
gogo bullshit

I noticed her stood outside and asked mamasan if she could join me.  Had to buy a ladydrink and of course she not barfine, she was a new girl to the scene.  Its been a long time since I barfined from a gogo in Bangkok, so much bullshit now, when it used to be my mainstay.  Oh well, checkout tomorrow morning, bus back to Pattaya….


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