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Vung Tau Vietnam

Last morning in Saigon before taking the 2 hour ferry ride from the pier to the coastal town Vung Tau that from all accounts had some good mongering.

Saigon to Vung Tau

While in Saigon I had a flirt on Tinder, but its really not working for me there.  I am feeling quite fatigued by now with all this travel and living out of a suitcase.  The mongering is not really compensating, only does when the quality is plentiful and not too expensive.

saigon to vung tau river
ferry to vung tau

I make it to the pier and feel hungover and guts are tender.  Its hot and humid, hot on the boat too the views are mostly industrial as we make our way down the river towards Vung Tau, it gets greener as we get close to our destination.

vung tau palace hotel pool
palace hotel pool

At Vung Tau taxi same company to hotel 35k.  Nice hotel, big room, looks like they needed the business.  Something to eat in hotel restaurant and a couple of beers then relax by pool.  Just two Russian girls sunbathing,  I have a nice snooze, then head out in the evening to enjoy the sunset.

vung tau sandy beach
best bit of beach at vung tau

I would not come to Vung Tau for the beaches or coast, there were one or two sandy bits, glad my hotel had a decent pool, loungers, umbrellas and bar for downtime during the day.

The Red Parrot Bar, Vung Tau

A mongering institution on Vung Tau is the Red Parrot bar,  connected to the Manning hotel.  So was looking forward to spending some time there.  As usual get there way to early but happy hour was until 9pm.

vung tau red parrot
outside the red parrot
red parrot bar vung tau
inside the red parrot bar

A mature Freelancer joins me and tells many girls start arriving after 8pm.  I decide to return later to the Red Parrot and have a wander around the district to see what I can find.

Vung Tau Massage

I have a wander around the streets of Vung Tau not far from the Red Parrot.  Found a few more bars one that looked inviting from the outside was the Darling Bar.

darling bar vung tau
outside the darling bar

There were quite a few Vietnamese girls, freelancers working inside the Darling bar, one joins me and seems to like me.  But the girls available so far in Vung Tau are not doing it for me.  Probably fine if your an old retire expat.  At that point a load of Asian men came in and it was time for me to exit.

massage vung tau
massage hotel

Cant find any massage parlours so to kill an hour decided to try one offered in the hotels.  I not know if anything extra would be on offer but would hopefully enjoy a massage at least and then retry the red Parrot.

Well the bath steam was not assisted, so had to wash myself alone then told to keep my pants on when girl came in.  This was not going where I wanted it to.  Good massage on my back but that was about it.  Massage was 240 and the cheeky thing wanted a tip, what for?

Head back to the Red Parrot, lot more people inside now, playing pool etc.  Some groups of girls sat around, immersed in their mobile phones looking bored otherwise and paying me no interest whatsoever.  The mature freelancer joins me again.  I not really want to talk to her, dont want to be rude either.  But it blocks your chances of another sweeter girl coming over.  The maturer ones have to try harder and will choose you.

Vietnam freelancer
freelancer drilled

Still we chatted and paid for a lady drink costing $6, she will go with customers, but I went home alone that first night in Vung Tau, not impressed with whats on offer.

Good Morning Vung Tau

The next morning took a walk along the coast road, quite a few Aussie expats and bars around managed to find a place Ned Kellys doing a cooked breakfast.

vung tau coastal walk
dont come here for the beach

Manager tells me Horizon bar in the town is a good place to hang out, but I get the impression more for drinking, playing pool, male bonding than for women.  Can rent a nice new apartment here for $500 a month, he recommend bus to Nha Trang, 7 hour ride, if you like beaches.

city view vung tau
mountain view

I walk to cable cars that take you to the top of the nearby mountains with some sort of themed park at the top, I was just there for a few hours to enjoy the views, its worth a trip if you want to kill a few hours in the day.  You realise there is a lot more to Vung Tau than just the tourist beach-side.

Vung Tau Bar Girls

That  evening in Vung Tau enjoy a couple of cold beers in a bar close to my hotel just across the road.  It had a handful of Vietnamese bar girls working, one or two of them were not bad.

vietnam bar girls
bar girls

Unlike Thai bar girls, they dont really show much interest in the customers, seems they are even more reserved and conservative than Cambodian bar girls.

vung tau bar girl
bar girl on the phone

One I liked just spent the evening chatting to her Canadian boyfriend(Sponsor) on her video phone.  Times like this, surely mongering was better, at least in the bar when mobiles phones were not smart and not connected to the internet.  Across the road was an Australian bar with loads of old expats, some cantankerous old gits, no women.  Its a strange place, feels a bit cliche, like all the girls and expats know each others business.  Could be just me, not in a optimal vacation mood.

sweet heart bar vung tau
sweet hearts

I take a wander into town to find an ATM and something to eat, a woman on a taxi bike tells me can take me to young girls 500k, I not really believe her and not feeling that adventurous, so another night in Vung Tau and no pussy.  There quite a few little bars about,  but just not much happening inside, very little quality, some are boarded up, closed down.  Some of the restaurant hostesses are very friendly in their traditional dress and even sit and talk with you while eating and drinking alone.

Plans to leave Vietnam

One more uneventful day in Vung Tau before heading back to Saigon.  Vung Tau goes down as one of those rare mongering destinations where I not monger!

I get online and book a cheaper hotel close to Apocalypse now nightclub.  This area of Saigon had more mongering potential with the night streetwalkers etc.  Rather than travelling further into Vietnam Im flying out in a few nights from Saigon, was a toss up between Manila and back to Bangkok, but Bangkok won.  Booked hotel in Bangkok and then another week in Pattaya.

vung tau ferry
waiting for the ferry back to Saigon, hot beer and ice filled glass

Mongering in Vietnam for me has not been great, but it has lots of potential, I like the women, they are friendly.   With my travel fatigue and pickled liver I am not operating at even 50% of my potential.  I would have liked also to have flown to Hanoi and then make my way south along the coast, but can save that for another trip.  At least I had broken myself into Vietnam for the first time but hardly scratched the surface.  Still had a few more nights to try my luck in Saigon.

7 thoughts on “Vung Tau Vietnam”

    1. Thanks Moom for this, may help anyone still planning on visiting Vung Tau, still makes a nice break from Saigon and not too far away, easy to get to, laid back
      I would not let my negative mongering experience put anyone off, try your own luck. Problem for me it was very hot, and the hotel had a nice pool to relax by during the day.

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    1. Ill allow this, if anyone can provide feedback if its genuine? So what social apps to the Vietnamese girls use? not Tinder tried, seem to remember something about Snapchat?

  2. I got bites on Line. They were better than Tinder, Badoo and TanTan . But careful with the bait and switch. The one I met quoted in Dollars, Fifty to be exact. Also it wasn’t GFE.

    1. Thanks. Hate it when a mongering mission fails. This is one of those rare occassion where visited a location with lots of mongering options but failed to indulge. Just could not find a girl etc that ticked all the boxes. Just not happen for me there in Vung Tau. Found it very clicky with the mostly aged Aussie expats.

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