benny hot toc

Benny Hot Toc Saigon

Saigon, I was still only in Saigon… First full day in Saigon, wanted to do some sightseeing and pay a visit to Benny Hot Toc and the Apocalypse Now nightclub.

Good Morning Vietnam

Nice buffet breakfast in hotel,  quite busy though.  After breakfast I used the hotel gym and swimming pool.

thien tung hotel
thien tuung hotel

The plan for the day was to explore Bui Vien Saigons Walking street AKA Backpacker area.  Then pay a visit to Benny Hot Toc for a blowjob, get the mongering out of the way.  Then was looking forward to the Vietnam War museum.  In the night wanted to visit the Apocalypse Now nightclub and check out the Vietnamese Freelancers there.  Busy day ahead.

Bui Vien Walking Street

Walked to Bui Vien from my hotel, hot and there was lots of building work going on in the centre of Saigon, no doubt as it opens up to tourism.

bui vien walking street
bui vien

Lots of motobike touts on Bui Vien showing cards to here and there.  There were some cute Vietnamese massage girls on the street offering massage for 150000.   Experience tells me though prime tourist locations are not the best places for these activities.  I withdraw some Dong from a HSBC and got a local SIM setup  cheap. Then headed back to hotel to drop money off.

Benny Hot Toc Blowjob

From the hotel I tried to use Grab to pick me up and take me to Benny Hot Toc but not find each other, no English.  So wave taxi down, think I am being scammed, but not, drops me 5 minute walk from Bennys.  Dont like strangers to know my business so from google maps choose a hotel or something nearby as my drop off then walk the remainder.

benny hot toc
benny 110 hot toc

I find the entrance to Bennys, inside there are about 6 Vietnamese girls sat around, waiting for customers.  One takes me to a cubicle, she chose me rather than the other way round.  Not always the best option as can mean she is not being chosen, but she was nice enough, under 30.  She leaves cubicle then comes back about 5 minutes later. Im just laying on the table with my cloths on.

Vietnam sex diary blowjob
Vietnamese blowjob

She then unzips me and plays with my cock for a bit, then pulls my shirt up and starts kissing my nipples.  Not something that does much for me, im just thinking do that to my cock baby and eventually she goes down and gives me a blowjob with a bit of tongue work.  5 minutes later I cum in her mouth and its all over.

Vietnam War Museum

From outside Bennys Hot Toc call another taxi down, and head to the war museum.  The taxis are good, cheap, feel I have cracked them now.  No fear.  Problem with Saigon, everything far apart in different districts, so taxi is the way to go.  There is so much traffic on the roads, its almost impossible to crossover if you are not poisoned by the fumes.

vietnam war museum
two stories

The war museum was very moving, interesting to see story of the Vietnam war told from the Vietnamese’s side, there is always two sides to a story.  Lots of western people in there.  40k entry paid another 20k for a booklet which should have read first.

Saigon Skydeck 49th Floor

Taxi back to the hotel, trying to get some rest before heading out for the evening activities, but cant sleep.  To start the evening off in Saigon I head up to enjoy the 360 degree views of the city from the Saigon Skydeck.

saigon skydeck
saigon sky bar

200k fee, then there is a bar you can have a beer in afterwards.

Pasteur Street

Its still early and got a lot of time to kill before Apocalypse now opens and then a lot longer until it gets going.  But the Apocalypse now nightclub is something I need to tick off my list, just out of respect to the film, one of my favourites.  I return to try a few more bars down Pasteur street, check out the talent of the hostess bars.

saigon pasteur street
return to pasteur street

There is a lot of hostess bars to choose from down Pasteur street in Saigon.  Many of the girls sit outside and usher you in.  If you see one you like, she can join you where you would be expected to buy her a lady drink for her company.  I try the Rock bar, some good music playing from the 70s and 80s and then into Manhattan.   Most of the hostesses are average with a few exceptions.

Apocalypse Now

Eventually I make my way to the Apocalypse Now nighclub and get propositioned in the street a few times.  One woman wants to take me for a massage and Boom Boom 1m Dong.  Another two freelancers who were young and gorgeous wanted 700k each for a threesome, problem was one had what looked like a Herpes scab on her lip, plus I had already cum in Benny Hot Toc earlier in the day so was more noting where maybe to return another night.

Many mongers complain about the mongering available in Saigon and Vietnam, that it aint in your face like Thailand and Pattaya.  But on the ground I am seeing plenty of opportunity to indulge, you just have to adapt.

apocalypse now saigon
apocalypse now saigon

So I am in Apocalyse Now by 9pm and its empty, told by the barman it starts filling around 10pm, but most nightclubs in Asia and in my experience dont really get going until the early hours of the morning, shame I cant sleep in the evening.

inside apocalypse now
inside apocalypse now

A Stella in Apocalypse now costs 65K, had a wander around inside, like the decor and its dark inside.  Some pool tables, lots of seating, but no real dance floor that I can see.  3 Stellas later and its near on 11pm, noticed some aged freelancers turning up but nothing to turn the head.  I really needed some cocaine to stay.  Problem now keeping my eyelids open and I just find nightclubs loud and boring, just waiting to interact with a cute freelancer to then leave and take her back to your hotel.  Not my modus operandi.  Walking back, lots more offers on the street.

Vung Tau Booking

The following day I go down with the shits so have a day off and just chill in the hotel.  But book 3 nights in Vung Tau on the coast not far from Saigon and reachable by ferry which I also booked with the hotel reception for 450k with a pickup.  Vung Tau was suppose to have some good concentrated mongering.


7 thoughts on “Benny Hot Toc Saigon”

  1. Haha… Benny’s hot toc is legendary!

    I read that Benny is often confused because the houses numbers are identical on both sides of the river. Did you have to walk back across the river?

    1. I not remember a river. With the 110 Benny it is quite easy to locate, assuming you are on the right side of the road. Its cheap to in Bennys. I think I paid 600k. Well worth a visit if you are in Saigon

      1. The real price at Benny’s was like the others at 200,000 or 220,000 for service. Then you can tip on top of that. Most Vietnamese guys give 50,000 for a tip. It was only after so many foreigners started paying 400,000 – 800,000 that they jacked up the price . Foreigners basically invented their own tax! You can still go to the other places and pay 250,000 though. I wrote about it on my site.

        1. This always happens when a place first opens up to tourism. Prices shoot up, all good things come to an end eventually. I guess if your an expat or long time resident in the know with the locals on a budget then it must be frustrating to see this happen.

          1. I’ve never lived in Vietnam but it is still frustrating. The good thing is that there are an estimated 500,000 prostitutes in the country. And western foreigners only see maybe 5,000 of them. So there is always tons of new hunting grounds, cafes, barbershops and karaokes where you can meet beautiful women who suck cock and eat cum for $7 American! I hope Thailand stays popular for westerners and Vietnam stays off the radar if I am being selfish about it. Though I wouldn’t live full time in either.

            1. Yes definitely would like to spend more time in Vietnam. I do like doing the tourist stuff too, just get horny and would love to explore these cafes and barbershops more

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