bus phnom penh ho chi minh

Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City

Last morning in Phnom Penh before my maiden journey to Ho Chi Minh city aka Saigon in Vietnam via a long bus trip.   Waking up with some regrets from the night before.

Last Morning Phnom Penh

And I probably mean the last morning ever in Phnom Penh, Since the Chinese invasion and mass sex tourism to the hostess bars of Phnom Penh I cannot see myself returning to Cambodia anymore.   I wake up with regrets having had sex with that freelancer from Sorya Mall the night before and not wearing a condom.  Like as I get older I care less.  I say regrets, but I not dwell on it.

street 136 morning phnom penh
morning street 136

My last morning in Phnom Penh and I checkout of the hotel and wander down street 136 passing a glue sniffer or two and stop for a coffee.  I get accosted by two freelancers in the street, one of them was cute, they look like mother and daughter.  So walking down street 136 8AM in the morning might be an option.  At least at this time most of the bars are empty or shut, you not got all the tourists around.

Bus to Ho Chi Minh

Minibus picks me up and takes me to a big bus.  Get settled and lots of leg room.  The bus is actually Vietnamese and one of the hosts who cant speak a word of English takes everyone’s passport, at this point not clear why but go with the flow.

bus phnom penh ho chi minh
bus to vietnam

Sat on the bus after my coffees, should have taken piss and brought some tissues.  But there were two stops along the way then make it to border town of Bevet, lots more of those disgraceful Chinese casinos in the border town.  Gambling at least is not one of my vices.

Vietnam Border Confusion

I have not crossed borders before on a bus, so the process was new to me.  We exit the bus to leave Cambodia and are given passports back.  Then think have to queue to enter Vietnam.  And then the bus operators takes passports back.  As they not speak any English I am totally confused as to what the fuck is going on and what I have to do.  But they take everyone’s passport as a group as all on a bus.  Then the customs guy just goes through them all in one go, so the bus can continue as a group.  There is only one other westerner on the bus, an Irish guy and its all new to him too.  But I had someone to talk to while we waited.  Finally get passport back with a 15 day visa, no fee and then back on the bus to Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh Arrival

Arrive at the bus station in Ho Chi Minh.  Often in this situation one is completely disorientated when in a new location.  I not have a clue where my hotel is.   A taxi bike wants to take me to my hotel, wants 200k in Vietnamese Dong which is about 8 dollars.  Too much, I knew this but needed to just get to my hotel, was so tired.  Settled on 150k and then it was like a crazy bike road through the streets of Ho Chi Ming to my hotel.  Welcome to Vietnam.  Checked into hotel, room was nice, bit small,  suppose to be girl friendly if an opportunity arose.

Pasteur  Street

I really could have just done with an early night, but ventured out to the hostess bars down Pasteur street.

pasteur street ho chi minh
hostess bars Pasteur street

I entered a bar called The Pub on Pasteur street and almost immediately a 30 yo Vietnamese hostess joined me.  A Saigon beer was 50k around 2$ and happy hour was until 8pm where buy one get one free.

Polite conversation

I chatted with her, she spoke good English.  She give me some beaches to go to in Vietnam with the nearest being Vung Tao.  I really had done little research on Vietnam least of all mongering options.  I was going to do my research on the road, in my hotel room, during downtime.

pasteur street hostess
Vietnamese hostess

I understand these hostess bars along Pasteur Street have seen their fair share of police raids in recent times.  There is no barfine etc here.   You have to negotiate with the hostess, exchange phone numbers covertly, and she will meet you after her shift completes, like 3AM, so thats a bummer.   I paid for a Lady Drink costing 140k and bid her farewell.  I needed an early night.  I needed a couple of days sleep and drying out.  Unlikely that was going to happen.


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