secrets phnom penh

Sorya Mall Freelancer Phnom Penh

Long bus journey back to Phnom Penh from Sihanoukville.  Mind is not made up on my next move.  Thinking should have gone Koh Kong then back into Thailand.  Maybe fly back to Bangkok, Manila or Ho Ching Ming city then Manila….

Travel Fatigue

Been on the road in Asia for quite a while now, hotel room is my only friend.  Another city goes by, in the night.  Travel fatigue is setting in and usually this means soon I should be flying home.  Still from Phnom Penh its easier to get to my next destination wherever that will be.  I really need to try Vietnam, having come all this way, but at the back end of the trip more going through the motions rather than with bags of enthusiasm and eager anticipation.

street 136 wood lodge
above street 136

First night back in Phnom Penh, check into the Wood Lodge on street 136, have something to eat in the restaurant then a few cheap beers down street 172, then an early night, room was nice.  Although had you read google reviews on this hotel you would have given it a miss.

Bus to HCMC

The following morning I book a bus from Phnom Penh to HCMC for 11$ taking  6 hours.  Still got a couple of days to kill in Phnom Penh.  Spend the day trying relax by the tiny pool in the wood lodge.  Have to get out of the sun midday as no umbrellas.

Street 136 Bar Bullshit

Out that night down street 136 and its the same old bullshit.   lots of pretty girls standing outside, lots of old sharks inside.  You wonder if the older women bully the younger ones.

bullshit bars street 136
bullshit bars street 136

Another bar two cuties inside, told ‘originals’ whatever, they dont barfine.  Its just not working for me anymore in the Phnom Penh hostess bars.  There is a lot more punters around, sex tourists, a lot more bars to cater for them, but a lot less girls to barfine,   I am wasting my time and money here now.


Finally I end up in Secrets, A Phnom Penh version of the one in Pattaya, its big inside, 3$ a drink.   Mamasan chooses a hostess for me to sit with.  She mature not fancy her but nice.  Just gather some intel.   Barfine 20$, she wants 80$ short time.

secrets phnom penh
secrets street 136

Secrets stays open until 3AM then the remaining girls move onto Pontoon on street 51.   Way way past my bedtime.  She sleeps until 1pm.  Walking back to the hotel I ask a cute girl outside one of the bars if she will barfine, NO!  Im not happy.   Cant blame this on the Chinese, but Im finished with Cambodia.

Sorya Mall Freelancer

My final night in Phnom Penh starts off with more bullshit in the hostess bars down street 136 including my bill being padded up a dollar or two.   I then return to Shanghai street 51 hoping to barfine the older sister, but she is taken.  Im just not having any luck this time around in Phnom Penh.    I end up in Sorya Mall which has seen better days, on my own, nursing my beer.

Risky Business

A freelancer joins me, she looks like she got big tits under her t-shirt and she seems to be really into me.  She is actually quite aggressive and Im wondering if she is on drugs or something.   Agree 40$ she would not do 30$.  Pay my bill including hers and Tuk Tuk back to hotel, where she leaves her ID at reception then up to room and shower.

no condom freelancer
no condom

Cloths off and her tits aint all that, beware the padded bra.  Good BBBJ without asking.  She then mounts me with no condom.  Im so horny I dont give a fuck!  She looks clean, not a skank.  Wants me to fuck her sideways doggy on the bed, cum loads, really good sex, needed it.  She leaves with no problems.  First time I have ever fucked a whore without a condom, not too be repeated, but every now and again circumstances dictate a different outcome and our guard is down.


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