little brown morena

Curitiba The Little Morena

Part 2 Taking a Chance

Most girls stop working in Curitiba by 6 or 8 pm, so if you’re getting off of work and having dinner, chances are you are going to miss the girls before they stop working. I found this exceptionally frustrating as I could not even get back from work until much after 6pm.

One night I needed a big release and I just started searching for whomever had posted hours up to 8pm even though it was past that. I messaged a little brown morena and she replied that she was still working. Not wanting an opportunity to slip away, it would be best to go straight to her apartment immediately, even on an empty stomach.

little brown morena
Alicia, listed on several sites

I was a bit apprehensive as I was not sure of the safety of her area. What would I encounter at her apartment? Mafia? An angry pimp? A ghetto? Who knew…. But I sucked it up, showered and called an Uber. Ten minutes from my hotel, I found myself in Central Curitiba,

central curitiba
Central Curitiba

amidst a street full of apartments. I buzzed the gate and a man on the other side of the intercom spoke incomprehensible Portuguese to me. I couldn’t figure out how to get in and by then she was messaging me to ask if I needed her to come down. The situation resolved itself without her and the guard came and let me in.

morena apartment

The apartment was a bit dated but clean and decently maintained. I buzzed Apartment 44 at the end of the hallway and a little Morena opened the door and gave me a cheek to cheek kiss.


You might know by now that I have a penchant for petite girls and this little morena was no exception. She wore a blue dress and heels, had big warm eyes, brown hair, a slim petite body, and was only 5 ft tall which was true to her profile.

morena reception

Often girls work out of an apartment or house and she was no exception. The front door had a sign that said “massagem” meaning “massage”. The inside reception of the flat had a counter, TV, and two couches. Further in were 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. She was the only girl there at the time. It was clear the girls didn’t live there but rented out the rooms individually.


Her name was Alicia, age 19. She was shy, timid, and spoke no English. She said she understood Spanish but I wasn’t too sure of that.

Her room was dark with only a single dim light on. As she was the only one in the apartment, she left door ajar with some light peering in. A couple of decorations and some of her belongings, and that was about it. She placed a clean sheet over the bed and had two clean towels, one for me and one for her.

morena the room
The room

She undressed revealing beautiful light brown skin. Her breasts were nice teardrops but a little saggy. Silver dollar brown areolas and nipples the size of a pencil top eraser. Her butt was not full, but had a nice shape. She had a little bit of stretch marks which I thought maybe she had a baby.

I had never had a Latin girl before and this little Morena had just what I was looking for. She started kissing my cheek and neck before moving for my lips. I usually refuse this but it was so good it turned into DFK. I only let this go on for a little bit before I had her move on to the rest of my body. She started off BBBJ but I had her put a condom on to be safe. A few positions later and I was done. I tried to chat more with her but my understanding of Portuguese was limited then. Not wanting a second round, it was time for a clean up and shower.

She asked for money and gave her R$200 as her listed rate was R$160 ($36 USD). She started saying something to me, went away and never came back with my change. We couldn’t really communicate, but I thought she didn’t have any change and wanted to keep the whole R$200 which at first irked me, but in the end, I didn’t really care. She was a sweet shy cutie that made me quite happy. I hailed an Uber, waited a few mins in the reception for the car to arrive and off I went. My first Latina and it was a wonderful experience. Brazil was off to a great start.

by Mr. Q

Part 1

5 thoughts on “Curitiba The Little Morena”

  1. Curitiba I just read is one of the more safer cities in Brazil. Prices seem very reasonable, shame though from a potential tourist point of view that there are no beaches close by.

    1. It’s relatively safe compared to Sao Paulo which I will talk about later.

      It’s a nice town. It is no where close to a beach. There is a train that goes out to the pass passing some mountain / jungle that only runs on weekends.

      Pity I was not able to have time to rent a car and drive outside of Curitiba. It’s a smaller city, not a lot to do, but can be relaxing. There are a lot of millennials there, flannel, skiny jeans, beards drinking beer and eating craft burgers everywhere.

      There is one favela (barrio) but I never went there though.

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