chinese building sihanoukville

Blue Mountain Sihanoukville

More morning walks along Otres beach, probably the last I will ever do here with all the Chinese development(destruction) going on around Sihanoukville.  I am considering leaving early.

Plans to leave Sihanoukville

Iv been bitten quite bad on my legs by mosquito’s.  I show my legs to the owner and they give my beach hut a good clean out.  I was considering Koh Kong and then returning to Thailand.  But decide to stay a few more days in Sihanoukville.  The plan now is a day trip to Koh Rong, then return to Phnom Penh  for a few days and then bus into Vietnam for the first time.

otres beach huts
otres beach

Relax on the beach most of the day, the seats are comfortable with umbrellas but its hot.  Trouble is you never know what big mouth prat is going to turn up next or group.  It gets busy after midday with day trippers.  Cambodia though is so cheap, a draft beer is 50c, what with the beach hut I am spending little money, although I would like to spend some on pussy.

Otres Village Brothel

Someone had given me a tip about Otres village,  even as a place to stay, so on one morning walk I took detour .   A little dust town, with many Cambodian hole in the wall bars.

otres village sihanoukville
otres village

Could be interesting at night, there were a few expat hangouts, with whacked out men still drinking in the morning.

otres chinese destruction
Chinese destruction

Even here,  Chinese destruction is on the horizon.  Its really depressing to see this in action.  The local Cambodian population could at least make a living from the expat community and  western tourists and still live locally.  The Chinese want everything Chinese, the local community have had to move out.  How is this government helping its people? More like helping itself.  And mongering is bad?

When you mean No

That evening outside Chez Pauo, where I was staying a Tuk Tuk driver ask me Boom Boom? I ask where and he say Otres.  He not speak much English, but rang the brothel in Otres and gave me the phone.  The mamasan tell me have 5 Cambodian girls waiting aged 22 to 27.   Decided to take chance with Tuk Tuk driver, 10$ return and he will wait.

Arrive on the outskirts of Otres at some new buildings.  The girls were average at best, one would do, but must take out.  I should have asked this upfront, but sometimes you just assume things.  Its dark outside, guys sat around, done this many times and know its safe.  When you say no, and they know you mean no, then they make things possible.  Now I can take girl up room.

Cambodian girl pissing
Cambodian girls

Have a look, but its too hot, also there are people about, even kids, not feel right and girls just not good enough.  Sihanoukville always had a quality problem compared to Phnom Penh with the odd exception.  Still they try to make it possible, hotel around the corner, 20$ with aircon, can do discount.  I had made my decision to return empty handed.

Blue Mountain Alternative

Tuk Tuk rider tell me I will like Blue Mountain, I will find girl I like in Blue Mountain, He will take me there for 15$ return and will wait.  Blue mountain is or was in the downtown district of Sihanoukville, so quite a trek.  I have visited a couple of times before.  There used to be a brothel on top of the hill packed out with young Vietnamese girls, thats where you used to go for your mongering in Sihanoukville, but it got closed down a few years back.  Maybe the Blue Mountain area was making a comeback what with all the Chinese tourists and workers in town.   I told Tuk Tuk driver we will do the trip tomorrow night and gives me his number.

Koh Rong Day Trip

The next morning another walk along Otres beach but in the opposite direction pass the last hippy hangout.  Then book bus back to Phnom Penh the next day for 8$ and bus and ferry to Koh Rong today for 15$ return.

koh rong beach
koh rong

Arrived Koh Rong, mostly traveller types 20 something.  Its actually a beautiful Island and not yet ruined by the Chinese invasion across the sea.  Had a lovely walk along the coast around Koh Rong, very peaceful, stopping for a beer here and there where there was a shack or restaurant.  Last ferry back was 4pm.  Koh Rong would be a nice place to chill out for a few days.  Not sure if there are any P4P, but a few massage places around.  The boat back stops off at the port right next to the chicken farm, which is still going.  Then bus back to town.

Blue Mountain Relief

Something to eat and then motobike rider take me to Blue Mountains for 5$ will wait and take me back to Otres for 10$.  Really lively at Blue Mountain.  All the action is at the bottom of the road.  There was  around 10 brothels or shop fronts with well over 50 girls to choose from both Cambodian and Vietnamese, old and young.  Now this was better, as I expected the custom were mostly Chinese tourists now.

The price was from 40$ to 50$ depending on age of girl for short time 30 minutes.  One hour was 60$.  In this context dont see the point in paying for 1 hour, thats too long.   I am at one brothel and like the look of a cute young Cambodian girl, but Mamasan says No! Mamasan say she will choose for me, one that will make me happy and leave happy, not young one, will leave unhappy.  I know there is some truth in that.  Still I want to take young one until she tells me she is only 15.  So not going there, I guess the Chinese pay extra for that.

Cambodia hairy pussy
Cambodian MILF fucked

So I go with an older one, saggy tits, stretch marks on the belly, grubby little room where you can hear everything. But only 40$ for 30 minutes.  Wants another 20$ for BBBJ but settles on 10$, some really good licking with me sat on top of her and my cock in her mouth just looking down.  Throbbing hardon and she puts on tiny condom that just sits on the end.  Good fuck and cum loads.  So yes mamasan was right, leave happy, they have seen it all.

chinese building sihanoukville
dodgy building

Ride back to Otres dodging all the obstacles and got stuck in the mud for about 20 minutes.  Rider nice Cambodian guy, now has to live about 45 minutes out of town.  They do not like the Chinese. Miss the western tourists who they can make some money off.  He invite me to his house for dinner and to meet family, which was sweet, but being the cynical monger I am, you always think there is some ulterior motive, money.

sihanoukville mountain
Sihanoukville 2005

Sihanoukville, RIP.


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